rogue Bart Cop

I had this experience a few years ago but just found this forum so feel compelled to relate it.

I was on bart from the Daly City station to Fremont on nearly the last train of the evening. (11:30ish)
My day started very early (9:00 am) due to finals at S.F. State and ended late. (I am a sign language interpreter at the university)
I hadn't eaten for hours and picked up a burrito at the College to bring home with me for a late dinner.
By the time I got to the coliseum station I was too hungry to wait til home. so I unwrapped the top of my burrito and nibbled away as I read my book.
When the train pulled into the Bayfair station there was a commotion at the door of the train. I remembered when I transfered at the Lake Merrit Station that a woman was spread out on the seat near the door, feet in the aisle, probably a homeless woman catching a nap.
So when I heard the commotion I paid little attention, I was tired and really didnt care about any drama that was unfolding so kept reading and munching away.
Finally, I looked up to see what was the big deal. Turns out there was a cop standing in the doorway yelling, at me.
I was shocked at first because he was really yelling, screaming actually. I couldnt even figure out what he was saying until he started demanding that I get off the train. I was pointing to myself saying, "me?" He replys, "yes you!", I replied that this was the last train to Fremont and what have I done to be kicked off the car and please dont make me get off.
He kept yelling and started to call the train operator to not proceed. I gathered my things and got up and started walking off the train. As I met him at the door, he kept yelling at me and finally I yelled back telling him to stop yelling at me, I'm getting off the train.
I stood on the platform while he talked into his walkie talkie. He then started yelling at me again. I again yelled back that it is not necessary to be yelling at me, I'm off the train and could you please tell me what the problem is. (since at this point he has not given me any indication why he is pulling me off the train.) In my response, he then grabs me and physically throws me up against a trash can and restrains me against it.
Yelling at me to calm down. Now, you must know, I was calm. I am a 5'5" woman, 115 lbs, 39 yrs old and was not imposing or threatening in any way. He was at least 6' and 160 lbs. (I did yell back at him but only after he continued yelling at me even when I had spoke to him calmly)
As I'm restrained on the can, I am speaking in a moderate but agitated tone telling him that I am calm and he has no right to treat me this way. His cohort arrives and starts to get in on the restraint but soon realizes that I am not threatening and backs off. The original cop backs off at that time too and I am let up.
He then tells me I am being ticketed for eating on bart, or as he put it, for eating a full meal. (it was a wrapped burrito with a few bites missing)
By now I am completely traumatized. I put down my bag and pull out my water since I have remnants of a burrito in my now entirely dry mouth. He tells me if I take a drink of water he will write me a ticket for that as well. I find that my dry burrito choked mouth is in dire need and he is not in his right mind and I drink anyway.
I receive two tickets that night. (yes, one for eating and one for drinking)
And walked away with a shattered image of police protection.
I looked very forward to my day in court. In fact, I had written my account as I arrived home and sent it to every bart head honcho I could find. I had some responses but from what I can tell, nothing came of it. My day in court was a let down as well. He never showed and my tickets were dismissed. Happy they were dismissed but I really looked forward to exposing his abusive behavior in front of a judge.
I can admit my wrong in eating on bart, it's something I had never done prior, always preferring my meals in a more formal setting, but I was really feeling poorly having not eaten in hours. And perhaps I should have looked up the second I heard the commotion but I put that off to city living. I'm just not a rubber necker anymore.
But nothing can excuse his abusive behavior. I have never encountered such aggressiveness in my life. I no longer have the illusion that cops are our protectors but see them now in a more jaded light. Thanks to Officer Dixon.

Why didn´t you report him to BPD? If he used excessive force or acted inapproapriatly or illegally, IA would have loved to hear about it. I seem to remember an officer getting terminated a while back for something similar.

It's sad to hear that. I've said in this forum that I've been riding BART for 16 years and have never witnessed anyone getting a citation for eating/drinking.

