I have to wonder what's going on at Coliseum and Fruitvale BART Stations. I've seen a lot of Police Officers there, on a regular basis, in the past few weeks. I'm considering riding from another station because the Police presences indicates to me there is a crime problem. I don't want to be a robbery victim nor do I want to be an innocent victim of a drive by shooting. Anyone out there know what's going on at these two stations that the rest of us should know about?

No I don't know what is going on there. However, I should mention that at One Market Starbucks there are always 3 Bart Police Officers who sit there having their 45 minute coffee break. I'm usually there around 8:10 am. I find it interesting because it's still a major commute time. Shouldn't they be out doing their patrol rathern than enjoying a long coffee break? Just curious.

they probaly deserver to take a break, I had heard most bart police are working 12 hour shifts, take in to account that they are standing for most of that 12 hours, you ever see a bart cop sitting on a train? they seem to always be walking around.

Yeah, in downtown SF the BART cops are always on their feet....on those hard floors in the stations. Many of them probably suffer from plantar faciaitis. If you don't know what that is, look it up on the web. It's a VERY painful condition. I say let them sit down and enjoy their coffee for a few minutes, or even 45 minutes.

My ex-husband was a cop. Can't tell you how many cups of coffee and how many hamburgers he ended up tossing in the trash, uneaten, when an emergency call came in.

I'm guessing that BART cops are still working 10-12 hour days 6-7 days a week. The 10-12hr shifts don't include the time they have to spend in court.

Ya know they could actually be talking about police work, exchanging info on what's been happening at particular stations. Funny how one person's question about why there have been so many officers at two stations in the east bay ends up being another "let's trash BART cops" because they happen to take a coffee break in downtown San Francisco. You must not work for a living to be able to spend 45min sitting on your ass in Starbucks "during the commute".

Not to state the obvious, but I would think that a station that has a high police presence would actually be safer than one that doesn't.

A criminal is more inclined to do his/her business at a station that is cop free rather than at one that is crawling with law enforcement.

Not if they are there for a good reason. But do you really need to see a bunch of cops to know to avoid that station???

BART cops are lazy and sloppy. these are the people who could not get a job with a REAL police department in a city. these are not even real cops. BART is privately owned, therefore these people are nothing more that private security guards with power trips. just because they dress like cops, and have cars like cops...does NOT make them cops. more than half of their criminal citations end up being dropped by county courts due to their sloppiness, and city cops laugh at these guys. these pretendo pigs need to find real jobs.
....and what's up with BART swat teams? or seeing a BART K9 unit in the east bay? i can understand having a bomb sniffing dog on a transit system as big as BART, but why would anyone bomb a station in the east bay.. they should have the K9's in the tunnel to the city or someplace more usefull.

You've posted the same diatribe before. BART cops ARE real cops and many of them have left big city departments to work for BART. You are obviously a cop hater-probably because you frequently break the law and get caught. The reason so many criminal citations are dropped is because of the liberal judges in SF and Berkeley. In other cities, the charges are rarely dropped. Fare evaders pay the fine or do community service. Armed robbers, gang bangers and rapist go to prison just as they should.

City cops don't laugh at BART cops....they are jealous of them. That's why BART has so many city cops applying to become BART cops.

really? where do you get this wonderful information? are you a newly added BART cop, or a jealous city cop? or maybe just some conservative republican rich ass?

the city cops DO laugh at the BART pretendo pigs. that's a cold fact...and it is NOT the "liberal judges" in SF and berkeley that are dropping these cases, it IS the sloppy handling of the BART police.

and have no idea who i am, so how can you say that i have "posted the same diatribe before"??

get a life.

You are so transparent! I get the info from the police officers themselves. Rich? Republican? Conservative? It is to laugh. Talk about having no idea who I am.....

I have a great life. I live in the real world and I know what's going on, compared to someone who is still living in the 60's using terms like "pig" to describe a police officer.

It's not likely he even knows why cops were called "pigs." Here's a history lesson for the cop hater: Contrary to popular belief, it had nothing to do with their weight or physical appearance, but merely the fact that the gas masks they wore in the 60's gave them the appearance of having a large snout, similar to a pig. Most cops these days stay in good physical shape anyway, so I'm sure that being called a pig is the least of their worries.

So when the pretendo pigs find "real" jobs, who is supposed to patrol with the bomb sniffing dogs and deter terrorists and criminals from frequenting BART?

I agree with the other poster as it seems you just hate the police in general. Your ignorance is ludicrous. If you took some time to do some research before you ran your mouth off, you'd realize what an idiot you are.

BART cops go to the same academies as "real" cops and they meet the same State requirements for training and standards, just like "real" cops. Unlike most of your "real" city cops, BART cops have to have 45 units of college credit before their applications are accepted.

Cite your source for your claim that "half of their criminal citations end up being dropped." You can't just pull statistics out of your head because you think it sounds good.

Maybe you should go to a "real" school and learn how to "real" type, because it's obvious you're very unskilled in that department.

