Why does Linton Johnson make so much money?

Is it because he is (fill in blank blank blank)?

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BART's spokespoodle.

The guy makes what the job pay's.

It's not like Johnson rolled up on the BART offices one day and sold BART on the idea of creating the position, and then told them what salary it would pay. Then, he would have to tell them that he was the only qualified person for the job and...and...and...

He makes whatever it is he makes because that's what the market will bear.

That's what the job pay's.

Do we all know what his actual responsibilities include?
We see the T.V. part.
But I'm just guessing theres alot more to it than that.

gawd...people suck

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Hahahahahahaha they sure do.

Ok, so here's the deal.

BART's old spokesman finally had enough. He was no more.

BART was looking for some EOE crap... so they hired a black man... PLUS he's openly gay.

Them: 0

Double points for BART... and viola! We have the new spokespoodle.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Linton Johnson!

The guy before Johnson was doing the BART media thing since 1972!
Before trains were even running.

On another note...

I had no idea Johnson was ...
"A friend of Dorothy's"

but now that you mention it...

before Officer PPID911 was born... she's a young'in.

So when I was going to say he must swallow and likes to take it up the ass, I wasn't far from the truth...thanks for making that all too clear.

Exactly. BART's old spokesperson retired, and Linton Johnson applied for and got the job at the salary that was posted. His job is a lot more involved than just appearing on TV ... he is responsible for both internal and external BART media productons, is the "public face" of BART, has to know how to navigate all the political waters and say the right things, etc. His salary is less than a Chief P.R. or Media Relations person would make in private industry. And what do his race and/or sexual orientation have to do with anything? He was qualified for the job and he got it.

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he's the "public face" of bart? i've never seen the guy

just google image search:

linton johnson bart

Good Ol' Linton

-M. Delgado