how does this bart plus ticket work?

first time using it this month. part A says it expires on the 15th. does that mean i still use part A as a flash pass tomorrow or do i need part B? the bart plus brochure- not very helpful!

also i must say this is one good thing about bart. if you buy the high value versions, you end up saving $3 on a monthly muni pass, plus you get 2 last ride bonuses. not great, but not bad either.

Hope this answers your question...

Feb 15: Last day to use part A as a flash pass
Feb 16: First day to use part B as a flash pass or as a BART ticket
Feb 20: Last day to use part A as a BART ticket
Feb 28: Last day to use part B as a flash pass
Mar 5: Last day to use part B as a BART ticket

Best to buy the cheapest Bart+ ticket, also get a high value $48 for $45

When you run out of BART+ money you use the blue ticket.. So you always get the bonus ride at the end.. The blue has the same discount you got when you get the BART+. but doesn't expire. Use the BART+ as a flash pass the rest of the time.

The ticket used to be much better when AC transit was on it and the cheapest was $28.. Now you have to use busses quite a bit to make it worth it.

It's a very complicated ticket that they should do away with..

I do love the new EZRider cards.. Gives you the discount without getting damaged (demagnetized)..

good strategy. i would save an extra $3 that way!

yes it does, thank you!

BART+ might be good for the riders, but it sucks for other transit operators. BART reimburses them next to nothing!!! BART's stinginess is why AC Transit had no choice but to pull out of the system.