BART employees are definitely way overpaid and total uneducated idiots

Average salary per employee is $77,900 + benefits that no private employer comes close to offering?! Wow, you have to be fucking joking? BART and it's employees (especially train operators and agents) are a total joke. Most are ex-cons. If salary were based on actual work performed and educational background, they would only make $10,000 a year. Most BART employees are uneducated, inexperienced idiots who only got their jobs because they have the time to sit for days in front of the BART employment office in Oakland until the opening comes up.

BART employees are fucking jokes, none of the train operators, station agents, etc. have any serious experience or education. Most are high school dropouts and average five years in prison or jail. Most were only hired because of Affirmative Action program instead of based on real qualifications.

THey were all hired based on luck, how fast they could get to the front of the hiring line, the pull they received from the inmate release job programs, the pressure from the NAACP, and people like Jessy Jackson.

Train operators and station agents are the entitlement queens of the workforce. I hope they all lose family members and loved ones due to the most painful forms of cancer. I hope they make just one mistake to fuck up their parole and end up back in the slammer, where they are paid their actual value, 15 cents an hour.

Before you say it, I'll answer your question. "Bitter/Angry Much?" Hell yes, aren't you angry that some ex-con uneducated beer guzzling rude lazy unreliable fuck basically runs your life?

Lol, Because there are only 2 groups employed at BART ...T.O. and S.O.

Before you say it, I am Caucasian, Male , straight , no wife , no kids . Have ZERO criminal background...well take that back..I got caught speeding once about 10 years ago.

I took home $58 k last year.
Down $10k from the year before ...overtime cuts.
No, that does not include my Benefits.

I think I DESERVE the chance to make a decent living and be able to LIVE here in the Bay area.

You need to be making $80k a year per household to live here ( House, food etc)

Or are you one of the Education Elitist types who think that everyone who chose not to go to school after H.S. should be living in a shack by the sewer plant?
I chose to learn how to think for myself, and do a keg stand just fine on my own...I didn't need my parents to pay $15k+ a year for me to learn it.

Want a job at BART ? Keep putting in for everything you qualify for.
I did .

And ...just FYI...
I am NOT a T.O. or an S.O.

Ah, just one more thing...
How in in the hell does a person who controls the train you ride on for an average of 45 min a day....who does not even speak to you for the most part ...control your life?
Do they come up to you during the time you are on the train and yell at you until you bend to their will?
Do they follow you home and then break into your house and
hold you hostage until you go to work the next day?

Let me guess, You were a DRAMA grad weren't you?

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janitor- excuse me... "Sanitation Engineer"

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Anonymous Person,

Why don't you do something about it then since you are so upset about it. Do you really think that other people run your life? Come on. From the way you formatted your complaint, it sounds like you're not BART personell. I'm trying to get a job in BART too. It takes patience. I want to be a train operator.

Next Thing:


Your title is stereotyping every single employee in BART, and not every employee falls under the description you have submitted. I'm sure there are some that are actually trying to do right.

By submitting what you did, you have just shown that YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM IN THIS WORLD. Instead of being UPLIFTING and saying ENCOURAGING WORDS to those who are doing wrong or want to do right and are asking indirectly for help, you're kicking them to the curb.

Do you even have any paper documentation to support your arguement?

I hope you don't speak to the youth with that kind of attitude.

Honestly, I think you're jealous.

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I'm sensing some jealousy here as well!

Jarel ... I think it was the Chronicle or another paper, they do a yearly survey of BART employee's pay. Of course there is some T/O that works super overtime and makes like $110k... and then everyone thinks they make that much.

But I'd say, taking into account overtime, Linton, and the Board... An AVERAGE of mid-70s sounds fair. Seeing as our little Spokespoodle makes $300k plus benis... yeah... But I don't make near that much. So yeah.

He doesn't have any right to judge people. But hey... He's desperate and jealous. Can you blame him?

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Thanks for the info.

I can understand that feeling because I used have that mentality. But it ended with me having to wait longer. You know the old saying, "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it."

Like when I was still insecure and wanted to be popular so bad. I got the opportunity, but the work I had to put in to remain popular was a one way ticket to jail or death. That was when I made up my mind to stay on the right path. And it's by God's mercy that I'm still here today. He opened up my eyes before it was too late.

We just have to have patience. Otherwise, from my very short experience, the lack of patience drove me crazy.

