BART Can't Make Ends Meet on $1.3 Million+ Per Day

BART daily station exits: 373,945
BART average fare: $3.65

373,945 x $3.65 = $1,364,899.25

If BART can't make ends meet with $1.3 million in farebox income every day (plus State & Federal subsidies) then they need to fire everybody from the top to the bottom and start over.

How much more crowded will BART be when the Silicon Valley extension is complete?

I think that the BART extension is a complete waste of money for VTA. They've cut soooo much local service, as well as raised taxes, just to fund it.

Another miserable ride this morning

I board the train at the Orinda station headed for SF. Because the train just before 8:00 was only 8 cars, it was already full by the time it reached Lafayette. A few more people squeezed on, but it was packed past a safe capacity. I, along with several others on the platform, decided to wait for the next train in 5 minutes. It was only 9 cars, so it too was packed to near capacity. We all squeezed on anyway to try to get to work on time. At Rockridge, the lines to board are still ridiculously long and the people come piling in. We are all touching the people next to us now.

Gunman At San Leandro Bart On Friday Night

I was walking to the San Leandro Bart station on Friday night around 9:40 when I heard what I thought were gunshots. Suddenly, several waves of police cars converged on the station. There was also at least one ambulance. I saw police officers swarming all over the station.

TO made UNNECESSARY delays on the last Fremont train that connects to the bus to San Jose!!!

The Fremont-bound train that I was on was supposed to arrive at Fremont at 11:58 PM in order to connect with the 12:04 AM VTA bus 181, which is the last bus to San Jose of the night.

Thanks to the TO stopping and going several times between South Hayward and Union City, we arrived at Fremont at 12:04 AM, just missing the bus.

Several riders complained to the station agent, so she called VTA, and they turned the bus around to pick us up, much to the dismay of the riders who were already on the bus.

Transit Vehicle Mechanic Exam Assistance!

Hey there BartRage,

I've been invited to take a written exam for the Transit Vehicle Mechanic position at BART and was wondering if anyone had tips, pointers, or a relative idea of what would be included in the exam. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Millbrae passengers sit like idiots at SF Airport station

Each Saturday, I take the Richmond-Millbrae train from Powell to Millbrae. The train is SUPPOSED to arrive at Millbrae at 4:09pm, according
to the BART "schedule". What often
happens, however, is that when we reach SF Airport station, we just SIT THERE for several minutes! The train
is not waiting for other trains to collect passengers. I know they have to change drivers, but last Saturday the new driver's voice could be heard on the intercom,

Escalator STILL down at Powell Street BART!

It's been, like, a month. WTF BART? I guess you assume everyone commutes FROM the city, not into the city. After a long day at work, it would be
nice to take the escalator again. Isn't 4 weeks enough time? I think you're just ignoring the problem.

Stand on the right / Walk up the Left

It's quite simple:
If you want to stand, do so on the RIGHT side of the escalator.
Leave the LEFT side open for those who wish to walk.
Maybe there should be signs...

Anyone else feel there's an increase in #*!@ ups?

BartNazi is back!
It's been a couple years but I'm back. Got a new job in the city so I'm haunting the daily commute.
Brief history for those unfamiliar:
I communted daily from 10/07 to 10/10 (EBay to SF), got laid off and gave you all a break for a while (you're welcome). Got a new job now and I'mmmm baaa-aack! Again, you're welcome.
Here's my sense and I'm curious to hear your impression:

Eff-ups on BART (delays, trains out of service, platforms spilling over with people, cars packed to the gills, etc.) seemed to be the exception a couple years ago, now it seems the rule.

Ghost a TO?

Hey, I'm pretty interested in becoming a TO at some point (whenever there's a opening). Would a TO with a weekend shift perhaps be open to letting me ghost/shadow them for a day to see what it actually involves?

Riders who won't scoot over in a packed train

I see them ALL THE TIME!!!

The 6-car Fremont train that I catch at MacArthur in the afternoon is ALWAYS packed like a can of sardines!

While BART should add more cars to the Richmond-Fremont line, the riders are also part of the problem. Today, I saw numerous riders sitting in the aisle seat, with the window seat vacant. They can CLEARLY see that other riders are standing, yet they don't scoot over to let them sit down!

The worst part is: they didn't even have bags or anything. They just wouldn't scoot over!

BART a complete S#*tshow this week

1. Monday BART real slow due to switching problems in Bayfair. Finally we get thrown off the train at Bayfair onto a platform FULL of people
2. Tuesday BART REAL slow due to .... you guessed it - Switching Problems at Bayfair
3. Thursday 5 am train from Fremont to Daly City - Switch back at West Oakland - All Passengers get the F off - at 5 AM!!!??
4. Montgomery st. street entrance says it will reopen April 4th. It is now APRIL 11TH and that sign is still there!!

BART charges way too much money to run the system this badly!!

Escalators at Civic Center in San Francisco

There were 3 escalators out of service yesterday at the Civic Center station. The Grove Street escalator has been out of service not for days or weeks, but for months. At least one other Civic Center escalator has a problem on a weekly basis. I simply cannot understand why these escalators break down so often, and why it takes months to get one repaired. If this happened in a department store where they depend on customer service for repeat business, the equipment would be fixed in a matter of days at most. What is so special about BART escalators?

When does parking open up on the peninsula?

I'm looking to use BART's long-term parking on my way to the airport. BART says that there is availability at Colma and South SF. But I won't be parking until around noon. Will I find a spot? Or will I be stuck? This will be a Friday, if that matters.

-- Ethan

BART vs. Caltrain

I live in San Jose, so whenever I want to go up to the city, I always have to debate with myself whether to take the bus to the Fremont BART station, or to take Caltrain to the SJ Diridon Station.

On weekdays, Caltrain runs all the way from Gilroy to AT&T Park in SF. I can catch it at the Capitol station, which is located right behind my apartment complex. On weekends; however, Caltrain only runs between SJ Diridon and SF, which is the same place that one catches the express bus to Fremont BART.

Richmond-Fremont line regulars

Is it just me, or does BART neglect the Richmond-Fremont line?

I commute between San Jose and Pleasant Hill 3 days a week, and the Fremont train that I transfer to at MacArthur always has 6 cars in the evening, while the SFO train that I transfer from has 10 cars.

Sometimes, I'll get off at Fruitvale and wait for the Fremont train that's coming from SF to minimize my time on the crush load train, and also to use the restroom.

Typical Bart cost-cutting

Once again, Bart runs an inadequate number of trains for opening season for the Oakland A's. Like last year, they will say they have run more trains than the year before; therefore we have solved the problem. But the reality is the number of trains on opening day baseball is hopelessly inadequate. The train i was on actually stopped and started continuously between bayfair and san leandro. Give me a f@cking break Bart. Pay attention to the rest of the universe...

How to kill 1.5 hours each way?

Hey Guys, I'm taking BART every day from Fremont to Civic Center for work now. After driving to Bart, taking Bart, then walking to work, it's about 1.5 hours each way. Any suggestions for killing time and making it easier? Thanks.

Parking ticket even though I use linked Clipper Card

I recently got a ticket at Walnut Creek even though I have a linked Clipper card and scanned it correctly. I've noticed however in my billing statement on EZ rider that sometimes it doesn't charge me even though I have scanned my clipper card and got the "OK" sign on the parking machine. Has anyone else had this problem? Not sure how a rider can protect oneself from machine malfunction since the clipper card reader for parking doesn't generate a paper receipt or anything...



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