Rude People on Bart

Some of the rudest people I run into are on Bart.
How hard is it to say excuse me or I'm sorry.
And the people who eat on Bart HELLO people its now allowed, but I guess you people are above rules. Bart police should be giving out tickets left and right to these people, maybe they wouldn't have to raise the ticket prices if they would start going after people eating and drinking on the trains.
And don't walk in front of me to get on the train when I have been standing there waiting.
And the people with bikes, stand up with your bike you don't need to sit and take up 2 spaces.

Some times I get so angry at the people that are eating and drinking. The worst is when you have a drunken group of concert or game goers at the Oakland Collesium. Sometimes I just want to pee on them. What is the cost of a food/drink ticket? If I peed on them, what would the ticket cost me? It might be a small price to pay to pay to get rid of these smarmy and smug food and drink consuming people. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't poop on them, as that would be way rude and very stinky, but a little pee never hurt anyone.

yes I agree with the riders and their bikes,they hog up two seats. Also this morning, this guy was listening to his headphones and it was up so loud that I could hear it except that i's annoying when all you hear is the whispy sound of the music they are listening to. I hate annonying riders.

Again, it's the BART police...ha ha ha.
I read this forum all the time and can't tell you how many times I notce that people agree the BART police need to do more than just ride the BART, try and look cool, and 'ignore' what's really going on.

You are right, they need to start throwing out tickets, actually giving out some fines, and enforce the rules. I bet it does keep ticket prices down.

Here's a thought, I bet more people would ride the BART if they didn't have to deal with all the other people who treat the BART like their personal living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and toilets.

omg the other day, I saw the under the seat where the elderly and disabled sit, mounds of what looks like saw dust! I often wonder if the camera's are actually used and if they look for activities like that? Basically, this idiot destroyed the seat and the carpet all around it. Great job moron because now it will cost us riders more to fix your mess!

Maybe Bart could set up a dining car? And the whole bike and luggage thing is a joke because Bart doesn't really provide anywhere to put them.

there used to be a car dedicated for bikes, the last car on the longer trains. not anymore.

I remember that.. they used to be banned on commuter hour trains as well, unless you had the folding DaHon bikes. Times.. they are a changin'

They still are banned on commute trains but the enforcement isn't worth a shit. If you look in the schedule and check trains from the East Bay to SF in the morning and vice versa in the afternoon you will see certain times with blocks around them. These are the trains that bikes should not be on. You know those bike people have a lot of pull and the Board of Directors bows to them.