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Riders who dare cut the line

I'm so sick of you retards who cut the line. I patiently wait in line and you just cut right to the front right as the door is opening. Next time, I will yell and make a scene on your behalf. I'm respectful enough to wait in line and so should you!

Posts by BART employees

I'm always interested to read the posts written by BART employees, not so much for their content but for their appalling lack of grammar and spelling. Perhaps if these posters spent a little more time educating themselves and paid a little more attention to detail instead of ranting about "management", they could actually move into management positions and improve the situation. I suspect, however, they are content to just bitch about things and cling to their comfortable "us against them" perspective. It's much easier than actually assessing their own shortcomings.

Security cameras

Why doesn't BART release security tapes to TV of the countless robberies in the parkng lots?
DO they not archive them for months like Chicago MTA, NY metro?

Train cameras vs. parking lots vs. station cams.... Is there a difference? with regards to archiving policy?

Train to Richmon around 2:15

Did anyone else notice that rather loud and overbearing preacher?
Amazing. I could hear him through my headphones.
Props to the lady who asked him to stop yelling, even though he didn't. We need more people like you.

Variable Holiday Scheduling

Whose idea was it to run 4 car trains to SF on a Saturday schedule today? I was an hour late to work because the station was so packed with people that 2 trains passed by before I was able to shove my way inside. I'm really looking forward to the commute home today.

station agent

as a station agent I would like to say that some of us employee who have to work with the public have many times bitten our tounges and not said anything to the public , though we would like to , do you know how many time in a eight hour day 40 hours a week we hear I have no money to pay the fair or see people jump over the fair gates and then flip you off or come to your face and spit on you while they are venting there problems and you wonder why some agents are rude not all of us are that way , yes we have the bad ones but then again what company has all 100% good employees. You ask why we

I've proven it!!! Janitors don't do their jobs!

I took a 4:19am train from Bayfair station to Embarcadero and decided to use the men's room since BAYFAIR station just opened. The men's room has not been cleaned. There was toilet paper and piss all over the place.

You guys say the janitors do their jobs? Well they don't. At least there isn't enough janitors. So if you guys are skimping on the restrooms what does that mean about all the cars that get thrashed all day? Don't tell me they get a good cleaning. It is the reason why the entire system is one disgusting filth bucket!!!! Picking up the trash is just a small portion of the filthy issue.

What Happened With Deer On Tracks ?!?

6:00 PM Thurs 02-16-06 Pittsburg bound 8 car train

Train slowed for several minutes.

Stopped between Lafayette & Walnut Creek for five minutes while "report of deer on tracks" incident resolved .....

How was it resolved ?!?

Pre-construction work at Pleasant Hill BART Station Transit Village

The contractor for the Pleasant Hill BART Station Transit Village is scheduled to begin pre-construction activities in late February 2006.
Contra Costa County approved the final development plan for the Pleasant Hill BART Station Transit Village in May 2005. The complex is being developed by Pleasant Hill Transit Village Associates, a partnership of Avalon Bay Communities and Millennium Partners. It will be a mixed-use project that incorporates office space, retail, and residential units. The Transit Village will be constructed on existing BART parking lots.

READ the rest of this article

Why do riders do this?

I have a question:

Is getting a seat on BART that important that riders headed to the east bay have to "backtrack" to get one?

I see people at the downtown SF stations headed towards the east bay, hop on a train headed towards Daly city, only to get off one station later and walk back over to the eastbound plaform.


Get Rid of Linton Johnson or whatever his name is

Talk about someone who is full of all the crap people have to sit in on BART. This guy is just competely out of touch with everything that really goes on at BART and should do us all a favor and GO AWAY! What a waste of a salary.

embarcadero escalators are always down

I'm just wondering if the techs aren't fixing it properly in order to justify their jobs. I mean I see them always down every 3 days or so. The escalators I'm referring to face towards the Ferry Building.

get a new headphone dude!

Either your headphone is jacked or you listen to your music too loud and I can still hear you from 4 seats away! Isn't the purpose of headphones to have the music enjoyed by you? Dude, you were black and you act like you have a chip on your shoulder! We don't want to hear your rap music when it sounds like crap.

Impressed With Anti-Bomber Posters in Cars

I don't ride that often and was surprised the other day when I saw a poster in the train car encouraging riders to be alert & report suspicous persons or packages ....

I hope it's more than just a feel good PR campaign!

Maybe it got lost in the Poster's message or I just missed it, but who & how are you supposed to do this reporting to anyway ?!?

Also, anyone have any knowledge of any foiled plots as a result of programs like this on BART ???

Smoking on BART

I got on the 10:53 out of north concord this morning. i was in the train operator's car (the lead car) and it just reaked of cigarette smoke. ashes all over the place too. Can't the train operator smell that? Gross. Nothing like a little second hand smoke to ruin my shower and start my day off on the wrong foot.

Cut the BS and Open the Bathrooms


Can Bart please open the *&%$##$ bathrooms??? Stop using security as an excuse, that is bullshit!!!

Where are your riders supposed to piss when you don't have any bathrooms open?

Bart is taking the chicken shit way out to save the trouble of keeping the bathrooms clean and keeping out the riff raff.

No wonder otherwise law abiding folks have to piss/shit/hurl on the station platform.

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Is it just me but why are there so many BART employees posting here?

Are you BART employees paranoid that there is a problem with the system? I understand you have pride in your employment but don't you think this is more a Management issue with BART? I mean the pay themselves well and I don't see management EVER reply here.

I know the TO, PD and SA are the front end for BART and they are the ones who actually work. The rest of the riders want to know why do you keep increasing fares and reducing service to the riders?

I feel bad for the employees that actually have time to answer these posts by public riders. They are helping the BART management justify their job.

BART charging by the pound?

Ever have to crawl over a fat person or WAIT for them to try to get up so that you can get off? Or squeeze past them in the aisle?

What is WORSE is that alot of them are so big they can't properly wash or wipe their own ass. They STINK. They stink up the seats!

I had a temp in my office while I was on vacation. I had to lysol and febreeze the chair! DISGUSTING!

People are obese because they are big babies. Every fat person I've worked with has never pulled their own weight (no pun intended). They are lazy and were overindulged as children. Plus, they get no attention in their personal lives and have to BLAB at you all day long while you're trying to do your work or be with your own thoughts or multitask by working and chatting with your friends online.

dirt stains Vs. garbage from riders

BART claims to keep the trains clean. I don't think so. I understand there are riders who leave garbage around and it does accumulate over time. Yes you have Janitors at night cleaning the trains. Let's correct that, they are just picking up visible garbage.

They are NOT cleaning the carpets, seats, walls and handrails! Everyone take a look at the train and you will see stains on the carpets and these stains are not from someone's spilled drink last few days. These are YEARS of neglect! The walls are full of old dust and foreign materials. The seats are disgusting. When you say you clean the cars make sure you mean it, not just picking up garbage left behind by riders.

Cars with no seats?

Bart tains are not configured for those people who stand, bring bikes or are bringing lots of luggage. If you are doing any of those things, you are constantly in somebody's way because the aisles are so narrow.

Couldn't Bart add a car to each train with no seats, just poles to hold? It could be the last car on the train or something. Maybe it could have racks on the ends for luggage and bikes. The trains in Bankok are like this and it seems to work much better.


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