Why doesn't BART consider the travel problems faced by San Francisco riders who commute to work in the East Bay?

With all the talk about an impending strike, everyone keeps saying (maddeningly)that we need to get a back up transportation plan in place. Okay, fine, but this has happened before and for some reason the media and transportation agencies seem to think everyone who commutes to work on BART lives in the East Bay. How the heck am I going to get to work on Monday from San Francisco to Walnut Creek. I am about to throw in the towel trying to plan this.

Great to see worker support from so many different places this time..

First I want to say Teamsters are behind you..

BARTRage against the management at BART, work out a fair contract with workers!

Groups supporting BART Workers this time are!

Workers on strike this coming week standing beside each other not just behind.

International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, engineers, attorneys, planners and other professionals,
East Bay Regional Park District
City of Oakland | SEIU Local 1021
BART - ATU 1555
AC Transit ATU 192


First off, let me give you a little background about me. I have been working at BART for over 15 years as a TVET (Transit Vehicle Electronic Technician). My sole responsibilities are maintaining and repairing the BART trains. In order to get hired, I had to have a college degree. I also had to pass an extensive written and practical test. Because I am considered ”Safety Sensitive” I am subject to random drug testing. I also have to pass a CPUC mandated written test every three years in order to keep my job.

BART Unions Vote to Fuck Over Bay Area Commuters

This morning, BART workers announced the results of last night's vote on whether to strike pending the expiration of their contract on Sunday. The votes are in, and they have officially authorized a strike that could go into effect as early as Monday morning. AC Transit, which expressed downright terror at the prospect of taking up the extra transit slack, has also voted to authorize their own strike. All in all, it sounds like a complete transportation meltdown could be headed our way.

The ideal BART system!

Can I get some input on this? This is my idea for a model BART system!

Line 1: Tamien to Sacramento
Extends Richmond - Fremont line up to Sacramento via Western Contra Costa County, Solano County, and Davis and Sacramento; extends down to Tamien in San Jose via Milpitas, East San Jose, and Downtown San Jose.

Line 2: Brentwood to Daly City
Extends Pittsburg/Bay Point - SFO/Millbrae line to up to Brentwood via East Contra Costa County; terminates southbound at Daly City.

Line 3: Livermore to Millbrae

Faulty Fare Gates

Has anyone noticed faulty fare gates lately?
I've experienced a few where either the gates open very slowly and at one at the MacArthur station where only half open up.

What is wrong with these things?

BART's unions file suit against the district

Unions' Suit Against BART focuses on Health, Safety Issues

Workers claim that failure to bargain in good faith violates state law and imperils the health and safety of
BART workers, riders

(Oakland) BART's two biggest unions filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court this morning,
charging that representatives of BART's elected Board of Directors are categorically refusing to bargain
in good faith over worker safety, in addition to other violations of state law.
The action comes less than a week before the contract deadline this Sunday, June 30.

Was I riding in a BART train or a fucking oven this afternoon?

Commuters on the Richmond-Fremont line had to endure scorching heat inside the train, only to feel brief moments of relief when then train stopped at stations to load and unload passengers. Commuters were literally BAKING!

Graffiti on the back of the seats

I don't usually say positive things about graffiti, but this graffiti expresses my sentiments about BART exactly!

BART Workers Ditch Labor Talks Until Management Deals With all the Transit Violence (From SF Weekly)

BART workers fired off a rather blunt letter to BART negotiators last night, informing them they are no longer going to confab about labor contracts until BART does something about the "rising assaults, homicides, and injuries" to BART riders and employees.

More at:

SF Weekly

Fremont service halted for hours during rush hour

Some clown gets trapped under the Hayward platform and halts all trains into or out of Hayward for more than 3 hours during evening commute. Any information provided by bart as to what happened? Negative. Any information as to why bart cancelled its plans for a bus bridge between bayfair and south hayward? Negative. Any attempt to accommodate thousands of passengers milling about and stranded at bayfair? Negative. One short, retarded article in the sf chronicle called it a "brief" delay in service.

TreoBART's picture

It's that time again

So it's that time again with the striking and the pissing contests to see who can complain the loudest about how terrible their situation is. I'd really like to not have to spend a lot of time banning people, so let's try to be civil huh? Or at least creative and relevant with your insults.

Problems and follow-ups

With this story about the BART director that got paid $300K for not working, and the stop-work threats being socialized by the BART union, I'm getting more and more convinced that BART management is doing an excellent job of keeping these types of items as low-key and out of the media as possible. Perhaps spending more time on that than on maintaining system operation.

Should WE go on strike?

Us BART commuters should go on strike!!! Drive if you have a car, and take other modes of public transportation if need be. I know that some of us have no choice but to take BART, but those of us who have other options should use them until BART stops taking us for granted!

Major Bart Delays Continue Into Evening Commute

BART riders should expect delays to continue through the evening commute Friday due to an equipment problem between the Daly City and Balboa Park (San Francisco) stations, transit agency officials said.

Crews first noticed the issue on the tracks at about 10:45 a.m., and have been working on it since, said BART spokesman Jim Allison.

Commuters heading south from downtown San Francisco may encounter 20-minute delays in service into the evening, Allison said.


Great, now we will all have to drive and sit in traffic for hours...

another article in today's paper about dysfunctional BART management

Here is another article about Santa Clara County and dysfunctional BART management.


the new cars SUCK


what are overweight people supposed to do? I think the article is more fiction than fact too. 3% less seats than today's cars my arse!

I guess we will all have to stand all the way home. BART SUCKS but thank you for patience. BART OPERATIONS CONTROL.

ATU-SEIU Negotiation Updates-

I found this on a friends Facebook page.. From two of (4?) unions in contract..


ATU-SEIU Negotiation Updates- Press release regarding BART calling for mediation

Brothers and Sisters,

Attached and below is the ATU-SEIU response regarding BART's press release calling for a mediator (also attached.)


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