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The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!

Thank you BART employees for your support

My boyfriend is a train operator who recently took some flyers with him to work in order to help raise funds for the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk held in San Francisco over the weekend. I want to thank him for his love and support, and I would like to personally thank all who contributed from the bottom of my heart. It is very much appreciated and wish I could give y'all big hugs!! Thank you :)

BART: someone in Procurement Dept. arrested??

Anyone else get wind of this? Arrested by the FBI, something to do with money laundring? This would have been yesterday, Thursday the 19th.

Seems money is free for those to commit white-collar crime at bart.

Freemont -> Richmond Train, Locked Axle/Flat Wheels

Yesterday, 19Oct06, one of these trains developed a "brake on in propulsion" somewhere around the Bayfair Station. The operator went back to find the culprit car, and found it. The error reported by the car was "locked axle fault" on axle #2. Car was cut out, as appropriate for such events. A tech met the train soon thereafter, and heard a grinding noise from under the car. He reported the train should not be in service, yet Central Command refused to take the train out of service.

At 19th St Station, another tech got on, and reported the same. At El Cerrito Plaza Station, suddenly the car developed MAJOR flat spots, as reported by the tech, and then the flats just as quickly seemed to disappear. What was occuring was the gear box for the axle locked, and the train was pulling the car with the wheels on that axle not rotating, grinding the wheel down. The gearbox released, which was the sudden occurance (sp?) of flats, then locked up again (the flats disappeared). Finally at El Cerrito Del Norte, the train was removed from service, and moved .s.l.o.w.l.y., at 5 MPH to the Richmond Yard/Shop.

Some passengers just make my day

Just a funny clip of an annoying Bart rider found on youtube. What would you do in this situation?


Or so it seems, judging by the number getting on and off during the evening hours, esp. the Richmond and Pittsburg-BP lines. If they're being ignored by the station agents, shouldn't BART be changing their literature and signage? Unfortunately, these people not only insist on take up the space of 4 people in crowded cars by sitting in the Senior and Disabled seats, but block the doorways, as well. WTF?

I could continue to question these people, but the last time I did almost came to blows with the guy and some a**hole patron from Lafayette who wasn't familiar with the rules either. Grrr...

A lesson in diversity; thank you bart

Last Saturday my friend and I stopped off at a Starbucks on our way to Fleetweek to watch the Red Bull Air Races and the Blue Angels. He commented that Pleasanton is so white “Of the 35 or so people in there was only one Mexican”. I don’t know why he notices things like that. Perhaps it is because even though he is white, he was once married to a Latino (or is it Latina?) and once married to a Korean and now seems to exclusively date abusive Chinese women. Well, they seem abusive from the stories he tells me but I digress.

From our pasty white environment we entered the world of public transportation. As I take place in the handicapped area I notice right next to me a pair of very attractive Indian woman, one wearing a traditional Sari. My friend has to sit a row behind them across from a nice looking middle-aged black couple. I thought to my self; not so white now eh and that as a paraplegic in a wheel chair, I’m one of the diverse characters riding toward the capital of characters, San Francisco.

Student Bart Ticket

There was a news article on how they're thinking of making the bart $2.50 each way. The people who take short trips maybe two or three stops don't want to pay more. The people like me who come all the way from Berkeley to SFSU to go to school schuld be excited. If you can't afford a two stop ride on the BART take the regular ol' bus.

Comments on this web site

Some days I read the comments on this web site and cannot believe some of the comments about blacks and they way they act on BART. It upset me to think that people still look at other people by their color. But last night at the Powell Street Station, I understood why people point out blacks and others. I was standing in a line and a train pulled up (Richmond), not mine so a couple of us stood off to the side as the train approached. As the train was pulling into the station, this young black kid in this 20's bypassed the line and stood in front of the other people that were waiting in line to get on to the train.

Downtown Berkeley-Power Outage this morning

Bart's handling of the power outage was really poor. They directed all the passengers to Ashby station to take the AC Transit #15, creating a line of several hundred stranded commuters. How about setting up a bus bridge/shuttle or asking AC Transit to provide more buses? Didn't happen...AC Transit management wasn't even aware of the problem. Bart also failed to mention to commuters that the F also goes to Downtown Berkeley. A very poor response on Bart's part. Anyone else affected by this mess?

Trains are a piece of sh*t

My god my ears are hurting! The cars are so loud that I can't even have a normal conversation with the person next to me. How in the hell are we supposed to hear the Train Operators' announcement with all this noise? The seats are the most disgusting thing on the train. I don't even want to sit anymore. Is there a timetable to actually replace these seats?

Does Bart even care that these cars are falling apart? Oh I almost forgot, don't you just love the cars that are not heating or cooling correctly? I've been on a car that had it's heater blasting while the rest of the cars are running AC.

Out of Order Signs

During the evening rush at the heavily used Berkeley Bart station, 2 of the 8 destination signs displayed "Sign Out of Order" electronically and urged riders to look at the miniscule destination sign at the front of the train instead. It was very inconvenient that these were the signs closest to center of the platform, where many people congregate while waiting. How pathetic is that? We have too few destination signs already and now we have ones that defer us to smaller, harder to see destination signs. Maybe someday, all of the platform destination signs will say "Out of Order" in the middle of the morning commute and we'll have hundreds of confused riders not knowing where the train goes.


On Saturday, 9/30, 2006 about 10:00 a.m. I boarded a SF/Daly City train at Macarthur Station. I was the only person on the last car. Ten minutes later, a man sat across the aisle from me, I had a large duffel bag sitting between us. I noticed some vague rapid motion and then realized he was mastubating while watching me. I then attempted to leave my seat with my belongings and go to the next car. Instead, the man masturbating got up, exposing his dribbling erection, and walked ahead into the next car (all in front of the video camera). On Monday, 10/2 at 12:30pm I reported the incident to BART police on the phone.

What happened @ bay fair this morning?

Checked the bart homepage, a few news sites and couldn't find anything. Apparently there was an 'incident'..

Thank you BART PD

I was riding the train last week and saw a guy slumped over into the aisle to the point where I knew he wasn't just a tired commuter getting some sleep. I debated for a good 5 stops whether I should give a call to the BART PD non emergency line, finally around Macarthur I did.

When you responded at the Walnut Creek station you were straightforward and professional with the passenger I called about, and from the snippets of conversation I heard from the bench outside the train, it was clear you were not making accusations before you had found out more about my staggering friend.

So thank you BART PD for the rapid, professional response.

Toilet seat cover for the BART benches

The seat cushions on BART are covered in peoples filth. Many of the riders don't appear to have bathed in quite a while. I propose placing toilet seat cover dispensors throughout the terminals so that people can keep their rear from touching these disgusting seats. The city has a bedbug problem, not to mention the drifters who use the trains to sleep on and stink beyond belief. Seems like no one cares, and fool themselves into believing that their precious rear isn't coming in contact with anything that could do them harm. Anyone heard of crabs? Do you enjoy sitting on other people's urine and feces? Keep fooling yourself then.

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