PDA Trip Planner now available

I just received notice from BART that the new scheduler is out. If you guys haven't checked out this cool planner, it's available for Palm, Pocket PC and iPod video. It has cool maps of the system and all the schedules. Check it out by clicking on the link in the upper right.

garbage all over the cars

Why is it so difficult to clean the cars every night? I know BART claims they clean it. What about the spilled liquids or food? It's annoying to see the seats soiled as bad as they are. Does anyone see the same thing I see? Picking up newspapers is one thing but soiled seats? come on BART!

BART-Too Expensive

I've ridden the NY subways, the Chicago L and commuter trains, the Boston MTA, The Washington Metro, the Hong Kong subway and the Japanese trains and ALL ARE CHEAPER THAN BART!!! BART continues to increase fares, provide few cars resulting in crowded trains and arrogantly assumes that because gas prices have increased, the people will continue to be prisoners to their system. Ah, but what can we do about it? Casual carpools have worked well for me even though the Lafayette station employees do their best to discourage it by writing parking tickets on cars when they see that the driver is walking toward the carpool line, the soon to be parking charges etc.

Took A Count Today

In an eight hour day, twelve patrons lost their tickets (and had no money) and over twenty (stopped counting) owed money on their tickets to exit but reportedly also had no money. However I was not cursed at so it was a damn good day!!

There won't be station agents for long

Every company from BART to Burger King has its share of rude and underperforming employees. Some of the employees should have left to another position or company long ago. Some should have never been hired. Still this is no different than any other organization. Yet no occupation in the Bay Area has a worse reputation. Management and the public love train operators. Management has station agents only as a necessity. Some bad agents have made it very hard for the hard working ones to build good rapport with the public because it only takes one bad experience to forget a few good ones. Part of the problem is a new employee is made aware early on that the public and management do not like agents so they will spend most of their career on the defensive.

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More BART and SFO News

Check it out here.

Former BART Mgr. to head Muni

Nathaniel Ford Sr., a former manager at BART who has run the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority for the past five years, is the MTA directors' top pick for the San Francisco post.

If the contract is approved next week as expected, Ford's total compensation package would come in at $322,450 a year -- slightly less than the pay by comparable transit agencies in California and about $25,000 less than the national average, according to analysis commissioned by City Controller Ed Harrington.

Fruitvale agents are not help

I was standing there patiently waiting for help because my ticket says "see agent" even though I had alot of fare on it. The agent was so busy talking to someone else outside of the booth that they glanced at me and then just continued talking. I waited patiently for 2-3 minutes which seems like an eternity not to mention getting pissed because I'm going to miss my train.

Finally, he finished and just acts like I bothered him when I haven't said a damn thing yet. He listens to me and tells me to give my ticket so he can check, then tells me to get a new one at embarcadero. My point is I'm already getting bad attitude and all I needed was help because my ticket wasn't working.

True Gentlemen ride BART anymore?

I've witnessed so many men not give up their seat to someone who is pregnant, elderly, someone on crutches and women with little kids.

Has equality also gotten the idea of mannerism especially on BART? I know there are gentlemen out there but the number is far and few.

picture section

i am suggesting that there be a pic section where riders can post pics of the filthy bart trains.
i am not just talking garbage, i am talking about black stained carpet, greasy looking seats, spilled dried fluids on the plastic walls....stuff that should be cleaned up every night.
also try to take a pic of the car number as you exit to see if that gets anything done.
i am embarrassed when tourists have to see the filth....

what do you think?

So the thing about newspapers?

When I finish reading a newspaper on BART I leave it there. Figuring that someone else might want to read it or take it with them. Sometimes when I see other papers lying around (like a Sports or Entertainment section) I take it with me to read later at home.

How is this wrong?

Replace The Seats!

When will BART get a clue? You have to replace those run down filthy, soiled seats. I used to live in Wash DC and they have plastic seats with a cushion for your butt. Seats similar to bus seats.

My goodness, I'm not a germophobe (sp?) but good lord those seats are teeming with disease. You'd better have a good immunity system to ride BART.

Riders are basically to blame for these nasty seats. You people are so disgusting. To arbitrarily place your filthy shoes on the seats as a foot rest, just boggles my mind.

I ride BART because it is more convenient. Yes, the decibel levels are off the hook. That's why I use earplugs.

How come I always get sick when I ride BART?

I live in the city so I don't ride BART too much, but everytime I do I always end up getting sick. I know that a ton of people ride BART everyday, but does this ever happen to anyone else and how can I prevent this?

Why not have secret shoppers for BART?

I keep reading how all these people hate the station agents attitudes. Why not have secret shoppers? These agents need to be accountable for their behavior so why not send covert people in to rate them. I am sure once agents figure out anyone could be someone who could potentially get them in trouble, their attitudes will change?

Does anyone know the actual salaries BART managers and employees make?

Does anyone know the actual salaries BART managers and employees make? Can anyone post that here. If it's good money I might apply!

San Francisco

While travelling on BART you can have the joys of VERY interesting people ESPECIALLY in SF, the darling man talking to his window, and staring at you like he and his window have a beef with you, another man with a book of his life ready to tell anyone who listens all about even if your not listening, while in SF you may get to see the guy in only his boxers smelling like he hasnt bathed in weeks asking for candy, racist bums talking to people he thinks is white and he's wrong, but when you get to SF it always smells bad out side, maybe its the steaming sewers what a joy to see for all the tourists I am sure, you may happen to see a completely shaved man painted white with a loin cloth running around with I'm evil painted on his chest.

Embarcadero Street Escalator by Federal Reserve

Why in God's name is the escalator always in the Down direction even in the morning commute? Everyone is going up to work and yet this escalator has been in the down direction for the last week. This is the escalator that exits on the street level at Market and Spear right by the Cable Car Florist.

Newpaper readers of BART

Would you please keep your newspaper to your confined space? I am sitting in front of you and I can feel your pages bending forward and resting on my head! I'd like to make a scene but I'm too damn tired to whoop your ass!

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Is BART really a place that you could meet someone?

I wouldn't think so. I see most people don't want to be bothered while commuting. What do you guys/girls think?

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How come the beautiful ladies on BART

Why don't you smile anymore? It's such a boring dreadful commute and the beautiful ladies out there make my day when you smile. Everyone is in such a rut! Lighten up people, LIFE IS GOOD!!!!


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