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The bikes are becoming a nuisance.

I've been noticing recently that bike riders abandoned any semblence of courtesy and take their precious climate saviors to their seats with them. Not only do they block the next seats but the aisles as well. So much for that grand experiment.

AC Transit Warns Monday Strike Possible

East Bay commuters have more than just a potential BART strike to worry about Monday morning. AC Transit issued a warning Saturday urging passengers to consider transit alternatives for Monday as contract talks with employee unions have so far failed to result in either a new contract or an extension of the existing contract, according to spokesman Clarence Johnson.

The AC Transit union's contract expires on Sunday, the same day contracts between BART and its five unions end.

Bay Area Police Prepare For The Worst After Mehserle Verdict


OAKLAND, Calif. -- On Thursday, a Bay Area anarchist group promised action when the verdict comes down in the murder trial of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle.

Oakland police said they'll be ready no matter what sort of trouble breaks out on the street. On Friday they'll begin training for possible civil unrest that could arise after the verdict is announced.

Hayward Station Actually Cleaned Up

The Downtown Hayward station no longer smells like urine. After a couple of phone calls, they not only cleaned the restrooms, but the entire facility as well. I have to give them credit, now I hope they can maintain it.

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