Jerk T/O

I have a question for the jerk T/O that threw everyone off the Richmond train this morning at Fruitvale for an alledged door malfunction. Why didn't you walk through the train and inspect the doors on each car LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO? That would have been much better than the snotty comments about how no one was helping you out. Do the job you're (over)paid to do!

Every day you have to jack around repeatedly opening and closing the doors in at least one station. Are you hoping they will malfunction so you can enjoy your little power trip? Your other favorite tactic of stopping the train in the middle of nowhere for a "speed check" is equally annoying.

Thanks for nothing, shithead.

Give us the time and station you boarded so we can figure out who it was. It's time for this to stop with these T/Os who abuse BART. Union can't help those who constantly do things like this in keeping their jobs.

Don't tolerate, report these guys for us!

I boarded the Richmond-bound train that arrived at Bayfair around 7:55AM. The train pulled in at Fruitvale station at around 8:05. This guy is the regular T/O for this train. As soon as he tossed all of us off the train the doors closed just fine and he left us all standing on the platform as he departed. If the damn doors weren't a problem anymore couldn't he just have let us all back on the train??

wtf is a speed check? been riding BART for years and never had that happen...

A "speed check" is when this asshole stops the train, usually between Fruitvale and Lake Merritt on the Richmond line at about 8AM, and announces "We will be holdin'
HEAH briefly fo' a speed check." We then sit there for 2-3 minutes and then take off.

This has been a fairly common occurance for the 2.5 years I've been riding this train.
No other T/O has done this in my experience either.

hey asshole the train operator takes instructions from central control.. the people your penis sized brain needs to complain about is central.... second this happened during commute hours... Door malfunction during commute hours = out of service... get your dick on of your pants aka your brain and complain about BART procedures and central...

Can't explain the "speed check" thing. Never heard of it personally.

However, A train going out of service is not the operator's decision.

Central tells the TO to check the door out, or to go out of service. Depending on how much time each would take.. I bet the T/O was told to check the door out, he told you, then central changed their mind.

There is no such thing as a "speed check", the Automatic Train Control system stops the train periodcally, especially during commute to keep spacing

Yes they may tell everyone to offboard, and be able to close all the doors. A train may not operate with customers if the computer indicates an unlocked door.

Why are you so against this T/O, sounds like you may be misinterpreting situations. I can easily see plausable explanations..

would you rather they just kept going...So that the same door problem would come up again, causing the train to come to a speeding hault? How well do you think the trains run with the doors stuck open?

All it takes is for one jerk passenger trying to force the door open as it's closing to break the door & put it out of service. Having to do a walk through to find the door panel with a crushload is futile which is why the train is offloaded before the trouble shooting begins. If the probelm is abated it's centrals call to place it back in service or depart without reloading. The Operator doesn't make that decision.

the cocker sucker that posted this complaint where the fuck is your response

The reason people were not allowed back on the train was for safety. If central doesn't know what's up with the door or where it is, it is to be taken out of service immediately. Worst case scenario is a door blowing out sucking a patron out while zipping along at 70+ on the elevated section. BART prefers that never happen as do the rest of us T/O's.

A co-worker was on BART when a set of doors opened and closed white going through the trans bay tube. Whenever I see someone leaning against the doors I sometimes say something and am usually ignored.

There are probably reasons for these things. I'm more confused when these things happen on weekend trains.

I got on a non-full train on Sunday (1:14pm from Macarthur to downtown SF). It was 5 minutes late pulling in and then proceeded to go extremely slow the entire way into the city. Rather than making up time is just go further and further behind schedule.

What is up with this? Is Sunday Train Operator training school day or something? The operator seemed really hesitant and it seemed the delay was because they were very inexperienced. Is it usual to put the inexperienced and newbies on the Sunday shifts or something?

Or did I miss something.

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If you were riding on a Bay Point / Concord - Daly City train, it might have been a T/O in training. The class has been running some trains along that line recently. I know they did it in the middle of the week around 1pm a month or so ago. Not sure about right now.

I can try and find out for you...