WSX affecting schedules in the city, and only the city?

I recently got a notice (because I've signed up for the WSX emails) saying, in part (emphasis mine):

"The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is nearing completion of the 5.4 mile extension from the Fremont Station to the new Warm Springs/South Fremont Station, which is expected to open for service in late 2015. BART invites the public to learn more about the extension and new station and provide comments on key service changes. Service changes may involve schedule impacts to Glen Park, Balboa Park and Daly City stations."

How is it that the Warm Springs Extension will affect the schedules for those stations in the city, and only those stations?

I don't really care, as I don't use those stations, but it seems really odd to me. I even went so far as to email them and check if it was a typo--it isn't.


Hi, new user to this site; but previously was @ BART for almost 30 years including the Extensions in the mid 1990's.

The reason for that comment by BART is that I believe that the intent is to eliminate those three (3) stations from the Green (Fremont/WSX) line having all westbound trains end at 24th St- Mission while that line will serve the WSX extension. The 5.4 mile extension obviously requires additional cars; and as I have referenced below, BART says they don't have any more. So by shifting the existing Green Line service, Bart can utilize the same number of cars and open the extension, without the shift they would need 2 additional consists (figure 16 -20 cars for rush hour service). The 3 stations eliminated will still be served by 3 lines in rush hour and midday, and no change in late night service. If BART doesn't start Green Line service at system opening as it does currently; it will no doubt have the Orange (Richmond - Fremont) line substitute like it does now - requiring a transfer at Bay Fair or Lake Merritt. It would also provide service to WSX late nights and Sundays when the Green line does not operate.. As to whether they will have FULL TIME Orange (Richmond) line service to WSX; I would say I doubt it - you still need more cars (although this line is known to operate with as little as 3 cars, they try to do 6 cars at least in rush hour so they would have to come up with 12 more cars, and they say they don't have any).

Once they get the new cars then things will change - and it may change a lot. There is a report that was done in November 2012 "BART METRO" Sustainable Communities Operational Analysis" that was specifically dealing with future BART service: new cars, the extensions being built today (2015), new BART facilities, and new service patterns for the BART core. One thing they definitely have planned is to eventually operate Blue (Dublin) and Green (WSX) trains as one 8 to 10 car train from Daly City to Bay Fair, where they split into two trains at Bay Fair (and also join the 2 incoming trains into one for the trip to the West Bay) during late nights, and Sundays meaning thru service to the West Bay for the southern "A" line during these times.

Hope this helped you.

I have to refer you to this: specifically pages 15- 17. Briefly talks about a 'Metro" service for the highly used Core -

This is the report I mentioned: "BART METRO" Sustainable Communities Operational Analysis"
AND this": Why no additional 10 car trains