ruining it for everyone...(from the craigslist post)

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Okay, so stick with me here, I like the coincidence, synchronicity or however you want to categorize it.
I moved to the area, and became a frequent BART rider. I realize that there were certain rules that everyone needed to follow like no smoking, giving up seats by the door for those who need it etc.
The rule about eating I figure is a litter, and consequently a hygiene and health issue. Of course, if one is responsible, there's no reason we shouldn't be allowed to eat as long as we pick up after ourselves. I thought it's a rule simply because a few lame people ruin it for everyone.
Now without a subtle segue, September 11, 2001 has changed our freedom (real freedom, not George W. Bush religious morals/trademarked greedom) and we've had to adhere to restrictions on freedoms because a few assholes. This is a more violent, ignorant and spiteful version of the same idea filled with malice. Now we've given up more liberties more profound and restrictive due to only a few.
Recently I thought of how it has now come full circle. As I've ridden BART recently, I've noticed people leaving their lunch containers (styrofoam containers and paper bags with burrito remnants) on the train. I'm not so disgusted with this, but in light of subway bombings and seeing a movie like "the Interpreter" as well as knowing about some explosives, why is an abandoned bag such a scary thing while an abandoned food container is not? After all, semtax, plastique, C-4, etc. doesn't have to be in a backpack. It could be in a shopping bag, shoebox, or a friggin' "to-go" food container. Pass the word and keep BART clean! I just thought the irony is so sound I had to write it down and pass it on.


you hit it right on the head! Don't you love the visual inspection BART tries to do by having two officers walk along the cars and quickly scan (limited visibility from riders) for anything suspicious? Give me a break. What basis are they looking at before identifying a suspect?

I still have to use BART but it drives me nuts that they can kick us off the train because one fucking door is jammed! Talk about service. Why don't they mechanically lock the messed up door so everyone doesn't have to be inconvenienced? I'm doing what I can to hold my head high and just commute and hope BART can address these things properly. And yes, Sept 2001 did not help the situation at all!

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Strange priorities,

It seems BART admin has a really eccentric order of priorities or some strange logic that most intuitive people find puzzling.

with fares constantly going up, it's starting to actually be cheaper to drive! And that's with fuel costs as they are now! The only thing that still keeps the scales tipped in BART's favor is the tolls. As long as they keep jacking those up...

By the way, is this the first day this BART rage has been up? This is a great idea.

Happy Riding!

my friend is the owner of the site and he decided to create this because he knows he's not the only one who feels all these things like I do. Thanks for the good comments I will let him know. Yes this is the first day of BARTRAGE.COM You are like the third poster. Check out my blogs daily as I will do my part to say things as I commute. Mine won't be all bad. There are funny moments on BART that I enjoy.

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Speaking of funny, (just before I turn in) I saw a great craigslist listing some time ago speaking of a "BART surfer" (hence the inspiration for my site name) about a guys refusal to hold on to any hand support and how he was just "surfing BART"....funny one.

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lol that is good. He should just carry some latex gloves in case he doesn't want to surf one day! lol

I'll answer your complaint about the door problems.

A train at West Oakland headed towards San Francisco during commute has a door that won't close, and the train can't move with a door open. Operator goes back to fix door that may be the 8-9th car on a 8-9 car train.

Time from cab to 8th car, 1-2 minutes.
Time it takes to troubleshoot and lock out door, 1-2 minutes.
Time it takes operator to get back to cab, 1-2 minutes.

Now this train is 4 minutes behind schedule. Remember, it's commute, so the train behind the one at WO is now 4 minutes late. The train behind that one is 4 minutes late. Every train headed to San Francisco is now at least 4 minutes late. That's every Richmond train. Every Fremont train. Every Dublin train. Every Bay Point train. 20-25 trains are all now at least 4 minutes behind because one train had a door problem at West Oakland.

Instead of delaying the entire system, it would be better to just offboard and take the train that has the problem out of service. Get it out the way, so the system won't be totally disrupted because of one train.

Hi Operator9,

From that perspective you are correct and I agree with not messing up the whole system. In some ways it still does. Here is what I personally experienced. We were leaving Embarcadero and as usual the train is full (afternoon commute) When we arrived at West Oakland one of the doors wasn't telling the computer that it was closed. Mechanically it did close and open when the operator did attempt a few times. Ok, he said if I can't get this door to register that it's closed the train will go out of service.

