TransLink Startup Delayed...Again

The TransLink start-up date for BART, MUNI and Caltrain, has once again been pushed back.

The software developer, ERG, is reporting that they need more time to work out the bugs.

New start-up date...March '08.

It's in today's Chron...
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What will the excuse be in March?

Clearly ERG (the company developing the "software") has no early/on time incentives or late penalties.

and MTC has no incentive to push them either. It is many years and $$130-149 mill too late. Meanwhile many of the readers on Muni have been vandalised. Too bad the cost overruns can't be backbilled to the salaries/retirement funds of the bureaucrats/pols who signed off on this.

As I've been reading past stories about TransLink it seems that BART has been none too friendly either.

Well it is not profitable to BART, they will loose all that 1.7Mil in daily "float" cash plus what ever the amount is for "tiny rickets".

Thus, Instead of being paid million$ in advance they will get paid exactly what they are owed after services are rendered.

From what i heard it's more complicated than that.. This is what a technician told me and he wasn't 100% sure on these facts...

First ERG and Translink i believe are competitors.. BART machines were made to take ERG while MTC decided to go with Translink. Think Microsoft being told they have to support Apple OS..

I also heard BART wanted a separate "purse" in the Translink Card. BART makes some money off the interest of stored money. Translink wants the money to be in their control, which I'm sure means they will not give BART the interest. The EZRider cards hold money and it's in BARTs account until it is used. I am sure there are more advantages of BART wanting to maintain control of the money used for BART rides.

This is not even beginning to guess that getting any public agencies to work together requires an act of congress, and amusingly enough even that doesn't work 1/2 the time..

EZRider is your best option, translink "tickets" were attempted in the mid 90's and that didn't work either..

yea, I commented on this in another thread ( See: Translink scard )

Saddly nobody in Sac. it willing to tell BART to do it or else they will pull or divert funding ( $$ makes for the best threats ).

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I suspect BART has already spent the float/stored money and will thus be in debt if it goes away.
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