Is this acceptable?

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I'm not against bikes on Bart at all but I wanted to get an opinion of this. This train eventually got full coming from Dublin to SFO. To me, he took up less room than some riders although anyone standing by the door next to him won't be able to lean with the front tire propped like that.

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I am not to sure about the chain grease he is leaving on the seat.

( Personally I use candle wax on my bike chain so I do not have to deal with dirty chain grease )

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How does candle wax work on bike chains... wouldn't it gum up ? Even something "loose" like WD-40 isn't good. I've been told only to use silicon based lubes.

Paraffin wax works great!

Just remove the chain and clean off the old grease (easiest with a new chain) and then soak the chain in a hot wax (I have a old pot I keep just for doing this).

After a few minutes remove the chain from the wax, let it cool, then "work" each link back-n-forth before you (re)install it. Also be sure to clean off any old caked grease off the gears first.

You can rub your hands all over my chain and cog without them getting "dirty".

The only problem I have ever had with it gumming up was when some idiot at a bike shop greased my chain when I was getting new tires. The Wax + Grease mix turned into a slurry that picked up sand along my ride ( I was cycling down to Santa Cruz along Hw 1 ). Being this was clearly their mistake so they replaced my cog and chain for free.

btw: for Bike tires I recommend "armadillo", them things are fu*king puncture proof!! I have never gotten a flat since buying them.

Use an empty tuna can. Insert the parafin wax in the can and place in a double boiler. Coil chain into the tuna can. Allow the parafin to creep into all the links. Cool. You'll end up with a very quiet, smooth chain.

At least he was trying, it may not have been a perfect method but, it's more then most others do.

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Agreed. He put more effort into it to make another seat available than most bikers do. So he gets some e-props for that. But that still doesn't change the fact that Bikes on BART Rules prohibit a bicycle on a crowded BART train.

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how exactly does the "no bikes on a crowded train" rule work? The other day i was on a train that was ok for bikes based on the time and the train was less than half full. because it was the day before thanksgiving, however, the train eventually became the most jam-packed train i have ever been on. as the biker was there before the train became over-crowded, is he OK to stay on?

this particular biker was being an asswipe and taking up two seats (i already posted about him), but even if he was courteous does he have an obligation to exit a crowded train???

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Bikes on BART rules dictate that bikes are not allowed on a crowded train. If the train was crowded, it was a crowded train, and therefore bikes are not allowed on that car.

As for taking up two seats on a "jam packed" train, it sounds like he was going out of his way to be a douche. I would've asked him to move, and if he failed notified the Train Operator. Bikes on BART rules also clearly dictate that bikers are given second priority. He should **NOT** have been on a crowded car and especially taking up two seats. The Train Operator would have to make the appropriate decision as to the course of action to take.

I have no problem if there is an SRO train and the biker somehow finds a way to be on without being rude, blocking exits or asileways and creating a safety hazard, nor taking up the ADA seats/priority area. But that's just me. Others would rather they off-board and either find a less crowded car or wait for the next train.

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First of all that is cool. I have never seen anyone do this before. The only thing that worries me is if he falls asleep. Then the bike will fall over and hit someone on a crowded train.

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I agree, props for trying not to be a douche, but it does look a little precarious.

Two bikers got on today together. Guy biker moved his bike to the empty area where a seat is missing for wheelchairs and stayed out of the way in the seat by the window. The girl biker he was with sat in the ADA seats, blocking both so no one could sit by her even though her boy had motioned for her to put the bike leaning against the wall with his and come sit over by him. It would've saved quite a bit of room.

In this case biker chic was the douche, and obviously on purpose even when her BF tried to get her not to be. Not a super crowded train, but it was still annoying since it was obviously deliberate and she just didn't care.

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Lets face it. Bikers are very antisocial creatures. Why else would they go out of their way to block multiple seats with their demon-devices?

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i think many bikers have a mentality that the world owes them something. something like: "i put my life on the line everyday riding precariously close to large SUVs, just to do my part in saving the planet. i am the greatest, most important, planet saving, knicker wearing person on this effing train. the least all these gluttonous SUV driving, cheeseburger eating suburban asswipes can do is give me three seats on the train. respect my authoritay!"