UM, that poster didn't pull it out of his head. The part of his anatomy he pulled it out of is much, much lower! He's a 60's Berkeley hippie, cop hating LOSER.

Before you start trying to sound all educated with your "facts" and assertions, try doing some RESEARCH!

Here, I've done it for you.

Fact: BART Police ARE real police.

Fact: BART is a government entity (how many non-government entities get .gov addresses?). BART Police are NOT privately owned. They are government employees, just like municipal police.

Fact: As stated by another poster, BART Police go to the same academy as all other police in the state of California, and they must meet the same requirements. They are sworn in exactly like all other officers, and have authority anywhere in the country (thank the Patriot Act).

Fact: You have no proof or ability to cite your claim that "half of their criminal citations...." And if you have an official source to back it up, I'll be damn impressed.

Fact: Bomb threats happen frequently at areas other than the Tube. As a matter of fact, because the Tube is harder to gain access to, it is far more likely to have a bomb at a station in the East Bay than in the Tube.

Fact: You are an ignorant, lazy (just look at how you typed your message), judgemental idiot who wouldn't know a fact from the hole in your.... Well, I'll just stop there before I get TOO mean.

For the fool who keeps calling cops "pigs": As usual, you just log onto this site to vent your spleen. You have nothing of value to add to the topic. You're just a big spoon trying to stir the pot. The worst part about your mean spirited comments is that you've done absolutely no research and provide absolutely no proof to back up your accusations. You continually show your total ignorance of what it takes to become a BART cop and why they have SWAT teams and K9 units. Let's see now, what does a SWAT team do? Oh right, they handle hostage situations don't they? I just can't imagine there ever being a hostage situation on a BART train or in a BART station, can you? (That's sarcasim by the way) And what good are those K9 units? Could it be that those dogs not only sniff out bombs, but drugs and maybe even the scent of a rapist or child molester? Maybe they could sniff out one of the bank robbers that hop onto BART trains hoping to get lost in the crowd. Maybe those dogs could sniff out those bad guys trying to elude police by running into the tunnels between stations in downtown Oakland.

When did BART become privately owned? BART is owned by the taxpayers of the Bay Area. It's subsidized by both the Federal and State government.

My five year old granddaughter can grasp all of this, but you can't? Like the other poster said, you are stuck in the 60's, brain damaged by all the dope you've been smoking and acid you've been dropping. Stagger on back to Beserkely and camp out in People's Park, take another hit off the bong and stop playing on the computer in the library. If you don't start behaving yourself, those Berkeley cops are going to come along and slap you on the wrist again.

I want to shoot a BART police officer in the face.

This is so incredibly hilarious! I love just hanging out on the computers on campus at the schools you send your rich kids to, hack into their computers just so that I can make a fun comment like that and watch all you squirm with rage. You folks are so fun! Thank you for all the laughs.

Keep paying for BART. Keep letting yourselves feel terrorized and terrified by the crime you think you are seeing on your commute. Keep whining about bicyclists, loud or smelly people on the train ...and keep making comments about it on this page. That's what this site is for...vent it all out.

Sounds like a terroist threat to me. Expect to see BART's well trained SWAT team kicking in your tent flap. You can't make those kind of threats against transit Police Officers anymore. They take them very seriously.

I like the other poster's comments about you making a terrorist threat. Furthermore, you then go on to admit that you are also illegally hacking into other people's computers and you hint that you are stealing rides from BART. You really should try stealing someone's identity since you don't have one yourself.

Do you have ANYTHING meaningful to do with your life? Or do you just enjoy being a persistent hemorrhoid? Translation: PAIN IN THE ASS.

The only person squirming with rage is you. Isn't that really why you post this crap? Your inner turmoil must be extremely toxic for you to have to poke fun at everyone else so that no one sees you for the useless human being you really are. That's what incompetent and inadequate people do - point the finger at others hoping no one sees what they are doing.

To quote Dolly Parton: "Get down off the cross, somebody needs the wood".

Confessing your desire to fight back with the police is a great way to start a post and use the internet to vent your frustrations. I agree with you completely.

The primary function of police is to maintain control: to defend the rich (and property in general) against the poor and to keep us from taking a little more than the shit we get. They are the first line of defense to protect the government from popular uprisings. They're not here to serve and protect you unless you are of the elite class (I mean how many times do you hear about cops beating up CEO's? Meanwhile, people of color and poor whites (to a lesser degree) are regularly fucked with. Sure they may make token efforts at "peace keeping" and rationalize that they're actually a benefit to society, rather than realizing that they play a fundamental role in oppression and the maintenance of systematic violence against life--and that they're only "needed" in a society whose members are disempowered as individuals and alienated from each other, unable to have healthy relationships and true community.
The violence of this society is largely a by-product of the conditions we live under: the stressful lives we live, the crap we eat, the pollution we breathe, the unhealthy thoughts we think. The rise in psychological disorders in modern times has come as a result of an extremely high tech/industrial, alienated existence (which itself arose originally from civilization in general--of which one of the worst forms yet is capitalism). Cops are a part of the problem that allows all this shit to perpetuate itself.

