Riding B.A.R.T. in San Francisco

If you want to get around easily at San Francisco, probably you should consider using the subway system, B.A.R.T., you can use the system to get from the eastern part of SF bay to suburb of SF. The problem is, however, people find it difficult to use the system as they are quite unfamiliar with it. Here is the guide on how to use the B.A.R.T system especially if you are a visitor to SF.

B.A.R.T. passengers riding the train

Find a station which is near you

The first thing to do is to find your nearest B.A.R.T station. If you are new, there is a B.A.R.T. tool that you can use to locate the nearest station.

One thing to consider when riding BART is where will you park your car before you get on the train? It is important to keep in mind that the city generates a lot of revenue from illegally parked cars. Auto Towing as well as other contracted towing companies can attest to the amount of cars they’re dispatched to tow due to illegal parking.

B.A.R.T. scheduling

The next thing is you need to know is the BART schedule. There are about five B.A.R.T. lines most of which run through downtown SF.

  • Pleasanton Daly city
  • Fremont Daly
  • Richmond Fremont
  • Richmond Daly city
  • Pittsburg SFO

Moreover, B.A.R.T. has a trip planner that helps the traveler to exactly get to wherever they are going. The planner also shows you any advice that may be there. The advisory may inform the passengers if the train is not running to some stations.

Mostly, the train operates Monday and Friday in the morning and evening hours. During those hours, the train is always crowded as people are either going to work or going home. However, the train is less crowded during the weekends.

Going to B.A.R.T. station

The station has a sign outside having the logo and a name in it and it is very easy to spot.  In SF BART stations are located underground. You need a ticket for you to access the train.

 B.A.R.T. ticket

As said earlier, you need a ticket for you to use the train. The B.A.R.T fare calculator can be of great use to you to help determine how much it will cost you for the trip. Once you buy the ticket, the ticket will help you open the gates. When you see the train you are supposed to board, wait for it to stop and to open doors, get in and enjoy your ride.

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