Who is the T/O Dublin-SF weekday mornings?

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Someone tell the T/O guy (usually runs the 745am out of Dublin) to ease off with the "dark handsome italian stallion stud dude with the cool european accent" act. No one understands what he's saying. Every day we all look at each other, shake our heads, and roll our eyes when we hear "Caaaaaastrrrro Vaaaaally" and then a strange sound "pashhhherrrrr".

Can someone (preferably another T/O here) please let this guy know the act is wearing thin? The chicks don't dig you, understand? The rest of us just want to say to you "either lose the act" or say nothing at all.

I'm saying this not to be racist (anyway, I'm sure the guy is trying to pretend to be Italian Stallion) but because I'm certain he speaks better english and this is his act.

T/O guy, the chicks will dig you more if you just be yourself instead of trying so hard to be Fabio

He's having fun to keep from getting bored. I never see eye rolling when I'm on his train. I think it's sort of amusing and it never struck me as someone trying to be sexy, just having a little harmless goof on the job. Lighten up.

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Man, everyone's uptight today. Lighten up people, tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Anyway, you didn't answer my question which was "what the hell is he saying?....."Caaaaaaaaaastttrooooo Vaaaley Pshrmm". WTF?

Just ring the TO on the intercom and ask him to repeat himself cause you didn't understand. If a few people do this he will get the hint. If nobody does this, then clearly his speech is not the problem.

Here's an idea. If you don't like it or care for his announcements, TELL HIM.

Instead of having the balls to say something yourself, you'd rather come here to BARTrage and complain about it and hope someone else will do it.

Well it's not like the operator is going to jump out of the cab. Plus I'm sure the train will leave before he gets there... Depending on where you sit... But I say go for it and tell him anyways lol.

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LOL! Don't get your panties in a wad. It's not like I said I'm going to shoot him or assault him. His life or well being is not in any danger, so just chill. He's just irritating and I'm not the only one who has commented on it.

And you didn't answer my original question which was "what the hell is he saying?".

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He's saying (Drum roll)......"Castro Valley Station" (Cymbal crash).

I really wish the painfully obvious was really uh, painfull. (oooh cramp! ow ow ow)


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Thank you!

"Station"? Oh. I seriously would have never guessed.

I'm not the one that came in here crying and complaining.

Again. If he's irritating, or whatever, why don't you say something to him about it instead of whining in here and asking someone else to tell him he's annoying. I think that was really weak and lame on your part. You're on his train everyday, but instead of pressing the intercom button, or walking up to the cab to possibly get the answers you seek or to say what's on your mind, you'd rather avoid that and run to a computer and complain on here.

And if anyone's panties are in a wad, they're yours. Especially since you obviously don't have any nuts.

I agree, though the personal attacks aren't needed. I don't understand why people think it's ok to complain here but can't be bothered to tell the operator or whoever or send BART an e-mail or a comment card.

Having said that, I think clearly pronounced announcements are not too much to ask for. :)

If this is the same TO, he used to work either Richmond or Pittsburg/Bay Point line. I understood him perfectly. If you can understand the name of the station, what are you complaining about? I'd rather complain about the TOs who never give delay announcemnts, or give staion announcements after the doors are already open. When you have great TOs that communicate often, you really notice the fur balls who don't think they need to tell you why you are stopped in the TBT for two minutes without a word. Every time I think it's the PA, they come on and whisper the name of the station so I know it's not the PA, it's them.

There are some great TOs out there. There are some who should be doing something else for a living.

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Guys, just lighten up. He has a job that can be mentally draining and he's just looking for some fun. Let him have his fun, maybe even laugh at it?

If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin'.

I remember a TO on the Fremont/SF line who used to make transbay tube announcements in a light and breezy tone, saying something like: "OK folks, we're approaching Embarcadero and it's time to wake up! Just think of the folks who didn't." He was always fun and amusing.

Heard he got canned for saying something pro-union just before the strike in the mid-80s.

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it sounds like you are a regular commuter, so you likely know the stops without the TO having to announce them. I highly recommend a set of earplugs or noise isolating headphones. they not only will help with your euro-TO, but also with annoying passengers, screeching tracks, etc. and save your hearing in the process.

I've read somewhere that noise isolating headphones go well with salad.

i know, i know, i know
sometimes i can't help myself

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I'll make this brief...That operator you are talking about is a Latino and NOT doing a "Dark handsome italian stallion stud dude with the cool european accent" act. That IS his real accent not a fake. As a Latino myself, I not only find your comments RACIST but IGNORANT too.
If it bothers you sooooo much, i'm sure an earlier train or the train after his will suit you better!!
And didn't your Mom ever tell you...stop rolling your eyes.....you want them to stick like that??
Sheesh....some people have nothing better to do than nit-pick!

PS...ok...so not so brief. Sue me.

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And I'm sure would not only be offended but insulted and hurt if he read this thread.

Keep it civil.