so many sick people

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I was on bart this morning and my GOD there are so many people sick! People please stay home so you don't end up passing it around. For god's sake cover your nose/mouth whe you do cough!


Over processed food void of any nutritional value, contaminated water & air, stressed out lifestyles trying to "Beat the Jones" to living like ants stacked upon each other in the millions, rampant drug & substance abuse, and unending threat of violent crime everywhere ...... it's amazing any of you is able to have any semblance of good health ..... Wear a mask .... Lock your doors ... and pray.

I agree. I hate the sick people on BART. It seemed really bad in December and has gotten a little better since. But there are still at least a couple of people on every car hacking up a lung without any attempt to try and cover the germ spray from their mouth with their sleeve or anything.

Since I usually end up standing and there are never any seats available I've begun the game of only holding on with my left hand (if possible) since I'm less likely to touch my face or any infectable parts of my body with it afterwards. Then I consider it to be hazardous waste until I wash it thoroughly afterwards.

It sounds sort of insane but touching anything on BART seems really toxic. Especially those spongy germ-holding seats with permanent urine stains and other things. It's especially nasty if you ever sit down on one that is wet (and it happens more than you'd expect). I'd be happier with harder and less comfortable, sealed seats that they could easily hose down instead of these. Gross.