There won't be station agents for long

Every company from BART to Burger King has its share of rude and underperforming employees. Some of the employees should have left to another position or company long ago. Some should have never been hired. Still this is no different than any other organization. Yet no occupation in the Bay Area has a worse reputation. Management and the public love train operators. Management has station agents only as a necessity. Some bad agents have made it very hard for the hard working ones to build good rapport with the public because it only takes one bad experience to forget a few good ones. Part of the problem is a new employee is made aware early on that the public and management do not like agents so they will spend most of their career on the defensive. It is MOST CERTAINLY NOT AN EXCUSE FOR RUDE BEHAVIOR but it is the truth. Ask me a question and I will answer for I am one of the hardworking ones.

if you think about it, the station agents are the "face of BART" they are the first one most riders will talk to. I can tell if my experience on bart is good based on the agents will or unwill to help. Most importantly how I'm treated.

I am happy to say that yesterday and today I had my first two interactions with station agents and they were nothing but positive. I stupidly bent my ticket and got it stuck in the entry gate, clearly my fault, but the two agents who helped me were polite and speedily got my situation taken care of. Maybe it helped that I was polite and friendly to them, or maybe I just happened to interact with the two nicest agents.

Almost all of the Station Agents that I've ever had to deal with have been very pleasant. I have to agree with the first part of the last sentence above "MAYBE IT HELPED THAT I WAS POLITE". I used to work in the customer service end of business. To this day,whenever I am the CUSTOMER, I go out of my way to be patient, pleasant and genuinely friendly because I know from experience what kind of people customer service reps have to put up with. I never want to walk away being thought of the way I used to think of some customers - and I'm certain Station Agents must think of some BART riders. I see the same mentality on this site. The whiners and complainers who don't really want a solution, they just want to complain and they want everyone to be as miserable as they are. I know we all need to vent our frustrations sometimes, but some of the pure hatred I read here is sad.

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Agreed. If everyone had to work in service for a year the world would be a better place... that or everyone would be bitter and angry...

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Being a public servant really does give you a new appreciation for EVERYTHING.

I never used to... but I now:
-Smile more often and say "please" and "thank you" routienly
-Treat all customer service personnel with the utmost respect
-Tip generously (even at some place like Starbucks)

Working in Customer Service and/or Public Service really gives you a new respect for the world. I can usually tell when people have and haven't, based on their actions and words.

As for working in the service industry for a year... It should be MANDATORY.

BART Gatekeeps are lazy and most just like to coffee clatch amongst themselves. They won't help you and they are not your friends. They'll call their police if given half the chance, who'll issues you a citation. Don't trust them and do not be naive; save yourself a trip to the court. BART Gatekeepers should get the lowest pay of all Bart personnel for their inconsequential efforts to the riders.

Judging by your spelling and grammar usage, I think you're the lazy one.
You obviously didn't put as much effort into school as you should have.

Hmmmm sounds as if you are a regular "free-rider" on BART and are angry because you finally got caught. You take more of the "Gatekeepers'" time than the paying riders so why do you care how much they are paid? How much did that trip to court cost you in lost wages and fines? For what? I'm certain it was much more expensive that paying for the ride would have been.

And who is going to open up the stations and close them at night?

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Yea actually as much as I hate bart and pretty much everyone I've met that's associated with it, I've never met an inpolite station agent. In most cases they have been polite or helpful.

It's in management where the fuck ups reside.