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as a station agent I would like to say that some of us employee who have to work with the public have many times bitten our tounges and not said anything to the public , though we would like to , do you know how many time in a eight hour day 40 hours a week we hear I have no money to pay the fair or see people jump over the fair gates and then flip you off or come to your face and spit on you while they are venting there problems and you wonder why some agents are rude not all of us are that way , yes we have the bad ones but then again what company has all 100% good employees. You ask why we get paid well this is the reason and only one of the reasons try changing your life every six months from going from a 4am shift to a midnight shift then going to a station that you perticulary dont like , then dealing with the drunks and the dope addicts , aside from all of that I really like my job , so when you complain about some of the agents make sure you know who you complian too

Well hell, I think that sucks too, I feel bad for you.
Maybe if the BART Rent A Cops backed you up like they were supposed to, instead of dreaming what it was like to be a real cop, then none of that suff would happen.

It sucks when you don't get support, or enforcment, from those who are supposed to provide it for you.

I think you need to learn how to make complete sentences and use commas correctly. HA!

and I think you need to get a life

thanks for the support

Hey, you want a thankless job ~ try being an embalmer! I did that for a few years before realizing I was lQQking & becoming more & more "Igor" like .... talk about no respect --- Hmmmff!

Station Agents do have a Thankless job. They are the eyes and ears of the system and they are the best resource for BART police on what is happening in the station. We at BPD love our Station Agents.

By the way, RENT-A-COPS??? Gee, never heard that one before. Nice how you trivialize a job that requires an extensive background check, Polygrapgh test, physcological screening, 6-months of Police Academy training, another 3 months of field training, continuous training and requalification, extensive burden of potential civil liability, no 5th amendment rights, having to deal with people most of you ignore, and doing a job that many people seem have no respect for.

Why do we do it, you might ask? To protect the same people who spit on us and call us Rent-a-cops. In the end, I know I am actually doing something to make society (or that rain car you are sitting in) a better place. I am not just complaining about it and walking away.

Also, I might add... Over 50% of our time is spent doing paperwork. Why? Because we have created an overly litigious society where everyone wants to sue everyone instead of using something called PERSONAL RESPONISBILITY.

So, in turn, we are now required to complete a ton of paperwork. Out of a 10-hour shift, that means at least 5 hours is spent doing paperwork. That is 5 hours I cant be out on trains or in the stations.

Now you say, hire more cops! Well, fare prices are already high enough, for one. For the other, there are not enough people out there with the right basic skills for the job. The current statistic, as I have been told, is that you have to test 300 (yes 3-0-0) candidates to get one (yes 1) qualified Police Officer candidate. After that, 10-20% fail out of the academy, another 10-20% do not pass Field training.

That means you have tested 3000 people to get 10 potential candidates. Of which, only 6-8 will make it entirely through the process and become and officer working on the street.

Let me ask you this. Did they interview 300 people for your job?

So, when you say "Rent-a-cop," be assured that the "rent" paid to get those officers is quite high. We have the ability to take someone's liberty away from them. Those are powers not given or taken lightly.

In the end, spit on me call me any name in the book. Believe me, I have heard them all. They actually make me laugh. Just know, that my job and my goal is too keep you safe and secure while you ride our system. That's my job and I am proud to have been allowed the priveldge of doing it.

Sincerely, Have a nice day, Sir or Ma'am.

Good post! I think that RENT-A-COP thing comes from the fact that so many people are so oblivious and they lack common sense. People like to call the BART police "security," even though it clearly says "BART POLICE" on their shoulder patches. I don't think they did that just to make themselves feel better.

BART Police officers are peace officers and are governed by the state and P.O.S.T. (Peace Officers Standards and Training). They have the same police powers as any cop in the state of California and they have to go through the same amount of basic training as any other officer. Their police powers are in effect even when they're off duty.

In fact, BART Police officers have to have a minimum amount of college credit before they can even apply (MOST departments only require high school education). That just lowers the percentage of qualified candidates.

Any time I hear someone call them RENT-A-COPS I laugh because they are obviously too stupid to put any thought into what they are saying.

Or maybe if the Rent-A-Morons, such as yourself, would buy a clue, they'd stop spouting off such ignorant nonsense -- such as calling BART _POLICE_ "rent-a-cops." I bet that makes you feel powerful to say that, doesn't it? You should go tell your mommy what a big boy you are for insulting the police who protect you and sacrifice for you. Maybe she'll give you a cookie and a pat on the head!

