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If your pay check was wrong or short do not expect to be paid!! till Dec 21. Bart has informed their employees that they can't PAY! And why are we coming to work? OH Yeah the public needs us. This is true. My last 4 paychecks have been short and a high percent of all-yes I said ALL! checks have been short! Thanks BART! Does other employers allow this? NOOOOOO! This crap has been going on since July 2006!!!!I would like any Managment personnel to respond to this employee outcry! ANY! And give me their reasoning for this OUTRAGE!

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That's a bummer.

Are you guys unionized?

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This is a sucky situation. Station Agents and Train Operators are covered by ATU. They can go on strike any time they authorize it. BART Police are legally prohibited from striking.

The contract prohibits strikes and lockouts. Now after the contract expires in 2009...

NightRider is right to complain, but I am curious if they are checking their hours online before the pay period ends.

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How could I have forgotten the almost-strike that almost shut down the system a few years ago! That feels like forever ago already!

You know, I am always hearing that BART management is making obscene amounts of money. Does anyone know how much they truly earn?

Last contract there was a list of everyone that made $100,000+. It's public if you can find it.

I believe the chronicle or some other media published it..

Take it with a grain of salt though, it's not their salary, but how much they actually made.. So there are some departments that make substantially less money, but BART likes to run understaffed, so there is lots of overtime available at 1.5 or double time, and there are those people that take every bit they can.. A Train operator I knew worked 4-10 hour shifts and then worked 8-12 hour shifts on his days off. I believe in 2005-2006 he doubled his salary. ALSO on a side note, many of the managers get incentives, and bonuses that hide the true compensation BART gives its managers.

You can also find out salary by going to barts website and looking at the employment section. Union positions you can see the salary since it's pretty much public with no incentives or bonuses (some jobs they don't post the salary, example, the higher paid non-union, or single jobs that go by experience)

PS. If anyone finds that list online please post.

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here's a list from 2001 to 2004:

not sure who manuel vega is or where he got his list.

Manny is an ex-union VP for the BART chapter of SEIU, and now works as a Mechanic.

Side note, since July 2006 I've never had a check that was wrong, but I check my hours on BAP every week, before checks are issued so that problems can be fixed ahead of time instead of trying to get retroactive fixes.



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And belive me they worked the hours for it! Personally I dont condone the posting of other peoples wages and especially the way that BART added medical,pers,etc to boost the wage!

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Hey just checking back---Funny that BART needs me to check their/my payroll, They have a punch system that they paid millions of dollars to take care of all of their payroll problems, fired the clerks, and put the problem on the forworkers. If you work 8,10,12 hours and punch a clock then you would think that the company would pay you for them, Never had a problem before BAP. Now its costing them millions+ just to try to justify their mistake. Or not pay their employees. (oh I forgot the PUBLIC foots the BILL!)

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I'm sorry this is happening to you guys. You guys deserve your full paychecks. I like the fact that you can check your hours online. Have you spoken to more TO's today? Are they also short changed?

i've never had a problem with my check but have heard of other employees being shorted. guess i'm lucky.

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Oh Im not the only one with this problem I would say 80% of BART employees have payroll issues. Including Bart Police which hired two special people to handle their paychecks. Oh and those two are not cheap from what I understand.

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BART Police's payroll is totally different from that of BART proper's. There have been issues of Officers being not paid when they work six days straight, ten hours a day, and issues with Officers being paid eight hours of overtime for working a 10/4 plan. I haven't heard of any issues of being shorter hours per say, but I have been underpaid in the past.

Has the powers that be at Bart tried to right this at all? Ok I get that fact that for some reason the money isn't there, But have they offered some kind of a "make this right" thing? Now before I go on, I'm a union cat and I know that how I am treated and what I get while I'm there has dam near everything to do with the union that I belong to. But you don't need a union to get what is yours, if you worked a time at a promised rate you should get paid. This isn't right and in this state I'm pretty sure that it's not legal

Has anyone bothered to contact the local media about this issue? KTVU loves to eat up local things like this.

I know the title of this post is BART Broke!, but that's not really the case, they're "upgrading" the computers that do payroll to start paying shift differentials as time & a half and double time rates. it really shouldn't take this long, but BART does just about everything backwards, so while the upgrade is in process they can't fix any problems that happen after a closed pay period. after the upgrade is complete they'll fix it all and pay back pay for any O/T worked before the change came about.

Here's what they have to say about it as of 11-19-07:

"The District has been working diligently to correct various Time & Labor Pay Rules to ensure that employees are compensated for all hours worked based not only on the CBA requirements, but also on beneficial past practices.

TAAD and Payroll are currently testing reprocessing the time in a support environment, validating it and creating worksheets showing the changes for each affected employee. When this is completed, each affected employee will receive the detail of the changes and the net affect (plus or minus) the changes will have on the employee pay.

Employees can expect that pay adjustment will be applied on the payroll of December 21, 2007."



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Thank you for the input. Yes we can get paid if we plead hardship. Kinda like begging. Great article tho.Also I retract the title Bart Is BROKE. The only way bart could go broke is if the PUBLIC WAS BROKE so I guess we are safe as long as we have you all. Thanks

The public is broke with the current president barrowing more money (for the war) then every previous president put together.

The President can't spend a dime. He can request the money, but it is Congress that spends it. If you want to make a political comment, at least get the facts straight.