We had to de-train at West Oakland and you would not believe how many people were standing on the platform at West Oakland. There was barely any room to stand on the platform. is the best part, we're all waiting for the trains. Well, the trains just coming out of the tunnel are so full that maybe 10-20 people were able to squeeze in. Can you see how long it took for us to get back on? It's not like an empty train came out of the tunnel and picked us up. It took quiet a bit of trains to get the entire load of riders out of West Oakland.

Like I said I do agree with you but you have to understand that I've been in that situation more than 2 times for a failing door sensor. Yes, blame the idiot who squeezed through because they shouldn't do that.

Happy Riding!
BART nubee

Understandable. I don't like having to make the announcement that the train is out of service, but that's what I gotta do sometimes. I know it sucks for the people that have to offboard a bad train, and those people are "sacrificial lambs" so to speak. They are basically inconvienienced for the sake of keeping the other trains on time.

It's not really a big deal to have 1 train 5 minutes late. Now having 20-25 trains 5 minutes late because of 1 train is what BART tries to avoid.

I was/still am a BART rider, and I haven't forgotten what it's like to be a passenger. That's why I make good, clear announcements and the like. Even though I get to sit in the front seat now, I still remember where I came from.....

you make a good point. Since you do work for BART this is good so people out there can see the perspective of the employees who actually operate the train. I honestly know that it rolls downhill. It is policy that you guys adhere to and I respect that. I try to compromise and at times laugh because it's all you can do. When I really need to get home or to an important meeting it's tough when it gets delayed. Overall, I'd rather deal with BART delays over daily driving delays!

What a great site. Maybe someone from BART management will see this site and take notice. I am a BART employee right out there on the front lines and believe it or not I understand the plight of riders. And what Operator9 said is true, it is much quicker to just get that train out of the way so the other trains can get moving. So does anyone have any positive BART experiences? I like to hear the good along with the bad.

Hi Bartguy. I too agree with Operator9 and you. The riders wish there was a better system to handle when you have to make riders get off due to a malfunctioning door.

As for the purpose of this website, it is for both GOOD and BAD experiences. I believe even if riders have bad experiences, they will still continue to use BART. This site is just a place to vent them out. Who knows, maybe someone in management may take notice.

But the trains going out of service due to doors seems to happen way too often. Why has BART Management let the system degrade so? Really unfair to the passengers.

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I am also a train operator and I have asked the BPD several times what is it they are looking for when they walk along the train. I have never recieved a direct answer so I can only guess. Now seeing as though I have been to Desert Storm 1 and I was an explosives specialist my opinion should be taken as gospel so this should clear the confusion.

#1 They are shopping for shoes and are checking the latest styles

#2 Since the cops can't use race when assesing threat levels they are falling back to height as the issue. Beware all Muslem terror midgets we will find you!

#3 Three managers said to the four other managers well we got real cops there must be something we can have them do so we can explain why we keep raising fares. I know! lets have them do security sweeps so the public can see we are on the job. We can give ourselves a raise with a bonus and blame it on the cost of labor. See that's why we are so smart and in charge.

Great Post! Too bad Management doesn't listen to the Train Operators and Station Agents more; you guys are where the action is. They just don't want to hear you.

Great Post! Too bad Management doesn't listen to the Train Operators and Station Agents more; you guys are where the action is. They just don't want to hear you.

yeah, that was a laugh and a half; it might have helped if BART police actually looked like they were paying attention while doing that walk. how useless was that?

I've also been kicked off in the middle of my morning commute because of an out-of-service train due to doors and then what a mess. i hate being crammed in there when i'm not even awake yet. they trains always malfunction lately. I think BART Management has laid off too many people and the system is totally suffering, yet BART Management seems to be able to afford to give themselves big fat raises.

I think you're all just paranoid.

Spoken from a true blue BART Police Officer.

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So true, it's easy to classify those riding are paranoid by those who aren't!
Happy Riding!

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I wouldn't be so paranoid if people'd stop scheming and planning against me behind my back.

Happy Riding!