Shut the hell up and go compose something on your mixer.

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No offense was intended from my last comment. This is what happens when you act like that. Just keep applying and you will get into BART too.

And for the record, the setup in the picture is for Live Audio.

You can do it.

Same shit. How do you go from "Live Audio" to an irrelevant position such as a T.O.?

Jealousy will get you nowhere. Stop drinking all that Haterade. You probably got the doors closed on you last week and were late to your job. We train operators don't come up to your job and spit on the Big Macs do we? So why are you so hateful towards us?

I think the entire bay area will agree. TO is a VERY relevant position.

Actually son I have never had the doors closed from me. As soon as I hear their about to close I don't take a risk... Didn't think about that huh? And you must be the T/O that talks on his cell phone while operating huh?

That's a big negative ghostrider. I value my job and the opportunities it's providing for me too much to risk it talking on the phone while in the cab. And I see you posted your last comment around 245am. You must have that closing shift where you gotta clean up all the grease, french fries and brown lettuce off the floor huh.

Secondly, you obviously ride and depend on BART, but you feel that TO is an irrelevant position? (Scratching head)

Let's see here.

No TO, no BART. Relevant now?

Actually sir I work in the financial district and wear a dress shirt to work... So I believe you are wrong. You are relating No TO, no BART. I'm realting music to BART you fuckin' dick. Read more than once before reposting or you just make yourself look stupid as hell.

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This is getting ridiculous. How about we all chill out, forgive each other, learn from this incident, and move on?

The bottom line is we can keep arguing like this until our fingers fall off. But have we gotten anywhere? It doesn't look like it.

Let's just stop the madness.

I'm done.

Tree hugger. LOL!

I'm just messing with you man. I take the tree hugger back. Let's get drunk!

How is it relevant? Your going from audio to a T/O. Music > sitting in a seat, knowing evac. procedures, and making announcements... Convince me smart one.

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Come on doc.

Train Scenario: No Train Operator Present

-Train computer not responding to BART Central Control Computer's commands.
-Propulsion shut-off failure
-Doors close and can smash passenger's
-Door close failure/Train computer receiving Door open signal (Train won't move with a "Door Open" Signal
-Violence on the train.

-Runaway Train
-Delayed train movement
-Serious injury or death to passengers

If nothing else, maybe this is a position that doesn't suit your interest. Your opinion doesn't make it not important.

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What really caused you to get so angry?

The OP is totally clueless.

Average salary is NOT 77k a year. I WISH that were true. lol

You can't have a criminal record being an operator or agent. Any felonies on your record, and it's over for you. You have to maintain a valid license to be a TO, and if you have any DUI's, you're out. Having a diploma or at least a GED is a requirement as well for being a SO or TO. So there goes your high school dropout theory.

Secondly, a lot of TO's have higher education and college degrees. I have a degree. There's at least 1 T.O. I know that has two degrees. There's a few TO's that have masters. About two years ago, having some type of college education was a REQUIREMENT for prospective train operators. A lot of TO's are train operators not because their intelligence levels are low, but they tried, and realized corporate America and the whole suit and tie game isn't for them. Me being one of them. We're much happier being blue collar workers. Dang. There goes your uneducated idiot theory.

And lastly, it's JESSIE, not Jessy Jackson.

Hey, what's S.O. stand for?

My bad. Typing too fast. Meant SA. Station agent.

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JESSE Jackson.

Most certainly not Jessy. (Who's the dropout now? jk...)

Just so ya know!

Yeah, the whole "dropout" thing doesn't work for us either.

We need at least some odd units of college credit to even be considered. Either that or have a POST-A cert from another dept.

I'm not sure what the requirement for units is... I have a masters. That notwithstanding.

I agree with both Jarel and Op9 (Hey Op9, you got a first name?) in that A: TOs are a VERY relevant position... BART wouldn't function at present levels without them and B: Jealousy will get you nowhere.


Why the hell would a TO need anything more than a high school ed? Certainly, even you have to admit you're way overqualified and overeducated for the job. That's what OP was saying. For gods sake, no one needs an MBA which you said at least two TO's have.

That just riduculous and does show that there is some hanky panky going on in BART's hiring practice.

And? I'm happy with it and I like doing it. Like I said. I've done the corporate thing and realized it wasn't for me. I've always been blue collar. The white collar thing was an experiment, and although I was successful in that world, I was unhappy.

