BART's "New Year's Eve Flash Pass"

The best way to celebrate New Year's Eve is by leaving your car at home and using BART's "New Year's Eve Flash Pass," good for unlimited rides on BART throughout the holiday evening.

The special New Year's Eve Flash Pass costs just $6 and gets you unlimited rides on BART from 6 p.m. Saturday, December 31 to 3 a.m. Sunday, January 1.

Riders with passes simply flash them to the BART Station Agent and pass through the station entrance swing gate. No need to use the fare gates!

Passes go on sale December 15. Get your BART New Year's Eve Flash Pass at Safeway stores in the greater Bay Area, the BART Customer Services Center at the Lake Merritt BART station, Transit Stores in the Embarcadero, Civic Center, Montgomery, Powell Street and Bay Fair stations and the "County Connection" store in the Walnut Creek BART station.

Bart Sucks!

BART does suck...but you have a choice of AC, Muni, your old Hoopdy, or walking your fat ass to work,that's if you have a job.

I commute from Pleasanton to Downtown.. and BART is way cheaper than Gas+Parking. People bitch and moan about the cost of a BART ticket, but for a 45 mile trip, it is hard to beat the cost.