Where are the cops when you need them?

BART police please start issuing tickets to anyone who violates the "NO eating/drinking" policy. I'm sick and tired of others bringing in their McDonalds food on the train. Worse yet you see idiots leave their garbage all over the seat. Does anyone actually use the cameras in each cars?

I've been riding BART for 14 years and have never seen anyone get a citation for eating/drinking violation.

That's a good question. I've never seen anyone get cited as well.

That rule shouldn't apply to coffee drinkers. Not allowing coffee during a morning commute is cruel.

It's not a "rule." California penal code section 640(b)(4)PC makes it an infraction to eat, drink, or smoke where prohibited by the Transit District. It's obviously prohibited on the train because each car has about 8 signs that say "No Food or Drink." Nothing on that sign exempts coffee drinkers. The violation carries a fine of up to $250.00.

If you observe someone eating and making a mess, use your cell phone or the train intercom to call BART Police. Give a good description of the person and provide the car number. Keep in mind, however, that if the person has ceased eating, you would have to make yourself known to the officer to make a complaint (citizen's arrest) against the person. The officer can only cite the person is they observe the crime themselves, or you make a citizen's arrest.

that sounds all good and all but do you think they will care if we make a citizen's arrest? I mean they obviously disregard the rules in BART wouldn't you think they would just tell someone who is not a cop to "f*** off" !!!

you would only make a citizens arrest if a cop was there to issue it. so yeah i think they would care. hopefully then the person will ask everyone be present in court and you will receive a summons to appear and for someone eating skittles or something like that. ever spent a day waiting in court? you thought jury duty was bad. yes judge i saw this person eating some skittles on bart where it clearly is an infraction. so eater/drinker/smoker gets fined $250 and you will have wasted your time in court, while the officer is compensated for their time. i can't wait to make that call about someone eating drinking or smoking. Those officers do cite them when they find them, its their bread and butter, infractions.

That infraction shouldn't apply to coffee drinkers. Not allowing coffee during a morning commute is cruel.

hey leave my Starbucks alone! It's better to have me in a good mood than cranky. I need my coffee fill too. Actually I have never brought my coffee on BART but can they make an exception to that rule? LOL it might make people's commute better.

Some of those brown stains on the already filthy seats are from spilled coffee. You might be a responsible coffee drinker, but you can't say that for everyone else. Would you rather drink your morning coffee or sit in it?

how do you know its coffee? you sure its not one of the resident transients who poooped their pants and sat?

Hey Ya' All ........

I've been up and down these tracks myself and lemme' tell yaz: They smoke crack, have sex, poop & pee, puke, and dribble all over your precious seats !!! You better cover that butt of yourz and keep the trap shut too - cauze you never know what'll fly in ...........

Tanx Hanx for the forum ...............

This is a shot out to the asstard train operator who feels the need to announce over the intercom that there is a $250 fine for drinking coffee when I step on the train with coffee in hand. I don't give a fuck. Bart police does not give a fuck. They walk right past me on the train and they don't care. They see me stroll into to the station with my big ass venti Starbucks that you could see from space and they don't give a fuck. So stfu and just drive the train and try not to go out on strike before you drop me off in the financial district.

And we wonder why trains are filthy.

why do you think it was you of all those patrons on the train the train op was talking to?

if you were a sworn police officer, there to uphold the law, supress crime, able to take a persons life to preserve another, actually stop a person who is drinking coffee? yes there are some cops who enforce this infraction but come on... sure they knew it was an infraction job when they took it, but to stop someone for drinkng coffee? that's like stopping someone for jaywalking with no cars on the road, eating a cookie in albertsons and not paying for it, stopping a car at 4am for not coming to a complete stop, pulling you over for having a headlight out 2 blocks from your home in the rain, all of which is say are chicken shit reason to stop someone.
could they be walking the train for a reason other than looking for people drinking coffee? perhaps they are looking for the sick bastard who was jacking off at a previous station, looking for that pick pocket, looking for the person who just assaulted another.. do you people just not look at the big picture here?
you can have coffee on the train you're not supposed to drink it.
how nice of the train operator to warn patrons that there are officers out there who cite people for chicken shit reasons and maybe you should just carry that big ass venti coffee.

Yea, the Big Picture is, they BART cops don't enforce "Jack"! That's why the trains look and smell like crap forcing those of us that have to ride BART to deal with the situation.

Then when they need to be serviced, it costs more money to clean and upkeep them becasue they are so filty, causing BART to either cut BART employees wages or increase fares.

IF the BART cops would enforce the rules more often, then maybe there would be more revenue to make the BART a cleaner ride.

Cops on BART are all the same as regular cops. They suck! All cops ever do is harass instead of helping people. The cops on BART are the worst employees of BART if you ask me. They hide behind their badge and the law behind them. They abuse patrons because they know they can. Hats off to the other employees of BART, at least Operators and Agents are there for the riders.

Agree with you that BART Police are the same as regular police and would rather harass than help. Overall, I've had good luck with the employees except for a couple of women station agents at Montgomery. The Train Operators and Maintenance peoople I've met on the trains are great.


It's hard for them to enforce things when riders don't report these crimes in action. Police Officers are not God, and cannot be everywhere at once. They rely on the pubic to alert them to problems.

And should you choose to call BART Police, be prepared to point out the offender to the officer, so that they may issue a citation. It is not against the law to carry food or drink onto the train. It's against the law to CONSUME food or drink on the train. Most people stop shoving crap into their mouths when they see BART Police walk through. Unless the officer catches them in the act, they law does not allow them to do anything about it. Scolding someone just for holding a cup of coffee or bag of food (if they didn't see them eating it) would constitute TRUE harrassment.

