Riders Who Are A Pain in the Ass

This morning a small, young woman has her bag on an otherwise empty seat. I ask here if she is planning to sit and she says no she can't sit and I say that I'd like to sit down. So she moves the bag to the back of my seat and her arm is all over my hair, the bag is poking me in the head and she's practically leaning all over me with her leg. If I was a guy I might have been flattered. I ask her if she could move the bag a bit and she says she can't put it on the floor. Poor helpless baby. Can't sit, can't put her bag on the floor, just so helpless.

Across from me is a young thin guy with a small bag that was practically in the middle of the aisle, along with his shoes. The bag could have easily been placed next to his seat and not taken up much room. People had to squeeze between his bag and this woman who couldn't sit (or stand apparently since she was all over me) to get off the train.

Happy Monday.

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What was her excuse for not sitting?

BARTRage.com Co-Moderator

She didn't give one and I didn't ask. If she had said she couldn't sit or lift or whatever I would have understood. Some people don't like to sit on dirty seats but if that was the case, her bag wasn't entitled to a seat. I don't know what was going on with her.

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She probably had hemoroids. Her bag had hemoroids too.

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