I work with Police Officers in one of our major cities and there are bad cops out there who ruin it for the good cops. That is why it's so important to report this bad cop(s) to Bart PD or Management so they can cut them loose. Just remember, cops are regular people doing a job so they can pay their living. Unfortunately, they have the law on their side and some abuse it!

Why would a BART PD officer give someone a citation for eating and drinking when there are real criminals to bust? Are you that stupid!!!??

You, my friend, are an idiot. I personally know for a fact that BART cops give tickets for eating/drinking. You must be some low life that knows everything. Fuck off, scumbag.

no eating and drinking asshole anytime on bart.

What the fuck are you talking about you lunatic?! Why can't ignorant stupid people liek you just be wiped of the face of the earth and exterminated like bacteria? Shame hitler didn't get to the likes of you. And what the fuck is BART?! Is that some train company or something? Not being allowed to eat or drink on a train?! i've never heard anything so ridiculous in my life! And if it's the train companys rules that u can't eat on their train, then it's nothign to do with the police anyway! And any country where it is actually illegal to eat on a train is a fucked up country. Where are you? Did this happen in one of those retarted phsycotic Middle eastern countries or something. If anything like that happened in britain, there'd be hell to pay. But we don't have Saddam Hussainist laws like that. Oh and to the lady who posted, i would definately complain about that cop, and if nothing is done, keep a close eye on him. Make it your duty to bring him down. Take the law into your own hands if need be. People like that make me sick and are a scurge on society, like the dick head who called you an arsehole.

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Always good to know foreign trolls are, well, trolling, through outdated posts, taking them out of context, and making themselves look stupid in the process.

of course you never looked the penal code 640b in california using your handy dandy google.

idiot = a person that has no idea what they are talking about...

who's the loon now?

lol ok, maybe i replied without taking time to think much about what i was saying, but it was done out of pure anger and outrage. I have since looked up the penal code you quoted and have changed little in my view.

If i am now undersatinding correctly, it is illegal to eat or drink on public transport anywhere in california?! If so that is quite simply utterly ridiculous and outrageous. What an hurrendus violation of liberty. Banning smoking fair enough, i don't have a problem with that, it will be banned in britain in 2 weeks, but eating and drinking is a totally different kettle of fish. you just can't go around making laws like that and still claim to be a free country. I mean think about it. It's totally ridiculous. In this country we have trolleys that are rolled down trains actually selling food on the train!

Please explain how the hell you can call yourselves the land of the FREE when you are anything BUT! I mean what will they try to ban next in your country. Farting in public?! I suppose there'll be a prison sentence for that knowing your country. THese are the kind of things they do in barbaric countries in the middle east. Countries whose cultures are supposed to be the total opposite of what our cultures are about. They are all about repression and the removal of liberty for achieving their own sick, warped ideologies. It's getting worse in this country aswell, but nothing like as bad as in yours. Can't you see what a major step something like this is away from "freedom". Somethign BUsh always boasts about what makes the USA so great and how hard you work to protect it fighting terrorists. Why should the irresponsible minority who might be tempted to drop litter or whatever after eating, spoil it for the civilised majority like myself who would never dream of that. And I mean banning drinking water on a bus is just plain SICK. There can be no reasonable justification for that whasoever.

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We've already discussed the beaten-to-death topic of drinking water on BART in another thread. So let's not get into that again.

We are the land of the free. We have certain rights. Eating and drinking are rights - but rights that must be exercised OUTSIDE OF THE PAID AREAS IN BART STATIONS. Being from another country, I'm unsure if you've ever spent any time in a BART Station or on a BART train. If you have, you'll notice the trash and garbage that people have just left behind. The vast majority of this trash is food waste and byproducts. We don't have enough train cleaners and System Service to pick up after everyone.

People blew it. I'm sure if people had the common sense and decency to clean up after themselves and not litter up the system, there would be no need for this law. But it has become such a problem that it is now a state law. People blew it, and now everyone (even the clean eaters) have lost the privilege of eating and drinking on BART.

