EZ-Rider not so easy when it comes to parking validation

I've enjoyed getting three parking tickets at the Fruitvale BART station thanks to not being able to validate parking since I'm using the EZ-Rider smart-card fare system. It's great to just be able to swipe the card (kinda like the Fastrak) but there's pretty much no way to validate parking if you park in one of the free parking lots there... in order to validate you need a regular BART ticket and need to put in the space number. So I called the citation people and they said, no problem just mail us the tickets and a photocopy of your card or whatever -- but what a hassle! I guess they didn't think everything through when they installed the system. Which is kind of silly when you realize they had to upgrade EVERY single turnstile to accomodate the card. Guess someone forgot about parking (!)


I've had the same problem before. talk about system disintegration.

I know what you mean, BART needs to see the wizard and get a brain

I guess your too damm stupid, to read! You validate with cash, you don't need a ticket you dumb fuck! Hard to believe, you can breath and walk at the same time!

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bartbuddy said "but there's pretty much no way to validate parking if you park in one of the FREE parking lots there..."

i put an emphasis on the word FREE for you. how exactly do you pay cash for a FREE parking spot??? now, who is too stupid too read???

Very soon there will be a $1 daily parking charge at Fruitvale Station. When this happens folks with these cards will need to put a dollar bill in the parking validation machine to pay for parking.

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I'm pretty sure that the person who posted this is a BART employee. (I recognize, their abuse of the, comma key.) They have posted before as a BART Station Agent.

Such an attitude is totally unbecoming of a BART employee. But you might not be an employee, I could be mistaken. Regardless of wheather or not I am mistaken, such hateful words and such disrespect is totally uncalled for. You are a reactionary person - you thrive off of the negative attention this has given you.

To the original poster, bartbuddy88:

It is a problem that hasn't been worked out yet. Contact the EZRider Administration Team and let them know. But for the meantime, every time you process in to Fruitvale Station, see the station agent in the booth. Weekdays she is a petite Chinese lady (very nice person) early in the morning, and at 9AM another individual (Hispanic lady - not nearly as nice) comes in. If possible ask the Chinese lady to write your info in the log. Be ready to show her your EZRider card so that she knows you processed in.

That way, the Community Service Assistant doing his or her rounds will know not to issue you a citation.

Also... Try and get those citations cleared. I'd be happy to clear them for you... but I don't know who you are. You've probably seen me at Fruitvale, it's in my Zone and I am there often.

Wow... I wrote a lot!

When I visited Washington DC, two years ago, their BART-like subway system used an EZ-Rider-like smartcard called "SmarTrip". It works just like EZ-Rider, and you can also use it to pay for parking. (They charge $3-$4 per day for parking, and you can't pay with cash or credit card - you have to wave your "SmarTrip" card at the exit gate in order to exit!)

Their ticket machines also allow you to combine "tiny tickets" into larger tickets, too. Why can't BART do that?

Someone in BART chose not to allow combing of the tickets. I remember it came up during the purchase of the new machines but opted not to.

I also would like to have seen touchscreens, like NY has, but was told BART has to adhere to ADA, and touchscreens do nothing for the visually impared.

As for EZ-Rider, I think BART should have the cards for sale at the agents booth, blank, people could call a phone number or log in to the internet to activate the card.

I bet most commuters would want one of these cards..

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BART will be replacing the EZRider cards with TransLink later this year.


just remember to change the projected date every so often. Translink has been "real soon now" over a decade

I have translink, so far :

They "lost" a $70 "commuter check" deposit for 5 weeks.

They unable to "unblock" a card for three weeks
(after I changed my CC#).

Eventually they decided the to "unblock" my card by replacing it "due to a bug in their system".
Unfortunately the only way to "replace" a card is by mail thus adding yet another week before I had access to my deposited funds again.

(When replacing a card they will not send the replacement until they receive the old "dead" card back first at my own expense).

I have only had the card for 3 months...

i, too have translink.

my experiences have been totally different!

last november i lost my (registered) card when my wallet was pickpocketed. i called translink and they disabled it immediatley. that was on a saturday.

by wednesday i had my new card that was ready to use and unblocked, with my pass loaded on it. i am enrolled in the commuter check program as well and have never had a problem. my commuter checks are accepted and loaded in the form of a 31-day pass every month.

the times i have had concerns i have called the translink service line, and all of the representatives, particularlly the one named ShaToya or LaToya have always been very helpful. i cant wait for Bart to implement it. currently i bus to Bart on AC.

some translink phone people are good and seem to go out of their way, others seem to have a attitude that if there is/was a problem it was due to your error not their system's..

people when you sign up for and/or purchased the e-z rider card you were told exactly what the card can and can't do, you were also supplied withreading materials with all the information concerning e-z rider, YOU choose to ignore this information and now you want to blame the program for your ignorance....very typical of most of you riders. All the information is out there for you use it.

"very typical of most of you riders." Very typical tone for some (but certainly not all) station agents. Who else would know exactly what the reading materials said, and then point an accusatory finger at "you riders"?

The fascinating thing about this forum is that the comments with the most bile and grammatical errors tend to be written by people who look awfully like BART sock-puppets. Can't BART hire better ones? Maybe a little PR experience, or at least a copy of Strunk and White?

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So you want better sock puppets with PR experience and less bile?.... Riiiiiiight, we'll get right on that after I read my copy Strunk and White.

In the meanwhile, may we suggest to you a copy of Asshole No More. Please forgive our substandard grammar as we endeavour to do our part to continue facinating you.