my little slice of bart history

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so i was cleaning out my side yard today in preparation for laying a cement walkway over what is currently just a bunch of gravel. the previous owners had placed what looked like sheet metal underneath the garbage cans so they are easier to roll over the gravel. i lift up these pieces of "sheet metal" only to discover that they are six old bart signs! four station maps and two "in case of emergency" signs - the kind that are above the handicap seats. i can tell the maps are pretty old as they only include the original stations. i think the "emergency" signs were installed as a result of the tube fire in 1979, so they might be 28 years old. Not sure about the three white maps, but they can't be any newer than early 90's when they added some stations. the oldest looks to be the brown map (third attachment), which is actually particle board instead of sheet metal. this could possibly be from an original train back in the early 70's - it would have been a nice compliment to the brown seats. it was sandwiched between two layers of sheet metal, so it held up pretty well even though it is particle board sitting underneath my garbage cans for who knows how long - i've been here four and a half years, so at least that long.

i want to keep them but at the same time, i have no idea what to do with them. i wonder if there is a thriving market for old transit signs on ebay? hmmm...

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Whoa, boopiejones!

You found those in your yard?

I'd say there's a market for those somewhere... But if no one buys em, I want one!

That's so cool - I know I sound like a dork - but that really is. I'm sure with some Windex and a paper towel, you could have those looking brand new in no time. Maybe get them put on a backing board and hang them up somewhere?

Pretty cool.....

(Circa 1970?)

WOW! that is so kewl! I remember those sighs. Reminds of when I used to take BART in the 80's. It was always an adventure to take BSRT into the city. I was such a geek back then, we would always take BART to big SCi-FI or Comic conventions in San Francisco, when comics were still fun ;-) Thanks for the post, I am sure those would sell for good money

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PLEASE email or call me!

-Hockey Player

Uncomfortable Silence!!

What to do?
Give it to PPID or sell it to Hockee?


You gotta weigh the benefits of each transaction differently.

It's ALWAY'S good to do a cop a favor.
Cause cops are people too.

But, how much money we talkin' here?
What kind of favors can a cop do for me?

Oh mee, Oh myy, Oh mee

Decision to follow...

Give the pick of the litter to PPID
Sell the other one to Hockee

They can have their own little club. With duties of club president passing between them on a yearly basis.

Hey Boopie-man, I wanna be in a club.
What else you got in your backyard?


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I'd frame it and put it on my wall :)

-Hockey Player

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LOL, just kidding.

I emailed you.

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i think i will keep three - one white, one brown and an emergency, but what about the other three? ebay? craigslist? if anyone here wants them, make me an offer...

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Boopie, I will make an offer, please email or give me your email or IM information.


-Hockey Player

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my email is

First generation on-board Emergency Procedures panel circa early-mid 1980. CPUC had to approve the procedures after the TBT fire. There have been 3 revisions since the original - the last being ADA compliance.

System map looks like pre-1976.

count me, mr. anon e. mous, as another taker if you decide to auction some of the items. i would love to get my hands on that system map to complement the current system maps i have.

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Of course I want you to profit from your find. Is there such a thing as a BART museum? Have you contacted them and asked what they would compensate you for?

what if it is stolen property?