BART's frivilous expenses

BART spends and spends. But is all the spending worth it?

Take the new LED light bars outfitted on some of the Police patrol cars. They're almost twice as much as conventional strobe/lightbars. Why was it necessary to purchase them?

Does anyone else know about any frivilous expenses? How could managment put our fares and taxes to better use?

DELGADO: You ask "How could managment put our fares and taxes to better use?"

OUR fares?

In a previous post you wrote that your wife works for BART. If that's true, then you can ride the entire system FOR FREE. FOR LIFE.


I work for a non-profit and can't even claim "Commuter checks." I pay full fare every day.

If having new lights on their cars helps me, the full-fare commuter, feel safer then I say to the BART Police Department:


I find the premise to be carless. There are many factors to be taken into account other than just "look at what they cost".
Why do you always bag on BPD?
Cost of lights..................sheeez!!!

Could we all just agree to ignore M Delgado? If we do that, maybe he'll go away. He starts threads then argues with himself. He's a bored teenager who needs to find something else to do with himself.

Well said. I couldn't agree more. I'm so tired of Delgao's nattering. He's a malcontent who contributes nothing of importance and is rarely correct.

Yeah, I think he just likes to see his name on the screen.

Well since they've cleaned the stench from all cars and seats, soundproofed the cars as to stop the hearing damage they presently cause their passengers, and have extended their police coverage to prevent the constant parking lot break-ins... I say let them have their pretty new lights... what else they gonna do with "their" money...

just my 2¢

boy, i wish that was the case that the stench from all the cars and seats have been cleaned as well as something done about the noise. some trains are better than others as far as noise goes and cleanliness.

as soon as the trains are cleaned, they are always a mess again soon after. you can see dried puddles on every seat with dirty backs soon after they've been redone. i'm on a brand new car and someone has to throw their food trash all over it. BART can't win.

myself, i've been happy to see BART police more present at north concord lately. sometimes i always have a pit in my stomach when i have to leave my car in the lot.

Please look up sarcasm in the dictionary.

In the long run, LED lightbars cost less to maintain. The old "Vector" lightbars used halogen bulbs and needed to be replaced periodically. Additionally, the LED lightbar is more aerodynamic. This means there is less wind drag which improves gas mileage on the patrol cars. The LED lightbar also drains less power from the vehicle's electrical system.

Yeah, good thing about that gas mileage, it sure helps out when the officers are hanging out at the station chatting up the attendants and eating donuts.

yeah buddy, why dont you try doing a little research before you open your mouth and embarrass yourself. LED lightbars are like mentioned above, cheaper to maintain and more aerodynamic. They are also MUCH more low profile, which makes it easier for officers to manouver through lots without giving themselves away. Additionally they are very very bright when lit up, they illuminate about twice thedistance than the traditional vector or vision lightbars.

Face it...Maynard Delgado is a goof!!!

Bart is way too expensive, the trains are old and loud, there's no monthly pass for daily users and students.

I feel like this transit agency is really scaming people by not offering simple things such as monthly passes. Why not just let people pay 100 a month or less and give them access any time they want to go somewhere. Clean air? well then people should be on the damn train not having to drive. In MOST cases is as expensive to drive as to take BART. Minus rush hour to the bridges etc.

Advertisements, and pro right wing propaganda on bart? Damn right.

Ever notice that all the BART ads are full of mind numbing garbage? I notice it everyday, especially ones that say "whose bag?" and make it seem like there's some kind of bomb threat, they close the bathrooms in the stations in S.F. and it's rediculous! Like someone's going to take a crap before putting a bomb on the train?! BART sucks, I have to use it everyday and I feel like it's run by criminals.

Thanks for reading this!

a $100 monthly pass would kick ass

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Pro right wing?