Thanksgiving travelers

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This Thanksgiving commuting I only saw a couple of things that could of been remedied. In this first pic this girl plainly hogged the seats next to the ADA section. She could of scooted over and placed one of her bags under the seat. She didn't even move when a mom and her baby with stroller and all walked in. Instead she placed her hand on the handle of the big suitcase as to say "this is my territory." And I'm not moving. What a B! I guess she could of pulled the ADA bench seat to it's down position.

The second picture this girl should of placed one bag under her seat and one bag on her lap. Instead she'd rather run the risk of tripping someone walking down the walkway.

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on my way home wednesday there was a guy with his bike sitting in the same seat as the girl in your first pic. he had is bike sticking diagonally out from the window seat into the wheelchair space. it was about 2:00, so he was legal to be on bart as far as the time is concerned. i got one of the last seats on the train, and by 12th street the train is more crowded than any train i have ever been on. but the guy just sits there, blocking the last empty seat with his precious bike, staring out the window like he doesn't notice there are a million people standing, and wearing his helmet the whole time; which, by the way, makes you look like a total retard. not wearing a helmet while riding, but wearing the helmet while NOT on your bike. and to you bikers out there: please don't give me any crap about "convenience" - when you are sitting on bart for 45 minutes or shopping at safeway or in church or whatever and wear your helmet the whole time you look like a mentally challenged retard douchebag. it takes all of 2 seconds to remove your helmet and hang it on your handlebar. your warden probably puts corks on the end of your fork when you eat so you don't poke your eye out too. retard.

anyway, all the douche has to do is slide over to the window seat and he could have made the aisle seat available for someone. like the lady with a child in her arms that had to stand until she could wiggle her way to the middle of the train where someone was offering their seat (i was jammed in a window seat further back, but would have offered).