should I?

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ok here it goes. I'm not racist. I have alot of black friends and they tell me that there are bad people in every race. In my situation it happened to be black. Don't ask me just happened that way.

I was happily sleeping on the train at 4pm before the major rush hour. I was awaken at West Oakland by a black couple when the man was talking very loud on his cell phone. Ok, I was waken up but couldn't help the fact that his loud voice took over any sound the train made. He was telling whoever was on the other line that he was going to be daddy and that the other person better not say anything.

It was really strange hearing this stranger say these things when he's letting the whole damn train hear his business. Did I care to hear all this? Hell No! Some riders left this end of the train and moved or got off the next stop. Before I got to my stop at San Leandro, the same couple pulled out their bag of chips and soda and started eating. Soon the young man started to play with the food and was tossing it around the train. Now I understand why the train is messy.

Why do niggers have to be so damn loud on the phone and then act like that when they know the whole world knows about it. I know they do it on purpose!