You don't NEED a MBA or a bachelors to be a TO. I was just pointing out and busting the perception that TO's are uneducated. There are a lot of educated TO's in the system, and you would be suprised what they do in their spare time. There's pilots, sailors, real estate barons, gifted artists, accountants, computer engineers, master mechanics, (automotive and aeronautical) at BART.

And why would there be hanky panky going on at BART with hiring practices in that regard? Any organization attempts to hire the BEST talent it can find. Why should BART be any different? BART is subsidized by the government. BART is responsible for the transport and safety of hundreds of thousands of people everyday. There is a lot at stake here. You honestly think BART is gonna hire a bunch of idiots or people with minimal education levels and trust them with that responsibility? You best think again.

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I think he's talking about "Fannie's Agents".

No hanky panky there?

I beg to differ.

In that regard, maybe.

But I think it's rediculous that poster would think that BART doesn't prefer educated individuals, and can't comprehend why BART would hire someone with a degree.

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Oh.. well yeah, no shit BART prefers those with degrees.

Many-a-operator have degrees from prestigious schools.

There's this Chinese guy on the R who has one from Cal, if I'm not mistaken.

What people see T/Os doing and what T/Os actually do are two different things. T/Os need to know much more than (hopefully) they'll ever have to use. Plus, they need to be able to switch, couple, and not fuck up the couplers in the yard. And need to know to troubleshoot if an issue does come up, and triage situations for Central.

Not just anyone can walk in off the street and demand a job at BART.

I believe someone (was it you?) posted about how many trainees were in his class, and how many were eliminated during various assessments, tests, and dropped out.

Same goes for cops.

Station Agents (whom I deal with the most) I have little respect for other than those who insist on doing their jobs professionally, all of the time. Sadly, a majority of Agents just sit around and shoot the shit and waste company time. Those are the ones that people complain to me (why? not sure..) about and give the few good Agents a bad name.

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Without smacking the heck out of the couplers. Hope the manual control lever is speed adjustable. T/O position just keeps getting more exciting to me.

Got the rejection letter again?
Didn't meet the qualifications?
Or you never made it past the pre-employment tests?

You got me on the entitlement thing, I truly believe I am entitled to a living wage for the Bay Area. It's also why I'm saving for a strike or (chemotherapy thanks to you) next contract.


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Get a registered username....

for the fucker that complained.. congratulations i hear you got promoted to head burger flipper.


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Op9 was the one who first mentioned Big Macs.

If you're gonna try and insult someone... Please at least try and have it be original AND make sense.

And, if possible, funny.

I know. It's a stretch.

But do it for me. Pretty please.

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Come on yall. Let's not sink down to the level of dumb pride and stupidity. I understand that the person is trying to clown BART, but by using profanity and trying to roast the guest, you're showing what he/she wants and thinks. You are supporting their arguement. If my comments sound like I'm clowning I'll work on them. Just let me know.

no, that's incorrect, he got promoted to head booger flicker.

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been registered (Train Operator) over a year but I have trouble signing on so I just do this when I'm here: -T/O

ps the pic says "please avoid making eye contact with other passengers"

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is that a real bart sign or did you make it up? either way, that is pretty funny.

if it is real and you have one, i'll trade you straight up for an old system map or an emergency evacuation sign.

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BART sign; Sorry Boopie it's a fake pic I found while surfin' the net.

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Train Operator since 2003!!!!!

join us in the chatroom

Half the stuff in the OP is flat wrong. New employees get fingerprinted and background checked. However, we as employees should realize this is how some people really feel.

I have a friend who feels the same way about Muni drivers, and I have to explain to him the problem with Muni is not the drivers (usually, heh), it's management. Just read the paper.

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Did somebody want a jobby wobby at BARTY, but BARTY said no? Aww. I'm so sawwy there's no jobby wobby. Mwah. There's a kiss on the forehead and a huggy from me. Everything's gonna ok.

Most of the BART staff I've met are pretty cool, whether they are main line techs, T.O.'s or S.A.'s Occasionally, I will meet a really mean station agent but it usually is never a permanent one at my station i'm happy to say. They are far from uneducated and I feel they deserve every penny they earn. I have my bitches about the condition of the trains, etc., but I commute during weird hours and have an opportunity to meet quite a few BART personnel and I think they are great. I don't think some people realize what it takes to keep that system running.