Every single day

I get on the BART every day at the Coliseum and I get off at 12th St. Oakland. Anyone who rides this train can tell you that once you hit 12th St. (which is 3 stops away) the train empties out. Regardless of this fact, the same people (2 ignorant girls, in this case) get on in the front car and walk all the way to the back, inconveniencing the entire train of standing passengers. When they realize there are no empty seats (which there will be a plethora of in 10 minutes) they start walking back to the front. Every day these girls push past me, and everyone else in the train, TWICE. If they are looking for a seat, that's just annoying because can they not stand and wait for 10 minutes for their pick?

Rants and Raves

I've been riding BART since it opened over 30 years ago. I've listened to people whine and complain about the trains, operators, station agents, and BART Management the entire time. You just can not please everyone, all the time. Compared to 30 years ago, BART is a blessing to ride.

I have riden the Tube in London, the Metro in Paris and the Metro in Washington DC. BART is neither better nor worse than those. All have their failings and all have their good points. If people want to complain about mass transit - complain about County Connection in Contra Costa. At least BART gets us where we want to go as directly as possible.

The jerk who stalked me on Bart

At 5am I was stoked to learn that yesterday was a spare the air day. So be 6am I was on my way to SF. Hit the beaches, went shopping, great food etc. It was an awesome day. Bonus.. I left early enough to beat out the afternoon commuters. On the pretty empty ten car Pits/Bay point train I went and sat in a corner. Why is it that some jerk gets on the same car looks around and walks up and sits right in front of me. Plenty of space...but whatever. I let it go. Then he turns around starts trying to hit on me. I make my excuses get up and go down to a different car and sit again. Five mins later the same guy is yet again sitting in front of me asking me why im being so cold and playing hard to get...

Does BART Management Read this site?

Does anyone know if anyone within BART management read the complaints on this site? Assuming they have the capacity to read...

Has anyone ever brought in excerpts from this site to any meetings?

If BART was smart...again assuming, they would have someone read the complaints on this site, or open up a comments section on their own web site.

Not sure it would work, but at least it is a start.

There is this Train Operator from Bay Point to Daily CIty ~ He kicks ass!

He is so funny. He is always making these comments about the weather and where we are going. He speaks just loud enough to hear him but not too loud. He sounds like a real fun guy. He went on this bit this AM about how there will not be drink service as there are no flight attendants on BART, corny I know, but such a breath of fresh air compared teh 99% of operators that mumble all the time

Civic Center escalators on Grove down for more than a month

The escalators that exit to Grove Street at the Civic Center have been down for more than a month now. The down escalator was barricaded for about three weeks. That down side is running again, but now the up side is dead. The other day, the escalator from the platform was also down.
I really don't understand why it's taking so long to repair this particular set of escalators.
Maybe they give it more attention when someone has a heart attack from climbing the step of two dead escalators.

BART Mass Fare Evasion Day Scheduled For Tomorrow June 22, 2006

Tomorrow, Thursday June 22, is a Spare the Air Day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ground-level ozone air pollution is forecast to exceed 100 AQI (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) tomorrow.

Mañana es un día "Spare the Air." Por favor, maneje su carro lo menos posible mañana.

The Air District, MTC, buses, ferries, and BART are offering FREE commutes all day on this first "Spare the Air" weekday! For details, go to http://www.511.org.

To help prevent smog tomorrow, please:
- Drive less, bike or walk
- Take public transit - visit 511.org to plan your trip!
- Carpool or vanpool

To monitor current air quality conditions, visit http://www.sparetheair.org

I really hate BART sometimes

You know I can live with all the cost increases, all the loud jerks, all the horrible service, all of the delays but do you really know what pisses me off?

Because in the utter cheapness BART refuses to run bigger trains which means almost every commute home I have I have to stand. That would be bad enough, but the other day it was super crowded, hot and I was wearing heals. I was packed in between two big stinky guys and the one behind be kept accidentally rubbing his fucking pelvis against my ass the whole fucking way. Even when I said something he just smirked and said "its crowed". I mean really?!?!? Why do I have to be fucking felt up just to get home?? FUCK makes me want to move so bad.

Don't even get me started with today's delay

Someone "obstructed" the tracks between daly city and balboa park. Which caused an hour delay for me getting into downtown SF. The good news was that there were at least 50 fireman and cops that showed up in a span of five minutes.

Parking Fees at Dublin?

So now there is a fee to park at Dublin Bart Station. It's amazing because this station has such a large parking lot and by charging riders for their car is EASY money for BART.

