Bart using wifi now? or is it still in beta?

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+wifi +rail +bart channel 1 - is what I saw on my pocket pc as I was heading north to Montgomery this morning. I saw my pocket pc flash and tell me that a new wifi channel just opened up at Civic Center called WIFI_RAIL_BART on channel 1. Then it continued on into Montgomery. I know about the cell phones being able to be used in those stations because
I use them myself. I would love for wifi to be available to all stations, platforms, and tubes. Does anyone know how I can get on a beta testing list to test this out on BART?
Does anyone have any official news about this?

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It's alive and well

I've used it already

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Ok, I geeked out and now I'm recording my experiences so far on facebook

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Nice rafa.

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This is my last Treo unless Palm comes up with some serious improvements. Everyone else will be all crazy with their laptops and iPhones and I'll still be suffering with spotty cell reception. Sigh.

There is no "U" in BART