It's easy to bitch that someone else "isn't doing their job" when you aren't doing anything to make it better either.

Be careful what you wish for......Does everyone really want BART PD to start writing tickets for these violations?

Yes, I do. I'm tired of watching people pork out on their burritos and other stinky food. It is gross and it stinks up the entire car and then they leave their litter and wipe their hands on the seats. No one is going to call BART Police when we have to sit at a station and wait for them to take their sweet to board the train and see what the problem is. They need to handles problems on the trains. More passengers would call BART Police if it didn't hold up everyone's if you do so. BART Police are one of the most inefficient operations in the BART System. By the way kiddies, crime is up 14% on BART for the period Oct, Nov., Dec. versus last year. Over 307 cars were broken into and burglarized, 170 were stolen, there were 13 crimes on the trains, 30 in the parking lot, and those are just the ones that are reported. I quit reporting stuff that happens to my car because BART PD is useless, they do nothing about it, I doubt they even write a report.

I know it was me because he watched me walk into the first car and right after the announcement was made. Bart police have real problems to deal with, they could give two shits about some overpaid yuppie slurping a starbucks. Let me tell you something else, I don't spill coffee but spilled coffee would be a major upgrade in smell and color over the shit bart has crawling around over its trains. Does bart even ever clean its trains???

Further to my original point, stfu and drive the train, you are lucky I even lower my standards to ride that bitch.

My wife says she saw three girls eating full course meals on the train a few weeks ago! Mexican food no less!!! It smelled delicious and she couldn't wait to get home ....

In reply to a construction worker sitting across from them (who BTW was eating a big bag of chips with a soda himself) who asked where they got the food, "We came to the last car because we're not suppossed to eat here!" ..........

Wifely type says next time offer her some salsa please !!!!!!!!!

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Do you know where the BART PD guys are? They are at One Market Plaza Starbucks. They do this every day and hang out for 1 hour. Nice job keeping an eye on BART.

if you really need a cop as you say try using the intercom which is located in every train car, and request the train operator to call for BART police to assist you with whatever may be your situation. If this doesn't work try using the white courtesy phones located within each and ver station, maybe the parking lot phones in every parking lot, or even the Station Agent can call BART police for you...last but not least call 510-464-7000 provide the requested information to the dispatcher and be willing to point out the suspected person in violation and I and/or my partner's will gladly take care of the situation.
As they say don't bitch unless your willing to do something about the problem, as you say you have seen this many times and by your words have taken no action to prevent this so you are as guilty as they are.

I have been riding BART since it first opened and have never seen anyone get a ticket for eating/drinking on BART, or Smoking for that matter. BART Police could make a ton of money for the system if they just cited the people being gross with their food on the trains. I'm going to eat my MacDonalds and wipe it all over the seat and stink up the car with those nasty fries. Em, them ribs.

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I witnessed someone that is true that everyone says. In the rear of the car I was riding in, there was a group of 3 (two adults, 1 ten year old) One of the older adult was eating his late dinner while talking to the other adult. He was chowing down and then opened his Pepsi.

I didn't have the heart to call the Police on him because he was enjoying himself. The truth is these were men of class. They are not homeless, lowlife people who violate the rules. Don't stereotype because everyone is guilty of this.

You are right, the rapist or muderer who is not homeless, and is a man of class, IS a higher class citizen and should not be subjected to any rules. Which is why charging the folks of Enron, or any other white collar crime, is just foolish, they are a people of class who are not homeless so they should be above the law.

So if you get mugged and the person is of high class, enjoying themselves, and wearing a suit and tie, then it's cool because they are not a lowlife.

If you are guilty, then you are guilty.

Hello this is your asstard train operator who spoke over the P.A. about you drinking your starbucks. Do you really think I was talking to you? I was talking in general in case BART PD was on board and would hopefully take interest. You all sit in each others own filth and act like it just appears on it's own. Then you have the nerve to bitch about "the other slob" and how lousy the maintenence is on the trains. News Flash!!! We are in the people moving business not a mobile daycare, we don't wipe your ass we expect you to be a grown up and understand there are certain rules we all should abide by.

Of course we would also like to hope most folks exercise common courtesy but as usual all we are subjected to is Assholes telling us to STFU and do our job. I would love to just do my job but I am forced to be a babysitter all too often.

So whats it gonna be? Either bitch about the filthy trains or bitch at the train operator trying to help keep it clean. You Dick!

Great reply.

The trains would be 60-70% cleaner if people abided by the rule of NO FOOD OR DRINK ON THE TRAIN, which is posted all over the platforms and in every car. Add on another 5-10% if people used some common courtesy and didn't put their dirty ass feet on the seats.

There wouldn't be coffee and Pepsi stains everywhere if there were no coffee and Pepsi on the trains to begin with. Is it that difficult of a idea to understand?

Every seasoned BART passenger knows that eating and drinking on the train is a no-no. Fact is, this rule is not strictly enforced and passengers get away with it. Here's some advice for you passengers out there from a train operator with a heart: If you're gonna bend the rules and sneak that extra-value meal and drink onboard the train , don't have the nerve to sit right behind the cab directly in my line of sight when you chow down. If anyone is balsy enough to pull this stunt, remember.. there's more than one train operator just itching to check you on this. Save yourself the embarassment, don't eat or drink in the lead car!

Again, save yourself the embarrassment, like when I left out that second r. :)

Well if you actually created a username, instead of posting anonymously, you could go back and edit your previous postings. ;)

Cool, thanks for the tip.

How about no GUM why you're at it! I'm so tired of seeing gum stuck to where the seat connects to the wall underneath the windows, especially when the car has just been reupolstered and carpeted.