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San Leandro Station had a fire which disrupted everyone

I arrived at Dublin Pleasanton only to hear that there was a fire at San Leandro station. Due to this there wasn't any service from Fremont and Dublin. Only Fruitvale had service. I drove to Fruitvale only to be dealing with a mess of riders facing the same issue. At one point they made about 1000 riders go to the other platform which required going downstairs and crossover back upstairs. After everyone made their way to the other side, a BART employee came up and said they changed the platform! So here we go back to the other platform again! lol I just need to get back to work. They said buses were provided but it takes too long and they can only hold so many passengers.

What is this 24 hour BART that I heard about?

Is it true that BART is going to run 24 hours on a weekend? If so, can someone fill me in? I think that is a great idea since I work on different shifts.

Surfing on BART? (thanks Bart Surfer)

10 car Train is a bonus. I got on at Bayfair heading for San Francisco and it was nice to have a 10 car train. There lots of empty seats where it's usually not when it's an 8 car train. lol I never heard of the term "Bart Surfer" until a new member that goes by that name enlightened that to me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's when you have to stand but you don't want to grab the dirty and nasty handrails, you just have to balance yourself and surf! I love that.

Dublin Pleasanton station

during certain days of the week I start at Dublin Pleasanton station and I feel bad for the next two stops. The reason, because the cars are practically full before it leaves. It's unbelievable but yes, I would not want to be the next few stops because it will be standing room only.

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