It's so easy to criticize the jobs other people do, when you have no experience or real knowledge of how the job operates. If you think you can do better, why not sign up to be a cop, and actually DO better? With your ignorant, bigoted attitude, you'd be weeded out as not good enough very early on in the process. And if you DID make it in, you'd learn very quickly how naive you have been.

It sucks when the people who protect you and your loved ones, and clean up societies messes don't get the support or respect from the society they sacrifice to serve.

As a Retired Chicago PD Captain living here in the Bay Area now, I have to say that BART POLICE are not the best cops on the block; however, that's not their fault.

I tell you what, if I had officers pushing paper for hours a day instead of on the street, it would be me having to answer to the chief for that.

I think that that BART POLICE could do a better job, I have see a lot of room for improvement, but the only way for that to happen is if BART POLICE Managment would stop worrying about their jobs and impressing the media, and start focusing on thier officers needs and thier duties.

I was in a managment position, I took the flack for my officers so they could do their jobs and not have to worry about anything else. Having officers walk around for awhile, issues a few citations, then make them do paperwork all day is not effective, it is a waste of an officers time and training, and just bad management. Let the officers do their jobs and managment should be taking care of everything else, that's what managers are paid to do. Take care of your troops and they take care of you. And for your guys moving into a managment position, remember where you came from and what you had to do, don't let the bars and pay go to your head.

As for the guy who called them rent-a-cops, yea, I can understand your frustration, you have a right, but you should not come down on the officers, it's not their fault, again, they have a job to do like you do I am sure, but they do their job as their managment dictates. So you should be comming down on thier management, not the hard working guy walking his beat. Instead of complaining, why don't you you write or meet with the BART Police Chief to voice your concerns. He's a civil servant, you pay his salary. Get enough people together and voice your concers, you will be heard. I've notice public opinion is big in the bay area.

Just my opinion.

Chicago PD, I wrote the first RENT-A-COP response above, and I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortuantely, you hit the nail on the head.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of us who like to work, but are hindered by policies and politics. I was actually told by a supervisor to "do LESS work." We have had officers leave and go to other departments becasue they got in trouble for doing too much. It's sad and very frustrating.

But just as many times I have been called a Bitch, Cunt, Stupid etc. for interrupting a personal cell phone call or because it is apparently the riders job to extract a jammed ticket from the fare gate. I think the fact that they are in fact public servants is really lost on a lot of the front line BART employees and it just gets worse when you go down the line to the "customer service" or complaints department! About one week ago I was at 12th Street station at the rear end of the platform. I saw a man exit a door to a restricted area zipping up his pants. There was no reason for this person to have access to that area for any reason. It seemed as though he had just urinated in the area so I call the station agent on the white phone and reported the incident. The station agent actually asked me why I had called after I told her what was going on?! As the "eyes and ears" this agent should have responded AT THE VERY LEAST by getting someone down to lock the door. I waited on the platform for 15 minutes and saw no attempt to secure the area. I doubt very seriously if this particular person would know what to do in the event of anything serious. I try to be aware of my surroundings and I'm not paid to do so! What is the station agent's excuse? I think these people should be monitored a lot more closely since there is clearly an issue of a lack of ability to work unsupervised or understand appropriate response to situations.

Wow. What if that guy had just rapped someone and dumped their body in that area? Scarry.

That's unnacceptable. However, complaining about it on here is not going to improve the problem. The Station Agent was probably yapping on the phone to some other Agent somewhere else and was bothered because you picked up the white phone.

The Station Agent should have called BART Police and an officer would have been sent to check the area and secure the door.

Perhaps you could call the police directly next time. You can call toll-free using any pay phone by dialing 1-877-679-7000.

I agree with you , as a station agent myself if I was a manager I would have had a talk with that agent and would have written them up , you see all jobs in every sector have bad employees not all of us are like that .

BART POLICE SUCK. Last Saturday there was an agressive panhandler on the train. Black Female Police Officer gets on at 12th Street, holds up the entire train and won't even go to their train car that reported the problem just asks about three people in the car who didn't have the pandhandler and then leaves. How lame is that?

Perhaps this officer was responding to a different call or was told the panhandler was on that specific car. Did you speak up and tell the officer the panhandler was on a different car? Probably not. Otherwise you'd have nothing to complain about here.