Transit Vehicle Electronic Technician Test

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Hey Bartrage. I completely forgot that when I applied for TCET, I also applied for this one. The test is on the 24th. Looks like I've been blessed with another opportunity sooner than I thought. If you know any TVET's on here, it would be great to talk to them. By the way, does this job relate to actually working on the train?


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I'ma be honest little bro. I have no idea what a TVET does!

But this is another chance to get your foot in the door, and you have a shot at it, yet there are plenty more opportunities if need be.

See ya on the rails!

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TVET's work on the Electronic and Electrical systems on the cars, including ATO, Propulsion, Brake Control, Aux power, Communication and Lighting.

Also the Mainline Techs are TVET's.

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Sounds like you have another oppotuniy! Good Luck on our test! You'll probably do fine! Just remember... NO PRESSURE! My T/O interview is on the 28th. Hope I do ok!

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I'm sure you will. No pressure. See you on the rails!

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Well folks, I took the test. I did alot better than the last test. I think I was about 10 points from passing on this one. Oh well. Onto the next opportunity.

How many questions were on the test?
Did they have exactly what was shown on the practice test or mentioned?

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Does this forum not have Personal Message feature?

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Unfortunately we don't have a personal message feature at this time. I'd be interested in seeing if that might be something people would be interested (read: Survey) and maybe we can talk to the Admin about the possibility of getting one in the future. No promises, just tryina' figure out if that is something people might like.


I'm sorry you didn't pass the test, but congrats on the improvement in your score! At this rate, you should pass the next test or two you take! I've got faith in you, lil bro! See ya on the rails!

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TCET is the same as a Mainline Tech, right?

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All Mainline Techs are TCETs, but not all TCETs are Mainline Techs.

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There were 50 questions. Yes, stuff from the practice test were on the real one. But my recommendation is to study by the outline of what to know rather than the practice test. More electronics diagrams are used on the TVET test. Study certain tools, learn the difference between a rectifier and an inverter, and study some more.

For the Train Control Electronics Tech test, there were a lot more questions on finding the output gain on a circuit, resistance, and Inductive & Capacitive reactance. Also be sure that you can convert between all units of the numbering systems used in digital communication with ease. Units such as binary and hexadecimal units. Learn and apply the rules of thumb for the truth tables in logic circuits - Know the difference between AND, OR, NOT, NAND, and NOR gates. Know how to determine what frequency is being displayed on an oscilloscope. And of course, study some more.

Both tests: Know the electronic component symbols. Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors, etc. Know how to calculate the respective components' function. Series, parallel, combination of the two. You may even get a resistor and Inductor or Capacitor in parallel.

Overall: Expect anything! That's why I say study what is said to be known from the outline in the BART Study Guide rather than just the sample questions. There's stuff I haven't summarized that need to be known too. Also know the color coding. Some components have color stripes, mainly resistors.

Phew. Well, back to studying for me. I recommend these books for studying for these exams. Electronic Communication (Book info in BART Study guide), Industrial Electronics (I recommend) I think the author's name was Dale something.

Best of blessings to those up next to take the test.