Train drivers on phones

Some of the train drivers talk on the phone when working. Why can't management stop this? I ride the Fremont to SF train with the same driver who is talking on the phone constantly. He is a black guy who wears the wool cap in the summer. You can hear his conversation when his door is closed and the train is moving. I have moved to the back of the first car, my friend told me it's safer in the first car, but I don't care to hear about his baby mommas on the phone when I am trying to read my paper. I hope management does something.

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That's an egregious violation of BART safety standards and in direct violation of train operator protocol.

If you say it's the same operator... Gather the info. (What station to you on board at? Exact time of day? Train car number? Description of the operator and, if applicable, what you can hear of his conversations? Do you have a camera phone? If so, take pictures/videos.)

He can be fired on the spot for this. I have a gut instinct I know who you're talking about...

I think I know who this is as well. It puts me in a really tight spot because it is a serious violation as mentioned already, but I can understand why it happens, given the monotony of running the trains.

You should leave BART a comment with the info the other poster mentioned. Time, car #, train destination, station you got on at, etc. The operator needs to understand the serious consequences that could occur.

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Monotony eh? Do you think they're bored in the cabin, or are they just pushing their luck?

And you want to be a T.O... You admit that you love to be a T.O. You can't mention bored. Since you did I'm pretty sure you will do the same. Eh?

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Think what you want.

hope he/she is using a bluetooth headset. I personally don't care about phone calls, but I do care that they pay attention.

hands free should be mandatory while operating any type of vehicle. car/train/bus/plane.

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If we're thinking about the same person, he most certainly is not. He jabbers on his phone even as he pulls into stations. Very big no-no, and is putting people at risk because his attention is deferred to his phone calls and not to operating the train. Some of his calls can get pretty emotional... If we're talking about the same Train Operator.

I'd personally like to see a ban on ALL non-emergency phone calls while operating any types of vehicles. But as it would be impossible to determine what constitutes an "emergency," I realize it's not feasible.

It's weird how multi-tasking is sooooo very diffuclt for alot of people.

Dickheads driving 32mph in the #1 lane.
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Dumb asses just stopping at the bottom of the escalator.
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Creepy dude staring straight through me as he's talkin' on the phone.
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T/O's should probably not be on the phone

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I agree that people on phones need to devote 100% of their attention to DRIVING. If someone acts a mess on the road, and are on their phone I'll be sure to bluelight them and give them my two cents on phones while driving.

Add my two cents to a citation for every possible violation that they've commited and, well, they owe quite a bit of money.

But remember, now they need to use their headsets while driving. Gotta love that one.

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I've seen this happen before. I always thought that it was a violation. Personally I would not talk on the phone anyway, especially if I'm working or driving. And to be conversing on a safety sensitive position like that, not a wise idea. You do that at my job you'll definately get in trouble.

Boxing Referee's quote: "Protect yourself at ALL times."

it's safer in the first car? I would think that a middle car is safer using the first / last car a crumple zones.

also I personally always try to get a seat that faces backwards.

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Are you prepairing for something to happen? So negative.

-Hockey Player

I don't think T.O's should be on the phone while operating. There's plenty of reasons why, but the main one is, it's just not professional.

I know who the T.O. in question is too. Really suprised he's gotten away with it this long.

Two Opreators lost thier positions as operators because of cell phone & property damage issues. That should be enough of a warning.

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That explains it all!

When was this? Couldn't have been recently.

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I don't remember this... at least not within the time I've been with the Department.

And you guys know how the grapevine is around here. It happens at 8AM and has worked its way through the entire system by noon.

Get off the phone, VS!

i know exactly who this is because he's a friend of mine. very often central is calling him on the radio and they have to practically drop power on him to get his attention. i like the guy but he's going to get burned on this sometime.

I know exactly who this is because he's a friend of mine. very often central is calling him on the radio and they have to practically drop power on him to get his attention. i like the guy but he's going to get burned on this sometime.

Then tell your friend to get off the phone, it makes us all look bad. Same with the Doo-rag wearers, book and newspaper readers, and idiot T/Os who take pics of women on the platform.