BART is not a freight train!

Why must people insist on bringing such large amounts of luggage?!?! Train wasn't quite SRO but still...

Did BART rip off Livermore taxpayers?

Voters in Livermore voted to approve a property tax hike to pay for a BART extension to Livermore, but do you notice something fishy about BART's options on what to do with the money?

BART board of directors votes to allow bikes on BART at all times

No articles yet out on the change, but reporters on Twitter are reporting that the BART board of directors unanimously voted to allow bikes on BART at all times.

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The stories you didn't hear about or see.

This is copied from a news article.

Bruno Cohen of KPIX. KPIX sourced the Bay Area Council on multiple stories about the BART strike. One KPIX report misleadingly stated that “economists estimated the first day of the BART strike costs the region $73 million in lost worker productivity alone.” The “economists” were Bay Area Council lobbyists. The story did not disclose Cohen’s seat on the board of the Bay Area Council.

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So How is That Check Coming to Pay For Negotiator

OK so the big tough Mgt negotiation team bolstered itself with the $400K man who splits to Disneyland at hour of most need. Nice. I hope the 14th and 23rd floors enjoy signing that check for those wonderful services rendered. MGT got their ass kick in the negotiation process. The lost at every turn. Could not happen to a nice bunch...........really......take the last train to loserville. Time for clean the carpets on 14 and 23........

Bart strike possibly harmed people with serious pulmonary disease

I am a disabled person with serious pulmonary disease. During the Bart strikes my condition grew much worse due to pollution created from traffic of those driving to work. I believe that this may have killed some pulmonary patients. Does Bart have the right to harm others with their strike. I have always supported unions that have legitimate grievances. I can't support this when they already have such high salaries and benefits. They should have to pay medical and retirement just like everyone else. Please ban Bart strikes.


I realize it is the NTSB causing tomorrow's delay this time but they could't do their ivnestigation on a weekend without disrupting service to exhausted passengers so SOOOOOOOOOOON after the strike. After all, we all know the NTSB will find the same OSHA did when Mr. Strickland was hit. The bus bridges suck; they are really slow.


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Banning the Unions from striking.

There is a movement to ban BART strikes legally by changing the law. The contention is that BART is essential to the Bay Area and and to the safety of the people in it. If you believe this to be true then the ATU of 800+ people(Station agents/transportation clerks/foreworkers/Train Operators} would have to be declared safety sensitive. If this happens we would be placed in the same category as Police and Fire fighters. This would end the right to strike but we would be compensated and benefited like them as well.

Basically the option is:

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Why the President Reagan Air Traffic Control Termination does not apply, the short answer.

The air traffic controllers that went on strike were in a law restricted strike contract. Those that chose to strike broke the law. Reagan already had fully trained Military air controllers on the payroll and subsequently warned them and ultimately terminated and then replaced them for breaking the law.

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Ban Hammer

When I log in and see three threads with 30,40,50 responses all between two trolls having a pissing contest on the internet, that is where I have to draw the line. Some of the accounts are new, a few are not so new, and then there's Bartarded. I should have banned you a long LONG time ago, but I put up with your shit because, for the most part, it was on topic. Well, congratulations if you were trying to see how far you could go, you found it.

For the record here is what I have done.


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BART workers should be ashamed of themselves

Workers have had to come up to speed on technology and deal with little or no pay raises for the past several years. Why should BART employees be exempt?

BART Workers - Go Find Real Jobs in the Private Sector

Let me give you a preview of basic manual labor in the private sector (no high school degree needed)

Wage: $10 / hour
Benefits: none
Vacation: 2 weeks
Schedule: whenever your boss tells you

That's why every BART opening has 200k applications - you are all over paid already!

More time for doughnuts

By the looks of the BART Management team, these negotiations have been a windfall for taking advantage of the free feed bags at negotiation sessions. I mean, talk about taking advantage of free doughnuts and pizza at the late night bargaining. WTF. Is gravy their beverage of choice? What a pathetic bunch. Work rules are a sacred cow to us and are worth a lot of money in the form of salary increase to offset their disappearance.

BART Strike In Numbers

"Days" of "Negotiation": 201 (as of 10/18)
Days of Actual Negotiation: ??? lower single digit??? No one has a clue..
Days of Actual Strike: 5.5 and counting
Number of cooling off period: 3 months
Number of strike threats: 9
Pissed off and tired passengers: 200,000 +
Number of Politicians "standing up" for taxpayers: 1? (assuming he has no self interest what so ever)
Money lost due to the strike: > $400 Million lost of productive (assuming $73 Million per day lost of productivity) plus $$$ spent on alternative commute options

Rider strike/boycott. It's time the public let both Bart Management and the unions feel our wrath.

It's time the unions and management felt the wrath of the public. While some people truely have no other way to get to their jobs and other places without BART, everyone else who can find a substitute should get together and boycott riding BART. A public strike/boycott would send a deafening message to both sides. As far as I'm concerned the unions are mostly to blame and wish they could all be fired and new non-union agents and drivers as well as the rest of the current employees of Bart should be sacked. There a thousands of people who would be qualified to replace them.

Unions = Better Pay by Hostage Negotiations

Let's be perfectly clear on this, shall we?

Unions at one time were necessary. Big corporations did in fact take advantage of the worker. No one would argue the generalization of that statement back in the day. Fast forward to now though and guess what? Everything the union fought to protect the worker from is NOW ENFORCED AND THE WORKER PROTECTED UNDER AND BY FEDERAL LAW!!!!


"So if that's the truth, obsgone" you may ask, "then why do we have unions today?"

Well, simply...


I hope the union(s) walk out today and strike!

PLEASE! For the love of it, show some sack and finally do what your mouth has been blabbering about all these months and walk out you freakin uneducated, lazy good for nothing leeches!!! PLEASE!! You are negotiating with my (the taxpayers money) and I say F you, nothing more, no over time BS work around, learn your job, do it right, shut the F up and be grateful you have an above average pay SECURE job.

Feeling the rage! top complaints.

Wanted to make a raw, full of rage top list of complaints. It will be in format of complaint and then one line directed to the offender. Feel free to follow my post with your own similar complaints. This should be fun.

*Dick head idiot gang banger types who come on and start playing with their weed on the trains: Hey fuck face, that shit stinks even if you're not smoking it.
*People who insist on talking obnoxiously loud for no apparent reason: Hey ass wipe, I am trying to listen to my music. You mind shutting the fuck up?

I really hope BART & the unions work out a contract today

...if for no other reason than I won't have to hear/see/read the constant fuckin' whining of over-privileged Bay Area commuters anymore! Christ on a crutch, will we have enough whaaam-bulances to deal with the fallout tomorrow if they don't come to terms?


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