Volume in this elevator needs to be turned up.

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Can you guys turn up the volume in this elevator and the ones next to it as well? I have been using one of these three elevators for the past 4 years and the volume has never been fixed.

This is the San Bruno bart station that I'm speaking of.

See picture attachment

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The... elevator volume?

As in, the emergency call box volume, the elevator music (do we even have that?), or what?

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There is a speaker in the elevator where the electronic womans and mans voice makes train announcements. This can barely be heard.

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i am not quite sure why this speaker is needed in the first place. for example, say you are in the elevator and the voice comes on and says "dublin pleasanton train in one minute." so what? it's not like you can make the elevator move faster so you can catch the train. what's the point of having train announcements in an elevator?

plus, based on my experience with bart elevators, if you really are worried about catching a train you should take the stairs or escalator. bart elevators are (in my best super slo-mo voice while running in place in slow motion) "SSSSSSLLLOOOOOWWWW."

by the way, if you want to know WHY the speaker isn't working properly, my guess is that some transient probably pissed in the speaker grille...

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The one minute scenario has happened to me a few times. The difference I see is running or not running when exiting the elevator. The elevators that I'm speaking of are the garage elevators and not the really slow platform elevators.

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not to downplay your speaker issue, but at least you have fast parking garage elevators at san bruno. at walnut creek, a moderate stroll down the stairs will beat the elevator anyday. and we have no speakers at all. AND, it is a glass elevator. pretty to look at, but hellishly hot in the summer.

Is it also a mile long uphill walk ( both ways ) from the parking area to the station area?

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two miles. in the snow.

a minimum of 1 foot of snow ( all year )

How many comment cards have you filled out to notify BART of this issue? It is a legitimate complaint, but I am curious how you communicated it.

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I haven't filled out any comment cards. Again, I thought someone from BART would read this part of the forum and place the proper work order.

Where have all the comment cards gone?

Your response is --