To those who think it is unfair - write your State Representative or State Senator. It's a STATE LAW, not a BART District Ordinance. Don't complain to us... Complain to those that made that law.

This story has all the indications of being a chapter in a novel. Fiction at best. What an over active imagination. She was so sweet and innocent and so polite to the officer and the officer was just a big bully who picked on her. Riiiiggghhhhttt.

yeah man! cops are never abusive! cops never use excessive force! it must be made up!

I did report him. I sent a copy of the entire incident to every bart email address I could find online. I even called to find out who to talk to about this and did talk to someone.
Like I said, nothing seemed to come from my reporting him. That's why I was eager for my court date. Hoping to get him there.

And for you doubters, It's exactly as I said. This cop was unusually angry from the very beginning. Before I even looked up he was yelling. It was his increased tone that finally made me look. I still dont know why he didnt approach me directly, but stayed in the doorway yelling. (the train might pull off maybe?) I did match his anger twice, once at the door when I yelled back for him to quit yelling at me and again when he resumed yelling at me after I had stood on the platform for a full minute while he talked into his walkie talkie. But none of my behavior demanded his attitude.
It happend a few years ago. But it still gives me the shakes to recall it.

More than likely it was probably a Bart board member or the GM that spilled the beans on you to Bart police. I can't see any other circumstances where they would HOLD a train to cite YOU for EATING. The cop was probably already agitated because he had to answer this assault on a buritto call because it was someone with weight that reported it.

It happened "a few years ago"? And you haven't gone to court yet? Sounds fishy to me too. Kinda hard to believe it takes two years to get to court on something like this.

You've misread. I went to court on the date assigned me when I protested the tickets.
This whole incident happened and was resolved a few years ago, I am only bringing it up now because I just found this forum.

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Let´s say you did get your day in court. Even if you presented this ¨evidence¨to the judge, that´s not why you were in court. You were in court to contest the fines. His tatics should have been addressed to his Sergant, assuming he detained you and manhandled you as you claim. BART Police, as do most larger police departments, has an officer (or officers) assigned to handle citizen´s complaints. But as it is much longer after this alleged incident, I doubt much will come of it. If you feel you have been genuinely exposed to excessive treatment, please do persue further courses of action. But don´t do it just to get revenge for being publically humiliated.

Ofcr. Dixon is a douche to work with. For the sake on continuity, what is your ethnicity?

I'm a white woman. You actually know him??

Also, It seems unlikely I was reported. I was in the very back corner seat. My backpack on the seat next to me. Slightly scrunched down, book in one hand, burrito in the other. I cant imagine how or when he even saw anything from where i was sitting. but obviously did.

So where is this so-called "officer" working these days?? I'd like to try and avoid him if at all possible.

Yes, I know him. And to the ´tard that posted about her not going to court, if you would do ALL OF US A favor and read, she stated she did go to court, but Ofc. Dixon didn´t show, thus resulting in a default judgment on her behalf. Next time, please think before you open your mouth, or a giant penis, or worse, might fly in.

If you did know him, you'd know that he was a sargent now.

Get over it woman! You say it happened a few yrs ago? Why are you still carrying that baggage around with you? Did you want to see the officer publicly flogged because he yelled at you? Gee whiz, he was mean to you. Is this the only time in your life someone was mean? Your parents never yelled at you when you did something WRONG?

Tell you what, if you now hate cops so much, next time you are in trouble, call the judge to come and save your ass. I'm sure he'll be much kinder to you than that mean ole cop. Oh, wait. That's wrong. The judges are kinder to the perp than to the victim. Guess you're on you own then.

The judge dismissed your ticket and yrs later you're still whining. Grow up.

This post reeks of the stench of that rogue station agent who posts on here occasionally, usually defending those who do wrong. She knows who she is. J.V.

yep, sounds like her alright. jo, why dont you just leave? no one wants to hear your constant crap. not here, not at work. thanks.

