Why do all the trains keep having mechanical difficulties?

a good 50% of the time, i'm on a train that has a mechanical problem and the operator doesn't know if we're going to be able to make it or not. not too comforting. BART needs to quit cutting so many corners.

Why isn't anyone watching the Gates when BART starts running in the morning. Every homeless person fare jumps.

at Embarcadero, they are passed out on the platform, one with his pants unzipped. I'm sitting on the train with one other BART employees and into the car comes this black guy. He stinks to high heaven, stinking up the hole car. I'm just getting off a 15-hour shift and he just made me miserable and enjoyed every minute of it. Then he takes off his shoes and puts his dirty smelly feet on the seats. I will never sit outside of the Train operator's door again. That's where he was. I'm wondering why the BART employee was more interested in watching her TV than doing something about this guy. There were homeless asleep all over the train.

Why can't BART get it right?

1)What the heck is going with all the hodge-podge of BART change machines in each Station, one will take $20, some take $5, some take $10, then again some do not. Why can't all the change machines just be standardized to give change for all bills $1 to $20?

2)Some stations allow you to pay with a credit card, but you must purchase $20 ticket minimum, I think this is ridiculous especially if you are just going to ride BART once or twice! seems a lot like a scam to me. Then again some stations, to my surprise, do not even have these machines!

3)The refunds on money left over on tickets. Why is it that BART makes it so inconvenient for passengers to recover the value remaining on their tickets? I mean only 1 or 2 stations allow you to do this, and that is only during the hours when everyone else is working! there has got to be a better way!

Ashby flea market drummers --- too much of a good thing

I just moved into an apartment across the street from the Ashby Bart station. I have now experienced a couple of the weekend drumming sessions and it's driving me crazy. Who knew? I found a beautiful apartment, was delighted to move in -- and then the drumming started. Clearly it's an established event with many people participating and enjoying it. But what about the neighbors who have to listen all day long and into the night? I paid a huge amount of money to move in and signed a year lease not knowing what I was getting into. Now I'm stuck with this sonic nightmare.

I have nothing against live music, even outdoors. I'm a music teacher myself and have had to be very considerate of my neighbors while teaching lessons or holding rehearsals. I don't want to make people hate music because they can't turn it off. Does anyone have anything enlightening to say about this? Do any of the other people living in this neighborhood find it bothersome? Isn't there some way that the duration of the drumming could be limited to say 5 or 6 hours? It seems to go somewhere between 8 and 10 hours now.

beggar riding on trains

I've seen this white guy maybe in his early 30's begging for $.75 to help the homeless. Using his sweet voice to persuade riders. This guy hits the front and back of each car and repeats himself. Then he goes to the next car. I'm sure he visits the rest of the cars. I've seen him do this 2 times and it's always during commute. Damn it, I've already talked to an agent and they said BART police will take his ass off the train. So please if you guys have seen this idiot who doesn't look like a homeless, please call the train operator. I know I will the next time I see his begging ass.

Dear fellow rider...

Please stop making a nice and neat line across the entire platform to the other side. Just so you know, no one can fucking get past you. If your intention is to create a human chain to block everyone else, then mission-accomplished. There seems to be an invisible velvet rope that is somehow running your life when you get to the platform. Consider getting in a line when your fucking train is coming instead of everyone else's.

The BART train works just like the elevator. Have you ever been on an fucking elevator? When there are people on an elevator that you would like to use, you let them out first so that the space is vacant for your dumb ass to fill. This same mentality can be applied to the BART train. I know this is hard for you to understand middle-aged asian lady. But you do have 30 seconds to get on the train. Instead of trying to push your way through the Raiders linebacker who is trying to depart the train, why not just let him out before you try to squirm in?

Very disgusting commute this morning

Very disgusting commute this morning. The train was packed and there was no ventillation. As the temperature rose somebody started dropping shit biscuits. The passengers stewed in the hot, oppressive, shit-stained air.


I have to wonder what's going on at Coliseum and Fruitvale BART Stations. I've seen a lot of Police Officers there, on a regular basis, in the past few weeks. I'm considering riding from another station because the Police presences indicates to me there is a crime problem. I don't want to be a robbery victim nor do I want to be an innocent victim of a drive by shooting. Anyone out there know what's going on at these two stations that the rest of us should know about?


Thursday, 18 May, is Bike to Work Day on BART. I put this post under Annoying Riders because bicylist can be VERY annoying on BART. I have encountered more inconsiderate cyclist than considerate ones.

I've lost count of the number of times cyclist block the doors with their bikes. Cyclist lean their bikes against the seats instead of holding them. Cyclists take their bikes on the escalators instead of using the stairs or elevator like they are REQUIRED to. Cyclist jam themselves and their bikes into crowded train cars. Cyclists board trains at downtown SF stations when they know darned well they are NOT allowed on the commute trains. In other words, cyclist don't obey the "Bikes on BART" rules.

