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More bikes on BART

Another test for next month.

Fantastic. Be sure to make your voices heard. I wonder if there will be a difference since it'll be March vs. August.

I just read that BART wants to raise fairs and parking fees next year AGAIN

Services continues to diminish. It is at below 2008 pre-economy crash levels with no service restoration in site. BART is talking about rebuilding Montgomery and Embarcadero BART Stations when the trains are already so crowded you can't Board so what good is that going to do unless BART starts running trains more often first????

I really wonder about the people who run BART sometimes. I'm very disappointed in BART's Board for taking so long with East County after we've been paying property taxes forever and ever and ever, as well as the rest of the fees and increased fares.

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go ahead and make yourself at home

sorry if it's blurry but the train was moving and started to get crowded

Parking For Station Agents?

I was wondering if any current or previously employed station agents ever have/had trouble with parking once they got to work? I know some of the shifts begin about 4am and if you are working somewhere in downtown SF, or other stations without parking what you have done. If I'm scheduled to work at 24th & Mission for instance, I think the options would be limited. Thinking about applying but one of my concerns.

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both of you scoot in

It's commute time and both of you need to be sitting by the window. Who cares if your knees touch.

Call Train Operator if Panhandlers arrive, bringing their children in on the act

Friends, please phone the Train Operator if you see the following:

A guy who IDs himself as a father with a family hard luck story, has one to two young boys with him. Sits them down and they play loud music, and pass a white plastic bucket.

The kids look very unhappy, like circus animals with ringmaster. Call Train Operator.


I can't believe what pathetic service BART provides. BART can't think of a better way to do earthquake retrofitting. We received NO NOTICE of single tracking last night until we were down on the platform. What about people who have bus connection. Why doesn't BART just revise the schedule so they can single track and we catch a train friggin fucking at the time BART says the train will be on the platform. The fucking late night commute is already slow and mmiserable enough.

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i didn't know the seats were cup holders

Yes just as we feared. One hard stop from the train and her coffee went all over the seat. She at least wiped it up. It left no stain.

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sorry to wake you up

Bart kicked us off at Colma today. i had to wake this guy up. It was 550am.

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what are, these things?

I see these square things at Colma bart and don't know what they are for. They don't light up.

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riders don't do this with your coffee

Yep. 2 minutes later she uncrossed her legs then spilled coffee everywhere.

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I have returned

Sorry about being away for so long. Life didn't let me take Bart as a daily commute until now. I got a new job in the east bay. My commute will be an hour each way now. Can't wait to read some of the old articles. Here is the first thing I saw as I got on the train.

AGM abolish

Abolish this position. if the guy or gal who gets this position does not get into the gumby doll position the gm wants, its i will s can you days before christmas and ruin your holidays for your family.......what a joke. the mob had passes for christ sake. you are telling me this guy did something so haneis that he got run just before the birth of the good lord jesus. please.

Took a paid parking space, do I need to pay again?

Hello, if I find a parking space in the late morning where someone just pulled out of and he paid for parking already, do I need to pay the parking fee? This is general parking, not reserved. I assume that once the fee is paid, the space is paid for all day. Does anyone know?


Proposed Highway 24 soundwalls may impact Rockridge BART platform

Along with other traffic improvements, soundwall studies are tentatively funded under the Caldecott Tunnel Settlement Agreement between Caltrans and the City of Oakland. If these studies go forward, $1.2 million would be spent to study the feasibility of building soundwalls along both sides of Highway 24 through the Rockridge neighborhood of North Oakland.

Fiscal Cliff Has Restored Commuter Benefits $240.00 per month instead of $110.00 for 2013

After losing 50% of my FSA, I was delighted to see that at least my commuter benefits have been restored to what they were in 2011. Takes a little bit of the sting out of losing my FSA money. I read this last night in the SF Examiner on BART on my home from work. I also appreciated having a nice commute home last night on BART except for this guy peeing on the Montgomery platform (Embarcadero side); that was gross. I feel really sorry for BART workers that have to walk into those tunnels. This was on the SFO Airport side.

How to ride the bart all day

I was planning a trip on the BART with my family as a day trip. We wanted to go through the transbay tube and explore various other stations. We will start at an SF station (suggestions please?). What ticket do I purchase? I have looked into the excursion pass but is there anthing without a time limit? If I buy a ticket from 16th street to 24th street for 1.75 can i ride up and down the line and come back to 24th street or is there a time limit as to how long I can be in the faregates before being fined?

Poop on Stairs at Embarcadero This Morning

I have seen and smelled urine and feces at BART almost every day for 8 years commuting from the East Bay to Embarcadero. Typically, during rush hours, staff keeps trains, stations, reasonably clean (although almost everyone I know "disinfects" after every ride. This morning though I and many other riders got an unwelcomed Friday surprise to put it mildly. I exited the end car at Embarcadero around 830am and began my daily routine of walking up the 7 mini-flights of stairs leading to the gates in front of 333 Market. The stench of feces blasted my sinuses from the very first step.


I can't believe BART Central did that to us because of police activity at Concord. BAD DECISION. It was freezing,freezing cold out there and the situation was almost resolved before you kicked us off the train. You had us holding at every other BART station all the way out there, the situation was COMPLETELY resolved within three minutes of BART Central doing that. You tout increased police officers during the holiday season, yet I have bearly seen any BPD on BART or on the platforms where BPD is needed just to manage these idiot drunks trying to Board departing trains and falling down.


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