Let's develop tight-knit small autonomous communities that will deal with their conflicts as a community on their own terms, rather than having some institutionalized authority coercing/forcing us around and handing down "one-size-fits-all" justice. Let's develop cop-free zones in the areas we live (this has been done in many places where there is such a strong anti-cop sentiment that anytime they come into the neighborhood, they're attacked). In Germany, squatted neighborhoods would barricade the streets to prevent cop penetration. In Compton, there was a strong, effective community opposition to the police until the pigs sent in undercovers to spread drugs and misinformation, causing gang and community conflict and thus allowing the pigs to regain control and recreate the illusion of the "need" for their presence/involvement. Some people set up Cop Watch (Berkley, Phoenix) units to patrol the police. Cop Watch members get a lot of experience in dealing with the police and can be an effective means for people to defend their communities against the pigs.

Another communist living in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, enjoying all the rights and freedoms - including the right of free speech and ignorant thinking. I'm extremely happy there are police officers to protect me from idiots like you.

You post does not belong on this site. Use "I hate America" instead.

Wow - How ignorant. Just another poster making insane suggestions and citing all these conspiracy theories that are highly questionable, and extremely opinionated.

"Let's develop cop free zones," they say. Okay... perhaps we can develop a cop free zone in the middle of east Oakland somewhere. Within minutes of it's adoption, there would be a killing... Why? NO CONSEQUENCES. All criminals would say "Let's go to the cop-free zone so we can get away with it."

What kind of life would you live barricading the streets? It sounds like you're dreaming of some Eutopian community that only exists in your acid trip hallucination. No matter how strong a community is, there will always be opposition by it's own citizens.

I don't doubt that you are an educated person, judging by your general punctuation and grammar, but this propaganda is extremely absurd and I'm suprised you even wasted your time typing that. Everything you typed will fall on blind eyes.

Seems to me Hitler did that in Poland didn't he? Walled up a tight knit community of people, no police protection, and not much of anything else either until it was their turn to be collected for the concentration camps.

Ever see the movie "Escape from New York", or "Escape from L.A."? Those were pretty tight knit communities.

I wonder what you will have to say about police officers when you are getting your ass kicked in your tight knit community that's walled off to keep the police out.

I feel really, really sorry for you that you have that much hatred in your heart, and that much disregard for human life. That's no better than me saying "I want to shoot your mother/daughter/wife in the face" merely because I disagree with you.

Please, seek psychiatric help. If you are that violent that you would threaten to shoot a police officer, or ANYONE, in the face (or any part of the body), then you obviously have some severe issues with anger and violence, and are a danger to yourself and the rest of society. The last thing this society needs is another person using violence to get their point across.

What's even worse is that, whether you choose to believe it or not, the police ARE there to protect you, and clean up the mess when you become a victim, whether you like them or not, and even though you have made such a blatantly sub-human, disgusting threats. It's obvious then that they have far more honor and dignity than you do.

I sincerely hope that one day you reach a level of intelligence and enlightenment to where you understand how hypocritical, immature, and vile your statement really was. I hope someday you come to realize that all life is worth something -- even if you don't like what they do. Killing a cop because you "hate them" is no better than killing a black person or a gay or a muslim because you "hate them." Grow up and get a conscience.

"I want to shoot a BART police officer in the face."

Wow...that is pretty severe. Why dont you walk up to a BART Police Officer and say that to him or her? That may take more guts thatn posting anonymously. Of course, it is easier to hide out than "man up."

Most BART Police Officers are from the "REAL" Police Departments. They just got tired of hearing from your sorry ass, and decided to get paid well. By the way, BART Police have more authority than "REAL" Police.

More crime in Oakland! Stop the presses!

Way back in ancient history, when I was still married to an Oakland cop, there was "job security". Only thing that's changed is the criminals are better armed, better trained and more vicious AND the court system has effciently tied the hands of the police from doing anything about it. What a shame for the law abiding citizens.

On 911 and several days after, numerous BART passengers frequently approached BART cops to express their appreciation for keeping them safe. I must admit it was a nice change from "fuck BART cops!" Why is it that people are appreciative towards police when they feel threatened and insultive when they are not?

The truth is I do not give a rat's cock about any of you haters and doubters anymore. You all talk a lot of shit but are most likely truly afraid of your own fucking shadows! The "I want to shoot a BART cop in the face" poster is a pussy. O.K. tough guy. I can't wait to shove my boot up your ass when you try. Sadly, I would still put my life on the line for some of you worthless fucks! All of you go fuck yourselves.............a BART cop.

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I saw a female Bart Police today and she was doing her job. She went from the end of the car to the front and back to the last car. She was very nice and even talked to a young student about what school they go to. A bicyclist came onboard and she quickly informed them of the rules of riding during commute hours. I have to say that not all BART cops are lazy.

The Coliseum station has extra officers assigned during events at the Oakland Stadium and Oakland Arena.