Bart charges full fare for a five year old?

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Yesterday was bring your kid to work day. I brought my five year old daughter with me to work. We got to bart and found out, to my disappointment, that she was to be charged a full fare. I couldn't believe it. She's only five. I could see charging her half price or even free, but not full price. Our train was coming and I didn’t have time to ask about student pricing or anything like that.

Poor planning on your part, does not mean unfairiness on the part of BART. Be a man and quit your bitching.


BART's reduced ticket services are inadequate ... available only at 7 stations and only at these during limited hours. Most peoples' lives do not revolve around BART and making adjustments for BART's lack of service. While not knowing for sure how the reduced tickets sales actually work, there probably isn't any good reason why the couldn't be a reduced fare machine in the station agent kiosk and have the station agents use it to generate these tickets.

You can buy the discount tickets at hundreds of retail stores (i.e. Walgreen’s, Safeway, Longs, and ect.) pick up a pamphlet at the station or go on line to As for putting discounted ticket machine or kiosk at the station, just how many people do you think would abuse the system? Why would these people buy full fare, when two steps away they could get a 66% discount?
Again someone else’s lack of planning is BART’s fault.

Not aware the tickets could also be purchased at various retail stores. I am wondering what, if any, controls they apply when they sell them? Even so, if someone needs to ride BART they should not have to go to a retail store to buy a discount ticket or make a separate trip to a station that offers them ... isn't one purpose of BART supposedly to get cars off the road? The retail sales purchase option should be a supplement to the sales system for the convenience of the buyer, but anyone should be able to buy a discount ticket at any BART station. You apparently didn't read the post closely as it said to put the machine IN the station agent kiosk so that the agent could control the sale. BART simply fails to provide good service in this area.

I guess you don’t realize that BART Station Agents do not sell tickets; they do not have control over the money. You must not have followed the link and saw that the tickets are available for purchase online.

I guess you don't realize that having BART station agents sell these tickets was a SUGGESTION to improve service in this area.

As to the on-line ticket sales, this hardly seems relevant since it says that tickets are mailed on the next business following the order. This would be ok for those who can wait for mail delivery and as a supplementary sales option for the convenience of the buyer, but anyone should be able to buy a discount ticket at any BART station.

BART has discount tickets in fixed values:

Kid tickets are $9 for a $24 value ticket.

But (with some exceptions) you can't buy them at the station:

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Yep, only stations you can is "Transit Store" stations. But Rafa, I do admire you for paying as opposed to shoving her through the faregates or having her to fare evade. Thank you very much and I'm sorry that it came as a shock. But did your daughter have fun with you?

Did she see Randi?

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Thanks for the kind words. Yes, my daughter had a great time. She was able to hang out with other girls her own age.

Who's Randi?

the wheelchair bum.

Randi Banks, has not shown her face in a while. Is she still alive, does anyone know?

For those that don't know ...

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No, she didn't see Randi and I haven't seen her for a while myself. Maybe she has a new scam?

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Well did the kid have ID with him?

Your comments are puerile and add nothing of value. They aren't even funny. But you knew that already. Maybe you could find a kiddie blog that would appreciate them.

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