N-Judah aaaargggghhhh

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Last night, I just needed to get downtown from 9th and Irving. Should be 25 minutes, right? It took an hour because of the tunnel backup. Maybe it was the rain, but Muni pulls this kind of crap all the time with no obvious reason and we bite our tongues and put up with it.

I'd gladly pay $3 fare for a train that runs efficiently and on-time. Hell, I'd pay $5 if it really did function properly. I'd even support more huge pay raises for Nat Ford if the f'n trains and buses ran faster and on time.

I'm tired of making excuses because Muni made me late. Muni, you make me look bad, and it's time the blame was properly directed at you!

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You know what's worse?

The city/county of SF is going broke because people recently voted to raise funds given to Muni for "improved Muni service." Muni is full of repeated false promises and in my 20 someodd years of living in the city, it has only gone downhill. Because of Muni, the city of SF is in a hiring freeze while Muni workers will be getting more funds to "improve service."

There is no way SF can have an efficient transportation network when obese drivers leave thieir buses for a 10 minute lunch break at Burger King while other buses (on the same line) pass me by. Where are the Muni fare inspectors on the buses? Because of the lack of inspectors, more people enter the buses through the "Low income entrance" aka the back door than those who care to pay for their ride. I hate supporting cheaters.

Muni is total BS.

True VTA service has gotten worse over the years