10 Questions For BART Regarding TransLink


1) Why hasn't BART, as the rail backbone of the Bay Area, taken more of a leading role in the design and implementation of the TransLink program?

2) Why has BART decided to thwart it's national reputation as the transportation agency leading the nation with "cutting edge" technologies by taking a backseat, or even adversarial, position on TransLink?

3) Why isn't BART, being the true "hub" of the TransLink program, one of the FIRST agencies to implement TransLink instead one of the last, forcing other agencies to push their implementation of TransLink back even further?

4) Why does BART continue to lay road blocks in the way of TransLink, and continually threaten to "back out" instead of being more constructive as the "Leading" agency should be?

5) Why were decisions made to purchase ticket machines, faregates and other equipment that would make the TransLink "technology" more difficult to to design?

6) Why does BART beta test, and then start a program such as "EZ Rider" when TransLink is finally gearing up for roll-out?

7) Why hasn't BART set their "media machine" in full motion on the TransLink issue telling the general public their views, for or against, TransLink?

8) Why isn't BART trying to "sell" the commuting public on the merits of the TransLink program?

9) Why does it appear to a guy like me, Joe Public Taxpayer, that BART has not come clean with the public about their views on TransLink?

10) Why doesn't BART like TransLink?

I am aware that I posess a very limited understanding of the TransLink program and implementation process. All I know is what I have gained through local press reports, the MTC reports, and the very few official statements made by BART over the years.

how it looks to me, tell me if i'm wrong

short answer translink won some bid from MTC, EZ from BART's faregate vendor. kinda beta/vhs except the MTC has stayed loyal to beta while the second largest transit agency went with vhs. and while they were at it made NO EFFORT to integrate MUNI fare media into their TVMS in the joint stations Thanks BART. And in case you use Translink, you cannot use even the puny 25 cent discount tickets from BART 'cause Translink isn't programmed for them, Thanks Translink

from an east coast transit site Cubic is BART's faregate vendor

PATCO smart card implementation delayed

Posted by chuchubob on Tue Sep 18 13:30:09 2007

But in trial runs, the new cards have failed too frequently to risk general distribution, Matheussen said yesterday.

He said the cards had proved too fragile and sensors had shown a propensity for not being able to read the cards.

Cubic Transportation Systems Inc., of San Diego, is the company installing the smart-card system for PATCO.

"I'm disappointed," Matheussen said. "This is something that has our full attention."


I think you're on to something with the "float" issue. BART is making some serious $ off "unearned revenue." No wonder they want a separate purse for BART value on TransLink. Folks should write their BART board member to address this.

BART makes money in a gazillion different ways to keep fares where they are..

Everything from Fed, local, state, advertisements, realestate, partnerships, farebox, interest, on and on and on...

BART pushes the EZrider since BART has the ability to store your money and make interest on the amount stored. I think Translink wants control of the money which means BART would only get the fare when the translink is used.

Same with stored value on paper tickets, as well as the money that people throw away when money is left over. BART is a business and if a source of money dries up, the money would have to come from somewhere else.

Call It "Float" or "unearned income" BART gets funding in many mysterious ways, your fare collected comes no where near what BART needs to run. People need to keep BART honest, But also offer where BART could make up the money loss.