I'm not sure that love on BART really works, but I've seen my fair share of LUST. Take the last train out of SF on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll see a lot of kids that are amorous. Viva la Lust!


I think it's lust but could it be they are drunk? No matter, it's a sight to see. at least some are

Lust and more lust....there's a website, popular with the bay area gay community, where you can log on, make a date to meet a total stranger on a specific BART train and a specific BART car on that train to be "serviced" in the transbay tube. Any night of the folks ALWAYS check the seat BEFORE you sit down and do NOT assume that it's melted vanilla ice cream.

Oh, that's just N A S T Y

the lead car i rode in last night was so nasty i didn't want to sit in any one of those seats. just gross.

I have seen semen on the seats. I have seen urine on the seats. I have seen feces on the seats. I have seen saliva on the seats. I have seen blood on the seats. I have seen pus from the oozing sores of persons who smelled like they'd been dead for a week, on the seats.

I don't sit down very often.

That newspaper by your feet is probably cleaner than the seat you're sitting in. Well, except I've seen semen on the newspaper. I've seen feces on the.... never mind, you get the idea.

I met my wife on BART, married a year and 8months later this month.

for real dude? How did it happen? Let us hear the details. Was she standing and you sitting? etc....

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I first noticed her when I entered a car just about to leave, had to stand yet again... There she was sitting across from where I was standing. A quick stolen glance, a smile and some innocent eye flirting...nothing overt. Just being divorced, I wasn't looking to start something, but you never actually have any control over that now do you? Well, when she arrived at her station, she got up, looked me square in the eye and said a quick "goodbye...". I was mesmerized...didn't think I made any impact, I thought about that missed connection all night... didn't see here again for another week, but when I did coming into the city, I noticed she got off at the same staion I did (Embarcadero)...I managed to ask her name, we walked a brief way together talking, she mentioned she too had dwelled on the missed connection for days and was looking out for me as well. As I said, been married a year and 8 months, and it's been by far the best thing BART's ever done for me...

Thats funny, I meet your wife on BART three times a week.

yeah, and I meet your mother too...she really loves it when i do her doggie in a four seater

You're right about that. As I was getting off the train last thursday night (not tonight), there were two going at it in the quad and they didn't care who could see. Yuck! Great for the seats!

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Risky Business

I suppose people have seen Risky Business far too many times!

Ah the good ol' days, when Rebecca DeMornay (sp?) was sexy as hell, and before Tom Cruise had a nose job and became a religious zealot.