Why no college discount for east bay riders?

I'm a starving student living in Berkeley (SF is too expensive) and need to take the BART five days a week to CCSF. I have to pay $7 a day to ride the BART to and from school, this adds up to $140 a month! This is an insane price for public transit which should be cheaper than other options. Why is there no discounted tickets for college students who need to commute into the city?

At this point I'm considering getting the senior citizen tickets and eating the fine when/if I get caught because it will still work out to being cheaper than buying the normal tickets!

The fine can be up to $250 plus court cost. How is this cheaper than paying your fare?
I just love the way people rationalize breaking the law when it suits their purpose. Do you also steal food because you are a "starving student"? Stealing is still stealing. Why pick on BART? Why don't you steal $140 from some other business you deal with. It's all the same in the end.

Do yourself a favor and be more observant of what is happening around you while you are using BART the next week or two. I think you'll find that you are not the only person who thinks they're being clever by using the discount tickets. I also think you'll find that BART PD are more clever than them; if there's one thing they're consistent with it's the enforcement of discount ticket regulations.

I have a friend who is only 60 and has used senior tickets for years with no problems

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The individual who posted two up is right on the money. Day in and day out, we cite (and some softer officers warn) users using discount tickets. It is not only dishonest - it's illegal.

I think the number one compliant about BART is that it's too expensive. Youth / Disabled / Senior tickets are half price. But when people who don't fall in those categories use them, BART loses revenue. That revenue needs to be made up somehow, and since the ADA, AARP and others would flip out if seniors and disabled were charged full price, the burden falls on the honest, full-fare paying individuals.

In my several years in the business, I've seen MANY "seniors" who were in their mid-30s. I've also cited "students" traveling "to and from school" in their 20s. I think that we need to make one thing clear...

Just because you don't get caught most of the time, the more you do it, the more likely you are to eventually get caught. Yes, I know that most of the people I cite will act apologetic and play the victim, swear they'll never do it again, and they think they're fooling me. I'm no idiot - I know that afternoon they'll run to Safeway and buy another discount ticket. And if they're unfortunate enough to run into me again, they'll get a bigger fine, have THAT ticket confiscated as well, and possibly a nice fun field trip to Santa Rita.

Again, I stress that people who do this aren't just cheating BART... They are cheating their fellow patrons. And if your "friend who is only 60" were to run into me, I would have no problem citing her, since she seems to think she's above the rules - she's not.

Bottom Line: BART is FAILING in providing public transportation that is affordable. Won't be too long before only those with deep pockets, those who get transportation subsidies (and just WHY should these be necessary?), or those who just decied to evade fares will be able to afford BART. Is this what our taxes are paying for ... an over-priced system we can hardly even afford to ride? Something is VERY WRONG with this picture.

Let's see. You can pay $1.75 to take a bus from one end of the county to the other, or pay a taxi $60.00 for the same. Or better yet, get the convenience and speed of BART for no more than $7.50 one way, or in most cases, less than $5.00.

Riding BART is not a right... you are not entitled to cheap or free public transportation. If you want the speed and convenience of BART, you have to pay for it -- Just like everything else in this country.

How about you stop whining about paying taxes (especially since you pay very little to BART in taxes anyway), or jump in your car and pay for gasoline and $4.00/$5.00 bridge tolls.

BART management probably loves people who only compare BART fares to other forms of transportation since they probably feel they can just keep raising the fares (and fees) until the breaking point is near. Comparing costs is a false argument; just because BART may cost less has little to do with whether BART's costs are too high. Similarly, increases in ridership based on economics suchas when gas prices soared are not necessarily valid arguments that the fares are not too high. Milking the riders more and more is not what public transportation is supposed to be about. Unfortunately, for many BART is already too expensive and that is what BART management and directors should be hearing. Bay area residents pay for BART through additional sales taxes, probably other Federal and State subsidies, and of course fares, so almost assuredly pay a lot more for BART than they think.

for many BART is already too expensive

Which is why ridership keeps going up.

Try again, plz.

You should save your breath. Why try to explain things to those who can't understand them?

BART ridership is has increased, so obviously it is affordable for the vast majority of the people.
If you think BART cost too much, you could always take A/C Transit to the Trans Bay Terminal and then MUNI to CCSF. Then again, that takes longer and cost even more. I guess BART is a pretty good deal after all.

