BART Strike In Numbers

"Days" of "Negotiation": 201 (as of 10/18)
Days of Actual Negotiation: ??? lower single digit??? No one has a clue..
Days of Actual Strike: 5.5 and counting
Number of cooling off period: 3 months
Number of strike threats: 9
Pissed off and tired passengers: 200,000 +
Number of Politicians "standing up" for taxpayers: 1? (assuming he has no self interest what so ever)
Money lost due to the strike: > $400 Million lost of productive (assuming $73 Million per day lost of productivity) plus $$$ spent on alternative commute options
"Monetary incentive" the real middle class/taxpayers get out of the Bart Strike: Negative -- we will see a bart fare increase
Feel free to add in whatever number you come up with.

I think it really horrible we only have half a new Bay Bridge too; the friggin traffic would have moved so much better yesterday if the entire span was new. State of California, get it together with transportation! Old BART cars, old Bridge; same old story, the money never goes where it is supposed to.