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should I?

ok here it goes. I'm not racist. I have alot of black friends and they tell me that there are bad people in every race. In my situation it happened to be black. Don't ask me why..it just happened that way.

I was happily sleeping on the train at 4pm before the major rush hour. I was awaken at West Oakland by a black couple when the man was talking very loud on his cell phone. Ok, I was waken up but couldn't help the fact that his loud voice took over any sound the train made. He was telling whoever was on the other line that he was going to be daddy and that the other person better not say anything.

The train stunk like a skunk

Yesterday, I got on from Bayfair heading to SF and man, the train stunk like a skunk! ooooh boy was it an interesting ride.

Best Pictures on Bart

What would be cool is if people start taking pictures of anything they find disgusting, annoying, rude, etc..etc.. on the BART then post them on the Internet or here.

BART is a public place so no privacy issues.

I think it would be funny, and maybe someone from BART could show them to their supervisors to show how bad things can be. Maybe even put a stop to some of the things, or individuals, people rant and rave about on here.

I need a cellphone with a camera.


Now Riders Can Carry Complete BART Schedules and A System Map with Their Music

BART is the first major transit agency in the nation to offer downloadable schedules and maps for Apple iPod®, the popular portable music player, including the new video iPod introduced by Apple today.

The "BART QuickPlanner for Apple iPod" allows customers to look up train departure times, view a color version of the official BART system map and even download general station information. Customers will also have the option to receive automatic update notifications to ensure they always have the most accurate schedule, map and station information.

Where are the cops when you need them?

BART police please start issuing tickets to anyone who violates the "NO eating/drinking" policy. I'm sick and tired of others bringing in their McDonalds food on the train. Worse yet you see idiots leave their garbage all over the seat. Does anyone actually use the cameras in each cars?

I've been riding BART for 14 years and have never seen anyone get a citation for eating/drinking violation.

Heart Attack at Embarcadero Station Thursday night

I was trying to make my way down the stairs from the street and the steel doors were closed. I walked over to the other entrances on the other side and same thing, closed.

I later found out that they had a medical emergency down on the train where they were trying to rescuscitate the man. Jesus,does the whole station need to be closed where you can't even enter from the street?

We Made Love

First off, I have to admit that I truly am not a stud or ladies man. I simply feel that I have been blessed with exceptional luck at times with women on BART. The first occurance happened last June on my way to work. This lovely young blond boarded and took the only open seat next to me. Although she seemed involved in her book, I could feel that she had a thing for slightly overweight old men. So the time came to make my move. I began by slowly sliding my hand into my pocket and lightly touching my arm to hers. As I grabbed my growing man shaft, I couldn't help pretending that my arm was an extension of her own.


Rude People on Bart

Some of the rudest people I run into are on Bart.
How hard is it to say excuse me or I'm sorry.
And the people who eat on Bart HELLO people its now allowed, but I guess you people are above rules. Bart police should be giving out tickets left and right to these people, maybe they wouldn't have to raise the ticket prices if they would start going after people eating and drinking on the trains.
And don't walk in front of me to get on the train when I have been standing there waiting.


Does anyone know if BART does tours of the transbay tube for the general public? I think that it would be really cool to see all the crap that piles up there over the years.

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so many sick people

I was on bart this morning and my GOD there are so many people sick! People please stay home so you don't end up passing it around. For god's sake cover your nose/mouth whe you do cough!


I'm not sure that love on BART really works, but I've seen my fair share of LUST. Take the last train out of SF on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll see a lot of kids that are amorous. Viva la Lust!


Earthquake safety.

How safe is the BART tunnel that connects the East Bay with San Francisco during an earthquake?

Is it safe as they say or is that thing going to collapse and fill with water?

Rumor or Truth?

A friend of mine heard they were going to add a new BART Line in San Francisco that ran from Powell to Chinatown to the Warf?

Is that true or just a rumor?

That would be cool, but I bet it would cost a lot.


The IDIOT Bart Cops at Oakland City Center

HA HA HA...you guys are toast.
What? Did you think that you could impress me with your gun and badge? Like I would be impressed or something?

Yes, it's OK to be friendly and say hi to me. Fine, but to aske me for my phone number? Eh, maybe...but not after I say that I am married.

"duh...it's ok...duh...he won't mind..duhhh..are you happy with him...duh..I'm a BART Cop...duh..it's cool."

Well, you crossed the line pal, no means no. Hell, I just smiled and walked away from you, then you called me a "Bitch".

One thing...
did you see my girlfriend take your picture with her camera phone?

Major delay this morning

Did anyone get delayed going thru West Oakland? What was the cause of that. I was stuck between West Oakland and Lake Merrit for 15 minutes.

BART's "New Year's Eve Flash Pass"

The best way to celebrate New Year's Eve is by leaving your car at home and using BART's "New Year's Eve Flash Pass," good for unlimited rides on BART throughout the holiday evening.

The special New Year's Eve Flash Pass costs just $6 and gets you unlimited rides on BART from 6 p.m. Saturday, December 31 to 3 a.m. Sunday, January 1.

Riders with passes simply flash them to the BART Station Agent and pass through the station entrance swing gate. No need to use the fare gates!

Passes go on sale December 15. Get your BART New Year's Eve Flash Pass at Safeway stores in the greater Bay Area

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BART Extends New Years Eve Hours

Read all about it here.

Hooking up on BART

So what is with the guys on bart trying to give me or ask me for my phone number? What gives? It's so damn frustrating to look up at you from my book that I'm obviously enjoying to politely tell you to f-off.

Fee Increases Effective January 1, 2006

SF Gate December 22, 2005

Bay Area Rapid Transit fares will increase by 3.7 percent on Jan. 1, according to BART officials.

In addition to the fare hike, BART has tacked on a 10-cent surcharge to ticket prices for trips made within Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties, including Daly City.

On top of that, SamTrans will add a 10-cent surcharge to rides that begin and end in San Mateo County and for trips between the five San Francisco International Airport extension stations and San Francisco BART stations. The five SFO extension stations are in Colma, South San Francisco, San Bruno, SFO and Millbrae.

sleeping on BART

I have to admit that when I sleep on the train there is a possibility of drooling, mouth open or leaning on a total stranger sitting next to you. I have noticed nobody says anything. I don't mind being told that I'm drooling or something because it's better to correct the situation. What scares me is that lots of people notice the situation and don't say anything. I just feel that someone should stand up and say something so I don't end up just a display piece for the others who love to people watch.

Watch out for me, I will tell you if your fly is open! :)


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