What is wrong with this picture is that someone has chosen to go to a school that they can't afford to live by or get to. With all of the schools available in the east bay, maybe they should pick one closer to where they can afford to live and quit bitching about how BART should be cheaper. Why don't you complain about the cost of school. Is this what all our taxes are paying for? Why doesn't CCSF provide BART and MUNI tickets to their students since most students can't afford to live in SF.

Bottom Line: Someone chose to go to CCSF. The cost of housing and transportation is not a secret. This person made this choice and now they should suck it up and live with it, or do something else. This is not an excuse to become a thief.

I go to CCSF from Hayward via the BART, and I do it with help from scholarships and financial aid. It sucks that we're paying something like $50 a week to get to school, but hey...that's what we chose, isn't it? But CCSF is the best community college around. Let's not abuse our privileges.

Stop whining starving student. Ride your bike to MacArthur BART station and take the CalTrans bike link to the Trans-Bay-Terminal. Then ride your bike down Mission St. to CCSF. A cheaper way? Have your instructors send your homework assignment home or better yet, e-mail them.
Use the discount ticket and whine to the cop, maybe he/she will give you a courtesy ride to the Hall of Justice so that the judge can listen to your sob story.

Have you thought about your displacement of a starving student attending UCB having to live elsewhere? Save your transit dollars and attend Laney.

I'm sure you don't think twice about that $3.00 Starbucks drink you buy everyday.

I agree that BART is one of the most overpriced publci transit systems in the world and BART management should really work harder to come up with a better fare structure for frequent users / commuters.

If you need to save money, you can take the AC Transit Transbay bus (F) from Bancroft (Berkeley campus) to the Bus Terminal in SF. If you collect your Ac Transit sticker, this service is free (you just flash your student ID with the sticker when you board the bus). This will save you a lot of $$$.

Write to your student representative and the UCB governing body to look into negotiating a group discount for UCB students/staff and faculty. Most other cities offer some public transit discounts for schools and universities and so should the Bay Area.

Another way to save money is to buy high value tickets. A $64.00 ticket is $60.00 (e.g. at LONGS in Berkeley).

If you work p/t ask your employer whether they participate in the commuter check program. You save 40% on your BART tickets if your employer does participate.

This person's an idiot. By this logic, why don't you just get up 3 hours early and walk across the bridge, then jog after that. I'm glad he/she knows so much about your Starbucks habit, too. Just make up anything while they're at it. For example, "Hey, just sell one of your oil wells and use that money, along with your vast holdings in Krugerrands" what a moron

Bart is expensive. People ride Bart to avoid traffic. My example of how Bart is expensive compared to driving is this: for me and my family to get to the Oakland Coliseum round trip $6.40 per person; for 5 people, this is $32. We can drive a total of 35 miles in our car (that gets 33mpg), and pay $14 for parking. That is way cheaper that Bart. Same for taking the family into the city; $10 per person equals $50 just to take Bart into the city!

Find a carpool or a vanpool.

Out of curiosity, did you allow for: time stuck in traffic; gas burned while going nowhere; wear & tear on your engine and tires? If so, then you really are getting a better deal by driving.

Why dont you try the community college in your area? I know there is one out there.

Why no discount? Because BART sucks. It sucks all around, for everyone. They can't even tell you when you look at the screen 75% of the time when the next damn train is coming on their 1980s alarm-clock style signs. The prices are at a premium but the service is at a miminum.

Most people don't realized that CCSF is a gateway community college that provides direct enrollment into places like SF State. So many people choose to go there. It also has top-notch education that you can't get at other community colleges. That is why I go there. Education and transportation should not be a struggle for students who are trying to be productive members of society. Getting an education is becoming harder and harder to do in this country. I agree with the bid to make college education free in the US. It already is free or nearly free in every other developing Western country. Students get amazing breaks for transportation, lodging, and food because these countries, most of whom are in Europe and Canada, value the education advancement of their citizens. It's a shame that the USA does not! I am a student who is paying $10 each way to get to school 4-5 days a week. That's about $200 dollars a month in BART tickets, which doesn't even count MUNI. I'm sure I'm not the only student BART is stressing out financially, who lives in the East Bay. It's sad really.