KABOOM Concert Service

Did anyone have any problems using BART on Sat 5/14? With 250K people expected at the KABOOM Concert and who knows how many attending the Giants vs Dodgers game, I expected to see a lot of negative comments today.

I read in the paper that BART sold Flash Passes at Dublin Station and that BART was selling return tickets from tables at Embarcadero. Sounds as if they finally got their act together.

Why police action in Berkeley causes delay from Embarcadero to Colma?

I'm really trying to figure out why it was mentioned during traffic reports that BART had major delays today and some police action in Berkeley delayed passengers from Embarcadero to Colma? How does that affect that train when it's on the other side of the bay and it's going the opposite direction of Berkeley? BART employees help me out.

Photos? Can we upload them?

Is it possible to be able to upload photos here? Maybe in the future?

Do you think it's appropriate for mothers to breastfeed in public?

I personally don't care because breastfeeding is natural. I just noticed some people act offended when they see this. The other night I saw this while riding Bart and a handful of the people around this mother/child were rolling their eyes to other. It wasn't like her boobs were all hanging out. Mother did a very good job of concealing herself while her child fed on her breast. What do you think?

Thanks to the gas thieves

This is crazy. We take bart to save buying that expensive gas, now we have to worry about thieves going into bart parking lots and siphoning our gas? I know this is not a bart issue but has management done anything to safeguard our cars a little better? I'm aware that they can't catch it all but how about using back some of that earned profit by charging for parking at most stations now? Give back a little please.

I just hope these little bastards get caught.

I went out and bought a lockable gas cap and I highly recommend you do.

Thousands of protesters fare evade

Yesterday, while tens of thousands of immigrants rallied throughout the Bay Area for the "Day Without Immigrants," many of the protesters took BART to get to the events. BART experienced huge numbers of fare evaders, walking through the emergency gates, instead of paying for their rides. In one example, a group of nearly 70 students and their teachers in Berkeley tried to argue with the Station Agent to get free passage. When BART explained that they could not do this, the teachers told the kids to just rush the gates. These teachers should be fired for contributing to the delinquincy of minors. They encouraged their students to break the law. They taught these kids that stealing was acceptable and honorable. A few honest, law-abiding, respectable students purchased tickets to gain legal entry, and their classmates booed them. What a shame.


GOOD NEWS! BART is currently installing new floor covering in 80 train cars. It's a composite floor covering that won't absorb moisture, dirt or mold so the train cars should smell better. The new floor coverings are more durable than carpet and are expected to last 20yrs as opposed to the 5yrs for carpeting. Riders on the Bay Point line are the first to see this upgrade. BART estimates it will take one year to finish all 80 train cars.

Now if we can just get BART to replace the disgusting seats.....

Why can't BART replace a demagged ticket at face value?

I ride BART almost every day. I usually use a Muni fastpass, but I'd left my wallet at home--with my fastpass in it, so I had to use my back-up BART ticket. But, as I tried to enter the BART ticket gate, i got the red "SEE AGENT" message--my $8.60 ticket had demagnetized. Now, I'm a seasoned BART rider, I keep my BART tickets in a little cardboard sheath, made specifically by BART for this purpose, neatly tucked away in a special pocket in my bag. There are no magnets in my bag, no magnetic closures, no pictures of magnets, nada.

And, yet, my ticket demagnetizes on occasion. It happens. I'm philosophical about it, mostly. I usually just buy a new ticket and go on with my life. But, this ticket had over $8 on it. More money than I wanted to donate to BART. Plus, since I'd left my wallet at home, I had no money to buy a new ticket.

Craziest incident on BART ever

This is directed to both frequent riders and employees: what's the craziest thing you ever see happen or ever heard about happening on BART? The craziest thing I ever heard about was a fight between three drunk guys (two beating on one), and the fight continuing even when an operator tried to break it up. But I'm sure people who ride BART more frequently or who work for it have heard of or seen better stories.

Attention: To those who play games on their cell phones!

If you are one of those riders who play the games on your cellphone, please keep the damn sound low or off. It's so annoying when all you hear are those cheap sounds from the game. Not too mention how dumb you look staring at your small ass screen. If you really need to play video games while riding, buy yourself a "real" handheld video game.

There was this Asian lady tonight who was playing on her phone and it was the most annoying thing.

Paid Ad a conflict of interest?

Interesting that one of the paid advertisements to the right of this page/site is for a link to a transit union publication. Who posted the comment about union employees and management shills? Would that be the same person who created and manages this site? The same person sells advertising space to a transit union publication? What's the real purpose of this site again?


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