Is it just a matter of time for all the other stations to follow? Why aren't we protesting this? Do we even have a chance to be heard of this ridiculous parking charge?

Fares keep getting increased, fees to park and the cars are getting dirtier. Soon they will be like the restrooms.

Not re-opening doors

I hear every once in a while people complain about the operator not re-openign doors fro them when the operator saw them. Well being a operator let me expalin this. once the doors start closing they received teh commad todo so about 3 or 4 seconds prior. and to re open them the operator has to take train out of automatic, at that point anything that happens falls in the operators lap cause he does not have the prtotection he does in automatic. Sp please dont curse the operator out but please try to be on time in the future

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Fix the computer monitor at the san bruno station please

Bart, if you are reading this please fix the monitor at the San Bruno Bart station. This is the monitor that is facing Target. It has been broken(not turned on) for three months now. This monitor was a great help in showing me where my train was on the Bart map.

BART problems 2 days in a row

?*&!#$%@ I understand these things happen, but besides the apologies, how many times do riders have to take it up the rear bending over? My god, you raise the fares, charge parking and shrink the train. Ever heard of customer appreciation day and perhaps giving back to riders?

Two days now that we are having systemwide problems! I'm sorry, I'm just ranting on an issue of where our money is being spent. I see the same train for the last 15 years so why isn't our fare, parking fees being used to replace parts of the system? You know, new trains every year and retire the ones that have lots of problems?

Car #1558 had another idiot rider

Well folks, this morning on a 7:30am commute. This lady had her cell phone ringer set to play a song. Little did everyone know that it was actually her playing a song using her cell phone. It was not a ringtone. The funny part was she did not care who or what anyone thought. I was about to say something but I wanted to test out if it's true that riders don't do anything. I was about 5 to 7 passengers away from her and it was loud. I couldn't imagine the ones sitting close to her didn't say a damn thing. They just kept making dirty looks at her and she didn't give a rats ass.

I was close to calling on the intercom but I wanted to see.

The goddam 30ish white guy beggar!

He was on the fucking train again Saturday! Same M.O.--whiny pleading for 75 cents for the homeless.

New look to this site

Congrats on the upgrade. Nicer graphics; nicer colors/contrast. I even like the arrows that resemble the arrows on the bart gates.

Bart at bottom of food chain? Read story.

Like most people who live in the Bay Area, I cannot afford to live where I work. This situation has resulted in me living out in Tracy so I could own a nice family home for my family. I've done the commute enough to know that driving is by far the last resort. If you guys aren't familiar with ACE train out in the Central Valley, it's basically like CalTrain. You can view ACE at:

There are so many differences between ACE and BART. For one, ACE is very very clean. There are some simple rules on ACE that preserve the condition of their cars.
Here are some significant differences between the two systems.

What happened? TOPICS on CRAIGSLIST

On Craigslist they are talking about some kid who allegedly got
a beat down from BART POLICE. No one seems to know what the kid did, but
he got a beat down for no reason and people want BART Cop blood for
whatever reason? They want witnessess, etc..etc..

So what did this kid do? I guess some lady didn't agree with how BART PD
handled the situation so she figures the BART PD must me racist and that
they should pay for their actions; however, she has not clue why he was
being arrested.

What the hell? If BART PD is doing their job, more power to them, let them do it
without someone trying to "Monday morning quarterback" the situation.

Check out these Rules


I got this of a Singapore site. It is their rules and penalties for
their train system (like BART). You have to convert the last page to US dollars.

I think $1 SGD = $0.64 USD.

Could you imagine if BART had rules like these and enforced them as strictly
as they do? Imagnine the revenue BART could make and how many more people
would probably ride. Fairs would be lower and BART employees would probably get more pay
and be happier.

Also, the train runs every 3 to 8 mins. That's cool.

Door Issues 101

The doors on the trains all have safety sensors on them to tell the train computer if it's ok to move the train. We all know although they resemble elevator doors it's obvious they are not. These safety measures re-assure us that nobody will be sucked out mid flight.

When there is a problem, all the train operator sees on their "Dashboard" is a little light that says "Door Open"

Scenario 1.

Say it's Sunday afternoon on a four car train and this happens. The next train to this location is 20 minutes away.

The T/O radios central and reports the event and that they are now stopped. Central considers this for a moment and says go check it out. The T/O has about 19 minutes to find 1 defective door out of 6 if at the platform or 12 if on main line. The T/O is in the first car so we eliminate it from the suspects because they can usually see problems in the first unit without leaving the cab.


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