San Bruno down escalator not working

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The San Bruno down escalator was not working at 840am this morning. There were no signs posted saying that it was out of order or anything. It's just not moving.

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"par for the course" I am afraid. If its broke ignore it until someone complains loud enough.

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How about something insightful rafa?

Escalators break all the time. You ever frequent any downtown sf stops?

If I posted about a broken down escalator that I frequent that would be a post every other day about the embacadero station.

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Did you let the Agent know? The Agent doesn't know or they left it un-blocked so walkers can use it...

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I should of let the agent know, but I had less than 2 minutes and he was already talking to someone. I thought BART might read this area of the forum and place a work order to look into this.

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I walked by the down escalator at 630pm tonight and now it is working. Yay!!

Broken escalator??
I don't get it.

An escalator can never be broken.
It can only become stairs.

stop lookin' at me

At some stations, the agent gets an indication when an escalator stops. However, they do get busy, and there are rules about how often they can restart an escalator. The things stop on their own, and can be unsafe to restart as it's usually an indication of a malfunction.