Get Rid of Linton Johnson or whatever his name is

Talk about someone who is full of all the crap people have to sit in on BART. This guy is just competely out of touch with everything that really goes on at BART and should do us all a favor and GO AWAY! What a waste of a salary.

useless pos.... what he only makes over $135k... to do what... stand in front on a camera and lie

Easily one of the LEAST liked and respected individuals at BART.

Linton who? Come on $135k to do nothing? NO wonder our fees keep getting increased.

BART's Fat Cat Soup:

How can we (the robotic idiots paying these amounts via record high taxes & fares) get a list - a printed list - of the entire group of people getting those jumbo salaries for "running" BART ?!?

What amounts are each getting anyway ??? !!! ???

Also, what retirement bounties await them for their "service" ?? !! ??

And, wouldn't it be VERY interesting knowing what "qualifications" got them those vaulted positions in the first place ?!?

Folks, we're drowning in "Fat Cat Soup" while these jokesters laugh all the way to the bank and their jumbo retirement plans .....

I have no proof of this, but have heard that serving on the BART board has a benefit of free health care for life. $0 copay, $0 prescriptions.

Anyone out there into investigating things like this?

How much do you want to bet Linton never rides BART either. I would like to see him discuss all the theft and other problems at BART instead of just communicating to media about delays, sometimes inaccurate info as well. If they eliminate him, maybe BART can secure the parking lots better.

Why do we not like Linton Johnson? Just curious?

Wildly overpaid media suck-up and spokes-poodle. A beautiful example of the excesses and abuses at BART.

Someone said he wasn't like or respected...Is that just becuase he's "overpaid". Or, is there something more to him?

overpaid? is that an opinion, I am more curious how much other companies that are comperable pay media staff before I can make that statement.

There was a post sometime back about Linton making as much as 300K per year. I don't care about "comperable" pay for other media staffs---that's the same argument the oil company execs use to justify their obscene incomes. Whether it turns out to be 135K, 300K or whatever, it is too damn much for a public agency that is broke all the time and can't even afford to keep its equipment in decent running condition.

And the card were kept halfway clean. I wish I had an oxygen tank and mask so i didn't have to smell pee for two hours a day, not to mention my own portable chair to sit in.

Yes, they need to do something about the cars. I don't understand why I pay money through my property taxes, BART fares, and umpty other ways that BART service never gets any better; just worse.

Linton is sure quite the b.s. artist.

Wow, someone got in a snit yesterday, huh?

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Hint: nobody reads posts that are five years old. Thanks for bringing this fantastically awesome article back to the front page.

It appears that Linton has finally saved up enough money to buy his mom a computer.