BART-Too Expensive

I've ridden the NY subways, the Chicago L and commuter trains, the Boston MTA, The Washington Metro, the Hong Kong subway and the Japanese trains and ALL ARE CHEAPER THAN BART!!! BART continues to increase fares, provide few cars resulting in crowded trains and arrogantly assumes that because gas prices have increased, the people will continue to be prisoners to their system. Ah, but what can we do about it? Casual carpools have worked well for me even though the Lafayette station employees do their best to discourage it by writing parking tickets on cars when they see that the driver is walking toward the carpool line, the soon to be parking charges etc. I would like to hear from other riders about their ideas on avoiding riding on BART or at least decreasing their costs. The happiest ride I will ever take on BART will be my last.

thank you for speaking out on this. Yes it has started to add up. From charging for parking to increasing fares, it's almost cheaper to drive your car. At least you'll have your own privacy and not have to deal with riders.

I'm glad to hear from other riders that have ridden other cities train systems. I'm not surprised to hear that BART is the most expensive! Thanks for the info.

And beginning January 2006, the minimum fare will increase from $1.25 to $1.40, a whopping 12%, but still cheaper than A/C, Muni, and most other bay area bus systems.
Yes, BART is too expensive, but the cost of living in the SF area is the highest in the nation, and most of you also earn more than anybody else performing the same job elsewhere.
BTW, on New Year's eve, you can purchase a flash pass good for unlimited rides all evening after 6pm for a mere $6.

I am so tired of the argument that we get paid more. That is a flat out fallacy. The amount more we get paid is severely negated by the high cost of housing we pay. The housing cost percentage is not proportional to the rest of the country. The average Bay Area resident pays 60% net earnings to housing. Many singles pay 70%+.

Yeah, that is a pain in the ass. People have to commute on multiple systems so that they can pay for their "affordable" house on a "high paying" job. I've met a ton of people on BART that commute from Manteca or Modesto to SF, so they can own a house and make a decent salary. Madness I say! Spending 5+ hours a day on a bus or a train so that you can work you regular 9 hour day is f'ing crazy.

Let me get this straight. You park in the BART parking lot, but you don't ride BART? So you're a HOG. You take up a parking space that a paying rider could be using and then you jump in someone else's car so that guy/gal can drive over the bridge for free? And you have the audacity to complain about high BART fares? What a jerk. I hope the Lafayette station employees cite you TWICE a day just on principle.

Thanks for the tip! We're watching you! And to help make more available spots at Lafayette those of you who see the person walking to the carpool and want something done about it write down their description as best you can, race, sex, clothing, if they had a bag and what color, make sure to document the time you saw them leave, where they parked and car decription and if you can get the make and model or even the plate number of the car they got into and you give this to the agent to be left for the CSO they will be cited for this and the reason will be due to customer complaint,you don't have to leave your name it can be anonymous, lets see them try to get out of that one. Oh and if they have a reserved permit and do it then the permit will be revoked and will no longer be valid. They will also be placed on a repeat offenders list to be checked up on daily just in case they decide to do it again. Weeding out those who break the rules will make more parking available to those of you who follow the rules.

Haven't parked in the lot in a long time. I park elsewhere and walk through the station. BART is too expensive and the rules for paying for parking are not fair. For example, you have to pay in Lafayette, but not Pleasant Hill. Why not? So no, I'm not a jerk, just someone that refuses to be another one of the BART sheep-paying too much money to stand on a train and all the other problems associated with BART. If BART was so great, why would this site even exist?

Exactly. Way overpriced for what we get. Don't forget that if you buy anything in the BART counties you also pay an additional 1/2 cent sales tax for the privilege of riding in crowded, dirty, noisy trains.