Gosh. Rogue station agents, rogue cops, what's next? Rogue train operators? I'm beginning to agree with the person who questioned the validity of the complaint of the burrito eater. At least try to use different terminology when you are pretending to be so many people. Answering your own posts and trying to incite others is not what this forum if for.

We want BART to make improvements in service. This forum is for venting REAL problems with BART, not personality conflicts.

I, MYSELF, wrote this post. It was NOT by the forum creator. It was NOT by Delgado, or any other nefarious character. What´s next? I bet you´re gonna tell me Delgado or the Forum Creater named the Rogue River?

i support you, and if he wronged you i´m sorry. you dont have to tolerate it, you can escilate it if you must. but if you didn´t suffer any actual, physical or emotional harm, chances are slim that any serious action will come of it. but thank you for putting his or her name out there, so we know who to look out for. but while i disagree with his or her tactics i have to remind you that you weren´t suposed to be eating. their reaction was clearly overdramatic and shouldnt have happened.

This is probably another Delgado special. He's naming another BART cop that probably dumped his butt off a train. I bet he wrote most of the reponses, too. Rogue station agent? Oh brother. It's impossible to believe anything that is posted here as nothing more than horseshit.

It's time to start another site where grownups can talk about BART.

It is not Delgado. He is out of the country and thus dosn´t have internet access. He told me himself, he passes through my station Mondays and Wednesdays. He is in spain.

Dixon is a lazy cop, so I'm surprised he did this, but he also is a racist and doesn't like white people. However, his laziness trumps his racism, so something must have set him off that day (not you) and he took it out on you.

My impression exactly after the incident. He walked into my eating with a chip from somewhere else. I got the brunt of his unrelated anger.
Hearing that he doesn't like white people and
in trying to find the silver lining,
I can say then that I just experienced what black people must go through frequently in their life.
Since I'm not racist and have never judged based on color, it's a lesson I didn't really need. But I will look at it with the eyes of an enlightened white woman.

wtf thats no reason 2 kick u off of a train u r allowed 2 eat in some trains and drink in them and he had no rigt to yell at you. proofs he doesnt know what his doing in his job and that he was cop who had turned nasty or rogue as i put it. the way he was yelling at you as well was Unnecessary you shoudl report him to the head of the station he works at.

you, my friend, must be blind as a bat.
and a fool, as by your spelling.

there are signs throughout every station
and on every car on every train stating
'No Smoking, No Drinking, No Eating'

Why aren't there signs that say "no public masterbation, no licking mancock, no naked wrestling"?

Because those are already LAWS that most people know.

i understand the no eating part and no drinking, but i always thought water was ok? The one exception.

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Water is okay. Some people have medical conditions that require them to consume water at higher rate and more frequently than others. They would be protected under ADA, and we're just not going to harass people about it. Plus, water doesn't get sticky if spilled, and most people who drink water probably won't leave the bottle somewhere other than recycling or garbage. (Most, not all.)

You shouldn't have a problem drinking water, provided you do so responsibly.

Personally, I have never issued a citation for water consumption in a station and probably never will.

a few months ago I was at a Oakland station with my bicycle (was on the way to Dublin station to ride the IronHorse trail to Concord).

Needless to say, I had a ticking issue that I had to wait for the station agent to clear up. While waiting there inside the station next to several Bart PD officers (who just happen to be there) I wanted to drink some water from the bottle attached to my bike (I had just sprinted 10 miles from Berkeley on my bike).

Being I was standing inside the gate almost under the "No eating of drinking" sign and not 5 feet away from three BPD officers I figured it would best to ask first.

When I did I got the strangest look from the officer as he wonderer why I was bothering/pestering him
(just to ask if I can drink some water).

I pointed out I would be a fool not to ask being I standing under the sign, and perhaps disrespectful. The BPD quickly said it was "ok" and went back to his business...

A minute later the same officer followed up again (I guess after thinking about it) looked me in the eye and thanked me for asking..

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It's always good to ask! When in doubt, find out.

Know this has nothing to do with your post... but how did you get "fool" in bold?

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